Grandmother -Ray young bear -Summary and Critical analysis-Heritage of word

Grandmother -Ray young bear -Summary and Critical analysis-Heritage of word

  The Grandmother 

Grandmother -Ray young bear -Summary and Critical analysis-Heritage of word


  1.  Summary - Paragraph 1 
  2.  Interpretation - Paragraph 2
  3.  Analysis- Paragraph 3 
  4.  Critical thinking - Paragraph 5
  5.  Conclusion- Paragraph 6


  1. What is the central idea and main theme of the poem?
  2. Summary of the story.

The Grandmother - Heritage of words- Grade 12 -Ray Young Bear

Paragraph -1

The poem grandmother  is written by the American-Indian poet Ray Young Bear(who is known as poet as well as a novelist). In the poem, the poet ray young bear  sketches the picture of a loving and inspiring grandmother through all the human sensory experiences that is sight, touch, smell, hear and feel. The poem grandmother  remind us our grandmother and their caring, loving nature.

Paragraph 2

The speaker of the poem is a grandson,who draws a picture of a grandmother in his memory as she is no longer with him. He says that  he could recognize the picture of the grandmother even from miles away. He still can visualize the grandmother carrying a plastics shopping bag and wearing a purple scarf. If she put her hand on his head, he could feel the warm and damp hand with the smell of roots. He expresses, he could even hear her voice even if it was coming from the rock. Grandmothers words travel into the poets  heart, the way the rays of light travel in the darkness of a night when the sleeping fire sparks if it gets stirred. Here the night resembles the innocents. 

Paragraph 3 :-

In  the poem a grandmother is show  through all the human sensory perceptions - sight, touch, smell, hear and feel. It seems the speaker loves his grandmother a lot so she is in every corner of his heart. She seems to be very close to his life though his grandmother is not with him (after her death) .

 Paragraph 3 and 4 :- 

Ray young bear has made the appropriate use of metaphors  to show the exact picture and character of a grandmother. The warm and damp hand of grandmother is metaphorized as warmth and dampness in their relation of grndmother and grandson. Her hand was not  dry and cold as any negative  relation. Similarly, the smell of roots in hand gives the sense of her hardworking and down to earth nature. Even further, the rock in the poem puts the sense of her death. The rock metaphorized the tomb stone. The darkness of night symbolizes the innocence,confusion, unknownness and inexperience of a child, whereas the rays of sparkling light is knowledge and enlightenment, which travel to wane the confusion and innocence of the grandson. 

Paragraph 5:-

The poem is a love of a grandson towards a grandmother. The speaker is portraying his own grandmother. But it was the picture of all loving and inspiring grandmothers, who were always in the heart of every grandchildren all over the world.

Here we have discussed all the important question answer within it.

1. What is the main theme and central idea of poem of the story?

The main theme and central idea of the story is the all loving and all caring nature of grandmother theough all the sensory  experiences that  is sight, touch, smell, hear and feel.

What is the summary of the story?

In short this story is all about a grandson experiences and love towards his grandmother through all sensory experience. Grandson knows that the picture  who is standing a miles is his grandmother. He also 

visualize his mother with the scarf and shopping bag. If you want to know more read out second paragraph of the summary.

If you want to have more information look at these question which are very important from this chapter:- 

Questions list:- 

  • How does the speaker feel toward his grandmother? In what words or lines does he make his feelings clear?
  • How does the speaker feel towards his grandmother? What words or images make his feeling clear?
  • What does the poet remember about his grandmother?
  • What images do you find in the poem “Grandmother” written by a member of the Sauk and Fox (Mesquaki) Indian tribe of North America? To what senses do these images appeal?
  • Describe the poet’s grandmother?
  • Write a summary of the grandmother?
  • The speaker in “Grandmother” seems to be emotionally attached to his grandmother. How?
  • What are the four things that Rio beer Ray Young Bear remembers about his grandmother?
  • How does the poet express memory and honor toward his grandmother?
  • What impression of grandmother does the speaker give in the poem “Grandmother"?
  • What is the central idea of the poem?
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