Off page SEO guide - Nepal

Off page SEO guide - Nepal


What is the off-page SEO(Search Engine Optimization) in Nepal?

Off page SEO guide - Nepal

Friends, in today’s post, you will know what is Off-Page SEO in Nepal?. If you are a blogger, then you must know that what is the role of SEO to get maximum organic traffic on the blog. By doing good SEO of your blog, you can bring your blog to the top in Search Engine. If you are not aware what SEO is? You can read a post written in details about it. SEO is of two parts.

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

I have already written a post about On-Page SEO, in today’s post, you will learn about the details of Off-Page SEO and you can read our post below to know more about On-Page SEO.


On-Page SEO Tips in Nepal- How to do On-Page SEO of a blog?

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What is Off-Page SEO in Nepal?-SEO Tips

Off-Page, SEO means all the work done outside of your website/blog that affects the ranking of the search engine is all covered by Off-Page SEO. If you say it in more simple words. On-Page SEO has to go to the website dashboard. Most of the work of Off-Page SEO is done without logging into the website. Off-Page SEO is used to get a backlink. We all know that along with increasing traffic on Backlinks blog, it is also very helpful to rank in Search Engine.

Why is off-page SEO important for a blog in Nepal?

What are the benefits of Off-page SEO in Nepal?

It helps to rank blog key in page SEO.

Blog Reputation Increase on Google.

Domain Authority is improved.

New posts get indexed quickly in Search Engine.

Organic traffic begins to come in your blog.

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How to do Off-Page SEO?

I think now you have come to know about Off-Page SEO, so let’s now know how to do Off-Page SEO for your blog. Friends, here today I will tell you some Techniques of Off-Page SEO which are very useful for every blogger.

1. Search Engine Submission- Off page SEO guide - Nepal

Search engine submission is considered as a very important and effective tool for SEO. Every blogger should submit their blog to all search engines.

2. Bookmarking on Social Sites
- Off page SEO guide - Nepal

To submit your blog page and post on Social Bookmarking Sites like, and

3. Directory Submission
- Off page SEO guide - Nepal

Directory Submission is also a great way to get a good backlink. Many websites offer directory submission, where you can also submit your blog. Some Websites are:-

4. Social Media
- Off page SEO guide - Nepal

Social media is a very good option to get more traffic on a new blog, with traffic there are many more benefits, so make sure to profile your blog or website name or page on social media such as Facebook.


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5. Submit sitemap
- Off page SEO guide - Nepal

Submit your blog’s sitemap in Webmaster Tool. You should Submit a Sitemap when we publish a new post on our blog. The webmaster gets to know immediately through the sitemap so that our new content is very helpful in getting indexed in Search Engine. See you.

6. Q & A site
- Off page SEO guide - Nepal

To get more traffic to your website, you should have a Question and Answer section, it is also called Forum. Make a forum account related to your blog and answer the questions of the people and if you have any content related to that question. So you can add its link, through it the traffic on your blog will also increase.

7. Comments on Blog
- Off page SEO guide - Nepal

For Off-Page SEO, you can comment in their post by visiting another blog related to your blog, and in that comment, you can also add a link to your blog or a link to a specific post.

8. Guest Post
- Off page SEO guide - Nepal

Guest Posting is also a very good way to get a good backlink. You can request for a guest post on another blog related to your website. By writing a guest post, you also get Referral Traffic with High-Quality Backlink, which is very important for a new blogger.

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