7 hacks to start a Blog In Nepal-Blogging Tips

7 hacks to start a Blog In Nepal-Blogging Tips


How to start a free Blog In Nepal?

7 hacks to start a Blog In Nepal-Blogging Tips

How to start a Blog In Nepal for free?. Here are some tips on how you can start up a blog in Nepal for free step by step which genuinely works. Before starting a blog or creating a blog, there are some important things that you have to keep in mind, which will make your blog amazing and your user will get a good experience. Many people feel that people will have a different experience than what they are writing on their blog and will also share it. There are many factors which damage your blog. When you are writing a  blog in Nepal for the first time,it must be kept in mind that starting a blog is hard work. Your blog articles should have good experience for the readers, for which you have to give time and write articles

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If you are writing a first-time blog in Nepal, then its disadvantages must be kept in mind, due to which you do not make those mistakes in your blog. Here I will tell you some ways that will be beneficial for your blog and you will also be able to earn.

Before Starting Blog what you should do?

Do we understand exactly what we should do before starting a blog?

Let us first understand the Technical Side, which is a straight pattern. You just have to follow.

7 Easy Steps to Start Blog In Nepal:

Decide Blog Topic
Choose a blogging platform
Sign up for Web Hosting
Select Blogging Theme
Customize Blog Theme
Set Up Domain
Launch blog

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I will tell you in this Blog Beginner’s guide on how to start a blog on a low budget, for which you do not need technical experience, it is very simple and easy.

What is a Blog post?

A blog is like a website which consists of posts or articles. Your posts get information from blog posts and your blog gradually.

Why should you start a Blog in Nepal?

Through Blog Posts, you connect directly with the reader which makes your readers follow you. There are some reasons that I am going to suggest you:

Working from home and make money online in Nepal:

All Bloggers make blogs to earn money, some give full time while some give part-time. Some Blogs are just for information or education purposes. It takes less budget to start a blog, there is more problem and most important is a big opportunity with low risk.

Become a published author:

Many publishers need an online presence writer so that they can sell their books or online products and services through an online author for which they need an online platform, a good simple way for all of them is blog.

Help your business and organization:

The blog is very useful for all types of business or organization because it has to reach a lot of people through which all of them have to do low-cost pants.

Just start writing Blog:

If you want to write something or want to share educational information, the blog is a great way.The blog is completely related to your thoughts, for which you do not have any kind of dependency. There is complete control over it. The most important blog writing you can do from home. If you want to become a serious blogger, then it also brings you online presence and attention and a lot of traffic in your blog.

How much does a blog cost to start-up in Nepal?

If you start at the minimum level then you can make some basic expenses. For example, Internet, Domain Registration, Web Hosting and Desktop or Laptop etc. If you have a laptop/desktop then monthly Rs. It takes from 1000 to 2000.

Can I start a blog with free features In Nepal?

Of course, many free tools are available but if you can set up your custom domain and web hosting it would be more secure and beneficial for you. There are many hosting company in Nepal that provide this service such as e hosting server, babal host, Himalayan host and many more.

How to make a free blog website in Nepal?

 At the moment it will not be suitable to become a professional blogger because later on when you have to migrate and upgrade the blog there will be a lot of problems.creating a blog is easy but migrating to a professional blog is a bit confusing.

Come, why a professional blogger should not take a free blog:

Limited Monetization: Limited features are available whenever you go for free, after writing sometimes if you have to upgrade to change for which their high pay plans will have to be taken. In this way, your free purpose becomes useless at that time.

Lack of Tech Support: All the free offering companies only have to make money and have to sell their costly membership, so you do not get that much support and companies keep selling something for each option. Because of which they will benefit and you will be in loss.

No Customization: Here you do not get any kind of flexibility like theme customization,   SEO friendly etc. When you are growing, after a time, it seems that something should be expanded but you are not able to do it. It has a low-quality content management system.

Switching or Migrating: After many posts, if you feel that switching to better services is not easy, then at that time your switching is not easy because all the posts are in some ranking which comes into the problem when it is down.

How much time do I need to spend to earn money from a blog?

It is obvious that it takes from 1 to 3 month to grow traffic in your blog so that you could monetise and earn money from the blog. So be patient, things will go right.

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How to increase da pa of a website in Nepal?

Finally, I want to conclude by saying that there is an increasing number of bloggers in Nepal as blogging is a source of passive income. Also a great way of doing affiliate marketing.  So let’s get started now. Don't be afraid of blogging, get in touch with us and get daily email updates.

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