On page SEO Guide - Nepal

On page SEO Guide - Nepal

Today we are going to provide you with on page seo guide - Nepal. On page SEO optimization

  In this guide you will be learning about :- 

  1. Optimization of content.

  2. Creation of SEO friendly Urls.

  3. Title and description format.

Table of content 

  1. On page  SEO Basics.

  2. Optimization of content for SEO.

  3. Optimize title and meta description.

  4. Write seo content.

  5. Optimize for CTR.

  6. Advance on page seo tips.

On page SEO Guide - Nepal

Before starting On page SEO Guide - Nepal you should learn some basic of on page seo. So lets start from the base.

             On page SEO Basics

What is On page SEO? 

On page SEO is the way to optimize particular web page for search engines and users. On page SEO is also know as on-site SEO. Some of the common factors of on page seo optimization are optimization of  titles, meta description, inbound links , permalinks, headings etc.

Why on page seo is important?

On page seo is important because it helps search engine to know your website and its content. Which helps search engine to find whether the content is relevant to search query or not.  Not only this you should focus on more factors on ordee to rank yourselves higher in search engine in 2020. Some of the things are given below :- 

  • Loading speed of your site/page.

  • User experience.

  • Bounce rate.

  • Click through rates.

  • Search intent.

Now let's move forward with the On page seo guide - Nepal.

                 Optimization of content 

You have finally collected some information on page seo and importance of on page seo. After that we are going to discuss about the keywodlrd placement. How it works and density of keywords that you should place  in your article. 

  • Use your targeted keywords in the first 100 words :-  This is a simple tactics, you need to  use your targeted keywords in first 100 words. For example if you are writing an article on page seo guide - Nepal then you should use your main keyword on page seo guide anywhere in 100 words. As i have done at the beginning of this article. You might ask why this is important we can place keywords anywhere matching the density. It is said that google puts more weights on keywords that arises at the top of your page so that google would get mesage that in what topic your are writing about.

  • Inclusion of keyword in H1 tag :- H1 tag seems to be similar to title tag. You need to set h1 tag is you tags to ensure that it is easy for google to understand structure of your page and most of the platforms like wordpress set up customer h1 tag so you should not worry much about that but if you are using other platforms in which you have to set up h1 tag then you should go to code section and then setup h1 tags including your main keyword in it. Let me describe using example if I have written article on on page seo guide. Then you could see h1 of my article is on page seo guide-Nepal. 

  • Inclusion of keyword in h2 :- Inclusion of keywords or similar keyword may help you to optimize your article for search engine. So don't forget to use targeted keyword in h2. Like i have used on page seo and on page seo guide etc. 

  • Keyword frequency/ density :- Keyword density/ frequency matters a lot. If you have written a post on on page seo guide- Nepal then and have include keyword just one of time. Google may not be sure that wether you are trying to rank in the particular keyword or not. So to make google that you are writing content on the topic make sure to place the density of keywords from 1 - 2 % of the total word count of your article.

  • Use of external links :- Use of external links is neccessary as you must assure that you page is full of knowledge. So that you would get higher rank in google. This is not just a saying research  by some people of reboot have proven that external links helps on improving rank. 

  • Optimize your permalink :- Structure of permalink is very important factor nowadays. As google has introduced new version of url.  It's like domain.com>hub>seo>seo guide. So structure of permalink is neccessary amd to optimize permalink you just need to include keywords in permalink making it short.

          Optimize title and meta description

In this, you will be learning how to optimize title and meta description. Google says that title tags helps a lot in organic ranking.

  • Optimize your title tag :-  Optimization of your title tag may help you a lot as search get overall view about your content. So i suggest you to put keywords as early in title tag as searhg engine consider it more.

  • Usage of title tag modifiers :- Usage of title tag modifiers like best, guide, fast can help you out to rank long tail keyword that you have targeted.

  • Usage of unique keywords in meta description :- As google's bold out the term that matches with search query then if you include tour targeted keyword in meta description then it would rank higher in search engine.

                  Write SEO content 

I am talking about the content which matches search intent if the users, which is unique than other, which may be valuable source for readers.

                    Optimize for CTR 

CTR(Click through rate) is one of the ranking factors of google. CTR helps you to increase out number of traffic in your site. According to backlinko you must focus on these factor to optimize your article for CTR :- 

  • Use question title tags.

  • Filling missing meta descriptions.

  • Use faq schema.

  • Add some emotions to title tag.

  • Add current year in title and description.


                  Advance on page seo tips

Once you have completed simple on page optimization of your content.  So today we are going to list some of the advance tips that may take your on page seo step to next level. Let's head into it :- 

  • Use original images. 

  • Internal linking.

  • Optimize page speed.

  • Use alt text in images.

  • Try to rank your content in featured snippets.

  • Voice search SEO.

Thank you guys for reading this article "On page SEO Guide - Nepal". Hope you guys find this article informative and if you find it informative don't forget to share it in social medias with your families and colleagues.

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