How to increase loading Speed and Organic Traffic of website?- Nepal

How to increase loading Speed and Organic Traffic of website?- Nepal

Loading speed plays a great role in a website. If the loading speed of your website is fast then user stays for longer [period of time on your website. So today we are going to discuss how to increase the speed of a website?- Nepal. And the most important thing is that page speed helps in google ranking as it is a factor which helps out in ranking.

How to increase loading Speed of website?- Nepal

 Why the loading speed of the website is important?

As I have said earlier that google takes page speed as one of the ranking factors you should be aware of hosting. If your hosting is good then your page speed will be increase and if your hosting server is slow then your site would not be rank to your preferred position. The best hosting in Nepal according to my research is babal host, ehosting server in Nepal.

Why does your website speed becomes slow?

Whenever you check your website speed in google search console. It gives a list that you must improve these sectors to increase the speed of your website but most of us don't understand that and failed to maintain the speed of our website. Here I have presented some of the major problems which slow down the speed of your site.

Web hosting:- As I have said earlier that hosting plays a crucial role in increasing the speed of the website. You should select a better hosting for you.

Caching:- If your website is not caching properly your site may slow down.

Page size:- Whenever you use an image on your site without reducing it's size then our site gets slow down. It is one of the most important things that you should keep in your mind.

External script: When your site gets fully loaded with tons of add then your website will respond slowly.

Before increasing your website speed you should do the following thing:-

First of all, check out the speed of your site. Here are some best tools to check out the speed of your site.

Page speed insight

Page speed insight is created by the developers of google as a speed testing tool which shows out the error in your website as well as gives a solution on how to improve it. To check out the speed of your site you should paste the URL of your blog and click out to the analyze button.

GT Metrix 

GT Metrix is one of the best and most used tools to check the speed of a site which helps you to analyze your site error and improve them out.

First of all, before doing anything to your blog you must take a backup. So that your all content will not get lost.

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  Start A Blog

On-page SEO

How to increase speed of a site?

Here are some ways which may help you to improve the performance of your site:-

 Choose the best web hosting -

If you have quality content in your site and you have done effective SEO in your site even though your site is not getting proper ranking it is because of you hosting. So I would recommend a list of the site from where you can get a  proper hosting.

If you are from Nepal then :

Babal host

ehosting server

Himalayan host

If you are from another country then go for:




Use fast-loading theme

There are tons of theme available for starting a blog website some of them are good looking some of them are well coded but some of them have a problem in loading speed

So I want to suggest some theme which may be best for you and for increasing website speed:-

.For the user of Blogger:



and many others can be found on the official site of gooyabi template and template yard. You are the one to choose out the best template for you. But personally, I prefer the fastest theme.

For the user of WordPress:-


Generate press




Delete unused Plugin

If you are familiar with WordPress then you must know about the plugin but keep one thing in mind plugins also decrease the speed of a site. So I request you to delete unused plugins.

Compress Size of The Image 

By compressing the size of the image that you used on your website you are making your website faster. It helps you to load your website faster than before. There are many online image compressor found to compress the size of your image.

You can compress your image out in:

and many more.

In WordPress, you can use a plugin like:


Wp smush

Short pixel

whenever you put your image on the site these plugins automatically reduce the size of your image and helps the website to load faster. 

Minify HTML,CSS and Javascript

If you want to increase the speed of your site then minifying HTML, CSS and javascript may help you out to optimize the speed of your site.

If you are using WordPress then you can do these things to increase site speed:-

Use content delivery networks

Use the latest version of PHP

Use cache plugin

Use database optimizer

Use the lazyload image plugin

Disable hotlinking

Use auto-optimize plugin

Now I am going to discuss some major thing you should do out in WordPress as well as blogger site:

Use a few posts on the homepage:- IF you use more post in homepage then it may indirectly affect your site speed as most of your visitors come over to your home page.

Best plugins for a WordPress site:

W3 Total Cache

WP Super Cache

WP Fastest Cache

Fast Velocity Minify


WP optimize

WP Smush

Final words on how to increase the loading speed of a website?- Nepal

From today's post, you must have learned basics of how to increase the loading speed of a website? I hope this was a helpful post for bloggers. If you guys like the post then please don't forget to provide necessary feedback in the comment section, subscribe to the website and share with your friend on the different social media platform. 

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How to increase the traffic to your website in Nepal? If you are a new blogger then you might be thinking of this question. To rank your website in the top of the search engine you must optimize your site smartly.

How to increase organic traffic to your website in Nepal?

In today's post, I am going to talk about 10 important ways by which you can rank your post on google that is how to increase the traffic of your website ?-Nepal.

Increasing organic traffic is a bit hard but not impossible many of the people failed to collect enough traffic to your site. So to grab more attention to user or traffic to your site then you must have knowledge of SEO. Today we will be discussing some of the ways out to boost organic traffic. 

10 ways to boost organic traffic in your site:-

  1. Write quality content.
  2. You must be aware of the google algorithm.
  3. Optimize your website.
  4. Fix broken links.
  5. Make high-quality backlinks.
  6. Follow google's guidelines.
  7. Maintain the bounce rate.
  8. SEO optimization.
  9. Promote your site.
  10. Keep updated with your post.

1. Write quality content

You must be familiar with the meaning of quality content. It does not mean writing quantity content of about 1000 to 3000 words moreover it means creating unique content. Searching out some unique topic and writing content. Also if you know there is a beta version of question hub but is just limited to some of the countries. If you are in one of those countries you are lucky. Question hub is a platform where you can get suggestions of question that people are searching which is not available on google. You are the one to write quality content and Google will send you organic traffic. 

Note: Content must be around 1000 words and unique.

2. Know Google algorithm

If you want to rank in the top of google then you must know google algorithm of ranking. To get traffic in your site you must make your site content to the top 10 of SERP results. After that, your site would get proper ranking. So you need to know google algorithm. After knowing google's algorithm no one can stop you to rank in search engine.

3. Optimize your website

The optimizing site becomes very important for you to rank in the top position of google. Optimization of the site includes optimizing image that you include in your article. The optimizing theme, optimizing the speed of your website becomes a crucial part while optimizing the website. These are also a factor which helps out in ranking in search engine. You can use page speed insights in order check speed of your website. The shows out the ways to improve page speed you can follow their process to increase the speed of your site.

4. Fix broken links

Broken link are those links which show 404 error. It is important to remove broken link from your site and insert a relevant link in that place. Now there might be a question how to find broken links?. You can simply go to google and search for broken links finder then there are tons of result. You can go to the first one and scan your site. If there are any broken links in your site you can simply replace it with relevant link. Some of the broken links finder tools are given below:-




5. Make high-quality backlinks 

You should make high-quality backlinks to build trust to google that this is a genuine site. Backlinks are of two types dofollow and nofollow. Backlinks are considered as one of the factors for ranking. Dofollow backlinks are of great importance than no follow as dofollow links pass link juice as a trust whereas nofollow doesn't. But you should try to maintain a balance between dofollow and nofollow links.

You can make high-quality backlinks through:-

Profile creation


Guest posting etc.

6. Follow google's guidelines

You must follow google's guidelines to rank your webpage in google if you do not follow guidelines it would not be beneficial for you. As I have said earlier algorithm of Google to rank the page you should follow out the method to rank properly whereas if you do not follow it your website would be removed from search engine.

7. Maintain the bounce rate

Bounce rate means leaving the site without spending time on it. If the bounce rate of your site is high then Google thinks that your content is not relevant and is not liked by the user. Then Google's lower your ranking in search engine so lowering bounce rate may be very beneficial for you to rank higher in the search result. Now you may ask how can I lower the bounce rate of my site?. You should create an environment for engagement of your user and setup some media files so that they would spend a long time in your site and you could maintain bounce rate.

8. SEO optimization

SEO plays an important role in ranking your site higher in search results. Search engine optimization helps you out to optimize your article internal and externally. SEO's are of two types on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO means optimizing article post title, permalinks, keyword placement and many more things. Off-page SEO means creating backlinks from other sites and increasing trust flow for your site.

9. Promote your site

After reading this topic you might be thinking of paying some amount and promoting your content but I am trying to talk about promoting the site in social media link Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. You can promote your site in social media to drive traffic to your site. Most of the bloggers have the strategy of "be everywhere" in the social platform and drive traffic to the site. Promoting your site helps you to increase traffic to your site as well as time spent by the user because on interested people go through the link. Which decreases bounce rate and increases your ranking.

10. Keep updating your post 

For beginners, I would love to suggest to post your content daily, at least thrice a week and update your old content frequently. It shows that your website is active and is relevant for the user so that Google ranks your website in a higher position.

Thank you guys for reading out the whole post. If you have any question regarding the post you can ask me in the comment section. Don't forget to share this post with your colleagues.

7 ways to increase your website traffic through social media

Engagement of people in social media is in increasing order. Lots of people are connected to social media. Businesses are also being promotèd in social media and building their product as a brand with the help of social media sites. There are lots of social media. Some of them are:-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest 
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Mix
  • Reddit

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If you are thinking of driving the traffic to your site then must use the strategy of "be everywhere". Today we would be discussing the ways to double your website's traffic. Many businesses have reached out to the top level with social media.  If you want to increase your traffic with the help of social media then follow the step:-

7 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic Through Social Media

Setup your profile

First of all, you have to set up your profile in a proper way so that audience can trust you along with the URL of the site to drive traffic from the particular media to your site. While setting up you could research sometimes about the audience who are interested in your content. By which you can increasing traffic in your site on the daily basis. You just have to fill up your basic information.

Note: Don't forget to add your website link in social media.

Promotion of your content. 

Lots of bloggers give a lot of time to create their blog post but the get depressed when nobody reads it out.

Sometimes I also think that what is the use of the informative content when it is not reached out to the targeted people. So in this case social media plays an important role in promoting your blog post. You could simply promote your blog post in the social media live a link there and the user would be redirected to your site.

Lots of business are using this strategy to rank higher and grow larger than their competitor. 

In this process, they focus on providing quality content so that they could grab potential consumer and have a higher rate of conversion.

Note: While promoting content or blog post make sure to live link back to your site.

Use the social share button

This is one of the best strategies to build more traffic to your site. If you have written a quality content and if your readers love it. They would obviously share your content on social media. If you would not have social share buttons then your readers would get disappointed moreover you would lose the potential visitors from that particular share. But If you have and if anybody shares it in social media then your content would get more exposure and you would be able to grab more visitors to your site. It would help you to grow fast.

Share your blog post when your audiences are more active

None of your content or blog post is good or bad when there is no one to read it. Most people do research that when their targeted audience use social media actively. Whenever the post their content and notification flow among all the friends which will lead to more engagement of your user. Focus among those who are really interested to listen to you otherwise it will just lead to increase the bounce rate of your site. Which is obviously bad for you. For making this strategy success you should build one new strategy that is A/B testing at first you should test at what time you are posting and which is reaching to more people and which time doe your share gets more click through rates.

Note:- For you convenience I would love to recommend follower wonk tool so that you could analyze that at what time does users are more active.

Share as much as visual content

According to the research visual content is more likely to get share son social media. You could use gifs, photos, videos, animations etc.

For example, if you are going to share a blog post from your site then you could share one of the images used in the article, write an attractive heading and live of the link of your blog post. Then people are more likely to click it. If you just paste the link put and share it out in social media then it would not be eye catchy to you user and their would-be less engagement of the user.

Note:- You can use canvas to create free images. You can use the hashtag to reach out to targeted audience.

Engaged with your audiences 

Engagement with your audience would be a more effective way to win the trust of your audience.  For getting more audience you must actively participate in a Twitter chat, responding your audience with providing them important links for the information, you can also contribute in forums like Reddit, Quora etc. Answering their question and living link back to your relevant blog post according to the question.

Use Call to action

Call to action may be one of the best ways to attract more visitor to your site. Some of the calls to actions are:-

  • Buy Now
  • Shop Now
  • Visit Our Site
  • Read more

Call to action receives more click-through rate. You could drive traffic to your site driving traffic for social media to your site and increases user experience reducing bounce rate to 0. Nowadays business are giving focus on conversion. So that they are adding call to action and navigation path to redirect them and encourage them to have their sales. Call to action is of great importance. According to research the most popular call to action buttons are:-

  • Shop Now
  • Download
  • Sign up 
  • Book Now
  • Learn More

Among them, most of CTR performers are:-

  • Learn more
  • Shop now
  • Download
  • Sign up
  • Book now

So I would suggest you use a call to action button which redirects to your site.

Thank you guys for reading it out hope you guys find it informative. If you guys have any problem then you can ask me in the comment section below. If you guys love this don't forget to share this in social media platform.

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You can also take this article as a reference.

How to drive traffic to your website? This is one of the most asked questions among new bloggers. And I think you are one of them. A few months ago I used to think the same question but when I get to know about these tactics to drive traffic, the question was answered. So today I am going to share these tactics that really work. Let's head into our topic.

10 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Proven ways to drive traffic to your website:- 

  1. Keyword research (More search traffic).

  2. Promote your blogs.

  3. Guest post.

  4. Use of forums like quora.

  5. Freshness (Update outdated blog post).

  6. Collaboration with other brands.

  7. Start your own podcast.

  8. Merge out the similar post.

  9. Rank videos on youtube.

  10. Focus on On-Page as well as off-page SEO.

These are the list of 10 proven ways to drive traffic to your site. I hope this will work. With the list of ways let's head into and have more insight on every point. Let's dive into the first one.

  1. Keyword research (More search traffic):- Keyword research plays an important role in driving organic traffic to your site. If you rank higher in the search engine then there is the possibility of more clicks for the query. So that you have to target the keyword with high volume. So that more traffic visitors to your site. Note: Whenever you target a keyword you should research keyword with high CPC, high volume and low competition. Don't mess up targeting a keyword with high difficulty in which authority sites are ranking.

  2. Promote your blogs:- Communities are the best place to promote your blog online. Facebook groups, Twitter and many more forums are the place where you could find the targeted audience. There are separate communities where you can be a member and post your thoughts and idea. To drive traffic from communities, you must build trust with the community members and admin so that they might think that the source is trusted and could get into your link. So that don't forget to build trust within the communities and promote your blog on social media.

  3. Guest post:- Guest posting is one of the best way to grab backlinks and traffic for your site. On of the trusted source for guest posting may be medium from where you can post blogs and leave a link back to your site. Most of the new bloggers are trying guest post to build their authority and getting enough traffic to their site. Let take an example your site is related to blogging, SEO then you have written detail information about SEO in the same content and publish it leaving a link. So that when readers go through the page he/she would get redirected to your site.

  4. Use of forums like Quora:-  Quora is a Question and Answer site where you can ask any question and everyone is free to answer the question. So it is easy to answer the question and attract those traffic to your site. For instance, someone has asked question on quora how to start a blog in Nepal? and if you have a dedicated content on the topic then it is golden opportunity for you to give the answer including the link of your blog post. Nowadays,  people are using the techniques to drive traffic from quora.

  5. Freshness(Update outdated blog post):-  According to the research conduct by ahrefs they found that when the content was refreshed and again published then the organic traffic increase automatically. I have also experimented it on one of the content. I rewrite that particular content including some of the new keywords. They automatically traffic on that particular keyword increased. So always keep on mind that google always tries to give informative and fresh content to the readers so that google keeps on updating ranking. So you need to update your article from time to time to be in top position.

  6. Collaboration with other brands:- Collaboration is one of the most important technique to build more audience. Big brands collab with each other and exchange the audience with each other so that both of them get more exposure to each other audiences. You may ask" whom should I collaborate with?  my competitors will probably not willing to collaborate with me". You could collaborate with non-competing brands with a similar targeted audience.

  7.  Start your own podcast:- Starting your own podcast may help you a lot to grab up new audiences. If you are targeting keyword of the country like united states then it becomes very much important for you as 40 % of Americans are connected in a podcast and loves to hear it. So here is an opportunity for you to drive traffic to your site with a podcast. So let's get started today.

  8. Merge out the similar post:- Merging out similar post may increase the traffic of your site. Lots of research have shown that after merging out a similar article, traffic increases unexpectedly. There is some reason behind it, one is that the authority of both page combined which help to rank higher and other is that merged content rank for many other keywords resulting lots of traffic to the site.  Recently I experimented this technique in one of my blog posts and then it boosted my traffic. 

  9. Rank videos on youtube:- Ranking videos on youtube maybe one of a good idea to drive more traffic to your site.  If you would build your own brand in youtube the user began to search with your brand name from where you could get more traffic. Also, you can leave backlinks at the bottom of each video so that viewers would get detail information on that blog post. For that, you need to rank your youtube videos. Now you might be asking how to rank youtube videos? Here are few steps to rank your youtube videos:- first step is to do keyword research and second is to under that search intent(what viewers want to see on the particular query) third is to satisfy the search intent so that they get connected with you, fourthly you should do some optimization and lastly you should promote your videos on social media to get more engagement.

  10. Focus on page seo and off-page seo:-  On-page SEO and off-page seo helps you to show up your blog post on a higher position in search engine so that you could grab up more traffic. So that you should focus on optimizing article internally and externally. You should optimize title, meta description, alt tag, keyword placement, internal linking and many more to fully optimize your article internally and create backlinks to rank your post externally. 

Thank you guys for reading this post "10 proven ways to drive traffic on your site". Hope you guys find it informative. Don't forget to share this in social media with your colleagues.

Lastly here are 15 best SEO tips for beginners:-

Want to know 15 best SEO tips for beginners to boost traffic? Yes, today we are going to discuss the best SEO tips for beginners to boost traffic on their website. I am also not an SEO expert but we don't need to be a technical expert to have knowledge of SEO. You can learn SEO simply learn from journals, websites and can watch some tutorials. Either you own a small business or a large company, search engine optimization is the best way to drive organic traffic to your site. So that you have to know some tactics of search engine optimization to rank your site higher than your competitors. As we know that most of the internet user just hang onto the first page of Google just like us we never look at the 2nd, 3rd page of google. So you need to rank higher to get visible in search engine and to drive organic traffic to your site. Now you might have got the idea that SEO is a way to optimize webpage to rank higher in search engine.

15 Best SEO Tips For Beginners To Boost Traffic


  1. Create content targeting multiple keywords.

  2. Use short Permalinks.

  3. Get high-quality backlinks.

  4. Rank for feature snippet.

  5. Make the content search engine friendly.

  6. Include page meta description and page title.

  7. Increase page speed.

  8. Use more internal and external links.

  9. Increase your word count.

  10. Publish high-quality content.

  11. Add alt text to your Image.

  12. Peek over competitors.

  13. Conduct a site audit.

  14. Keep updating content.

  15. Continue learning about SEO.

These are the list of things that you must take in consideration while optimizing your content for search engine and to rank higher than competitor and to drive more organic traffic to your site than them. Now let us have detail insight on the points that we have listed above. 

  1. Create content targeting multiple keywords:-  Before creating content you must give focus on keyword research because without keyword research you may not get proper data of search volume and competitions in the particular keyword in which you are targeting. As we have known that contents are created including primary and secondary keywords. It is the secret that most of the top bloggers do to get more organic to their site. Being straight forward the right quality article so that they can use more number of targeted keywords and the related terms. Ultimately they got rank to the targeted keyword as well as a related key phrase. So that this is secret of boosting traffic from a single post.

  2. Use short permalinks:- Permalinks plays a great role in ranking your post. So permalinks should be short and straight to the point. I mean you should use targeted keyword in your permalink so that it could meet the answer of the user's query. Also, make the permalink easy to understand so that the users could know what the person might have written out in the article. Last but not least be concise keep the permalink around 60 characters so that it would be easily crawled by bots of every search engine.

  3. Get high-quality backlinks:-  Link building is one of the key strategies to rank higher in search engine. If you create authority links more will be your authority hence trust for your site gets increase and google will ultimately rank you higher in search engine. To make high-quality backlinks you can follow this method:- Guest posting, directory submission, profile creation, comment backlink etc. You can also take over competitors backlinks by the help of ahrefs free backlink checker tool.

  4. Rank for feature snippet:- To rank is feature snippet is the want of every blogger. As featured snippet is found on the top of search result and most probably will get more organic clicks. A query that ask a Question is more likely to be converted into Featured snippet. So try to rank for feature snippet for more traffic.

  5. Make content search engine friendly:-  Designing content for search engine is essential. Let us take an example if you have created high-quality content, it is user-friendly, mobile-friendly and is fast loading but if your content is not designed for search engine so that you have to make content structure.

  6. Include page meta description and page title:- Your keywords have a great impact on the ranking. Meta description and page title also have a great impact as well, as it is shown in the search results. Whenever you search a query in google it shows a lot of results. Each search results in the content title and meta description.  So make sure to provide essential information to the user as their clicks depend on what you have written in title and meta description. so that click-through rates get increased. 

  7. Increase page speed:- Page speed is one of the ranking factors of Google. So make sure to check the speed of yoit site time to time and increase its speed. You can check out page speed in gt metrix or in page speed insight. They analyze your website and show them lots of things that you can do to improve site speed.

  8. Use internal and external links:- Using internal links is always important to engage the user for longer period of time in site whereas high-quality external links represent the quality of your content and authority of your site.

  9. Increase your word count:- Increment of word count is essential in the sense that user to get all the answer of their question at a place so that google might find you at authority level in the topic and rank you higher also you could add enough keywords to rank higher in search engine.

  10. Publish high quality:- Publishing high-quality content make your brand grow faster because users who find you on google might get benefitted from your guide. So that they would have more trust in you and your content would get shared on social media. So publishing high-quality content is necessary to grow your brand and bring more traffic to your sites.

  11. Add alt text to your image:-  Adding alt text makes crawler easy to read what the picture is about. So make sure to add your keyword and link in alt text so that when it would be used by others then you would get more backlinks which will grow your authority.

  12. Peek over competitors:- Peeking over competitors and understanding their tactics to get into search result may help you to rank them out and get the leading position. So you must keep eye on your competitor to be more successful than them.

  13. Conduct site audit:- Conduct site audit is ordered to know if you are missing something or not so that you could fulfil that and make your content search engine as well as for users.

  14. Keep updating content:- Google loves to rank fresh content higher in the search engine. As some query changes along with time whereas some do not. So keep your content updated.

  15. Continue to learn about SEO:- Never stop to learn about SEO (Search engine optimization). You can learn every new thing on SEO. You can practically do it using A/B testing method.  Who knows you might be one of the leading SEO experts from your country.

Thank you guys for reading this article "15 Best SEO Tips For Beginners To Boost Traffic". Hope you guys find it informative. If you find it informative don't forget to share it among your friends and families

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