What is SEO in Nepal ? SEO( Ultimate guide)

What is SEO in Nepal ? SEO( Ultimate guide)


What is SEO in Nepal?

What is SEO in Nepal?. In today’s post. I will tell you how and how SEO does in today’s date. Everyone wants to sell their product and service on the Internet and.SEO is the way to put the website on the first page. Visitors mostly go to the 1st website only, SEO has to be done to be seen on the top. Friends SEO works like Google’s Roadmap so that anyone who searches will get the same information.

What is SEO in Nepal ? SEO( Ultimate guide)

What is SEO in Nepal and how important is it for every website? 

This question bothers everyone. In today’s digital age. If you want to come in front of people. Then online is the way through which you can present yourself in front of millions of people. And SEO is the way through which any website can be brought to the first page. If you have complete information about SEO. Then you can do it easily and if not, then read my entire post

. You will understand what is SEO in Nepal.

SEO on a date is a process by which we can increase the organic ranking of our website. The whole meaning of SEO is Search engine optimization. and. It is used to increase the ranking and traffic of any blog, website.

SEO is a free way provided by Google. Using which we can bring any website to the first page of Google. For this. we have to use some technology. SEO  helps us to increases the traffic on our website.

Or in other words. SEO is such a technique. using which we can bring our website to the 1st page of the search engine.


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What is a Search Engine?

Have you ever thought that whatever you search on Google? Google shows you related things or works to give the right information. this Google crawls. Indexes the information in its database first and then ranks it?. This is the work of Google. to show that Google gives two ways. Is for free and the other with money. The free one is called SEO and the money is called PPC.

What is SERP?

The full form of SERP is search engine results pages. Whenever a user submits some keyword or question by submitting it in the search box. Search engine shows you the website related to the keyword. It is  called as  search engine results pages.


There are two types of results on this page – Free and paid.

Free– organic results. These are completely free results. We have to get SEO done for this.

You have to invest money in paid or inorganic, as long as you have money in it. You will keep coming to the search engine and after the money is exhausted. it stops.

Why SEO is Important in Nepal?

If you are new and you do not have any public in the market and. You want to send some of your goods through your website or want to earn money. Then SEO is the method that you can use to search your website. In bringing it to the top of engines and more and more people will come to your website. This will increase your website traffic and your website will be popular in search engines.

Today, more than 2 billion websites are submitted on Google. Those who are from different fields, whenever someone searches on Google. Then Google looks at the website related to that keyword. This is the work of search engines.

Not only do you get a lot of traffic from SEO. If you do SEO of your blog or website in a very good way. Then the experience of your platform user improves. our website keeps improving according to the visitor.

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What are the types of SEO? 

Types of SEO:

By now you must have understood what SEO is and why it is important. Now we tell you about the parts of SEO. These are two types – on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Type of SEO:

1: On-page SEO

SEO on-the page has to make any changes inside the website so that our website can be made according to SEO. Today we are giving you the details of what is special-


The most important role in SEO is of keywords if you have the right keywords. (Good Traffic or Low Competition). then your site will rank quickly and you get good responses.

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Title tag

The tag of any page tells the search engine what your page or service is about. This makes the website easy to rank. It should be between 40 and 60 characters long.

Meta Description

In this. we tell the search engines what service we are giving or about the content of the webpage. it also has to include keywords related to the service.

Loading speed

The lower the loading speed of our website. the more chances we will have of being ranked on the first page of Google. Through on-page, we compress the images used on the post to reduce the loading speed.


Through Sitemap. we give all information on our website to search engines. which improves the organic ranking of our website. We submit the .xml file of sitemap to bana and whenever the crawlers of search engines come. they collect the information on the website from the sitemap itself.

Google Webmaster or Analytics

Google Webmaster Tools is Google’s free software which tells about the health of our website. This tool is an overall report of your website like how the website is working. If there is a mistake. then the webmaster tells you. besides the website traffic. With which keywords. how many people are coming to your site? Webmaster’s Work Crawling, Indexing, Servicing.

Google Analytics tells us about the traffic coming to our website from which location (country)

.The user is coming from a phone or computer. Apart from this, it also tells us about the Bounce Rate. The Bounce Rate of the website should be less than 70%. Apart from this. we can also set goals in it.

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High-Quality Content

If you have high-quality content on your website, your website ranking will start coming very soon. Write in full depth whatever topic you wrote about so that whatever user reads your post. all the douts of that user become clear. And if you are a blogger then you should always write your blog in about 1000 to 1500 words.

Keyword Density

Keyword density tells you how many times you are putting keywords in the article. The larger your article is. The more keywords you can apply. In the same way. You can put keywords twice in an article of 500 words.

Off-page SEO

To bring any website or post to the search engine. link of the website has to be promoted on the Internet. This is called off-page SEO.

In other words = another type of SEO is OFF page SEO. in which we create a backlink to bring it to the 1st page of our website. It has a lot of activity like the – article, blog creation. Press release, bookmarking, forum, social marketing. guest posting, infographic etc.

Within Off-Page SEO we also learn about Link Building. So that our website can quickly find Search Crawler and quickly show it to the top in Search Result.

First of all, the search engine looks at where and how many links are on your website. Then it incorporates by looking at the quality and anchor text of the link.

To increase the domain authority of our website. it is necessary to take care that the DA on the site on which we are putting our link should also be good.

 Everyone stays on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube Social media. is very important for every website.

In other words, Social Media is known as Social Media Service. This means connecting with your friends and relatives using the Internet.

White hat SEO 

When someone creates SEO and link building for their website in a natural way. It is called White hat SEO. Those who have to keep their website for a long time use the same technique. This increases the traffic of the website along with the value.

Black hat SEO

When someone does not follow the search engine’s guidelines. To rank a website in Google they make a direct link. It is called the Black hat SEO. Doing this has a bad effect on the website. And after some time. Google blocks the website.

Final Words I hope from this post you must have understood better what SEO is. And how to do SEO in Nepal.

And why it is necessary. if you have any doubts in your mind then you can ask in the comments. You can also find out How to startup blog in Nepal? article to increase your information and efficiency in the blog. Thank you for reading this article “SEO in Nepal”.

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