How to get high quality backlinks in Nepal? 2020

How to get high quality backlinks in Nepal? 2020


How to get backlinks in 2020 in Nepal?
How to get high quality backlinks in Nepal? 2020

How to get backlinks in 2020 in Nepal? This question might arise in your mind if you are blogger or if you own your website. Backlinks plays an important role to rank website and getting organic traffic. First of all let us know 

What is backlinks?

Backlinks is process of linking one site with other. Backlink in  the term used in Off-page SEO. Now let's go to something new. I think that the term link juice might be new for some of them, but after reading the post you would be clear. Link juice is a juice which is transfered from one site when it links to other. Link juice is also known as vote of confidence for new website. So that it can increase rankings. If there is higher flow in link juice there whould be higher positioning in search engine.


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Note : Note that only dofollow links passes link juice not no follow link.

Another factor is quality link if you are working out in food niche then if you make quality link in food niche then it would me more relevance and oasses more link juice.

Why do i think that backlink is important for you?

Here are some things that i have listed that is important for you:-

1. Search engine ranking:- When google bots crawl out the page linking to your site  and if it is relevance  then google consider it as a quality link. Which helps you to imprive your ranking in search engine.

2. Traffic:- It is genuine that when you would have better ranking then traffic would be more on your site and this is the onewe needed to make money.


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How can we build high quality backlinks in 2020 in Nepal?

Here are some tricks to get high quality backlinks in 2020 in Nepal:-

  • Guest posting .:- Guest posting is a best way to get high quality dofollow backlinks. You can also use quora to answer question and drive those traffic into your blog post. Also medium is a best place to have a high quality backlink. 
  • Forum posting.:- There are different forum where you could interact with them and create backlinks.
  • Look over competitors backlinks.:-  At the bottom i have provided some tools out for you from which you can analyze your competitors backlinks and can get into ranking with those backlinks.
  • Creat backlinks own your own niche.
  • Profile creation:- It is one of the best and easy way to creat backlink. But note that in profile creation website you must be in daily touch with them other wise they might disabled ypur account as it looks spammy.

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Tools important for have high quality backlinks:-

  • Moz link analyzer(Free but limited).
  • Ahref backlink checker(Free).
  • Semrush(Free but limited).

Thank you for reading. Hope you guys find it informative.

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