How to rank in first page of google?-Nepal

How to rank in first page of google?-Nepal

Want to rank in first page of Google you are at the right place. First of all let us know what all are those factors which affect ranking and which will help you to rank up in Google. If you are a beginner then you might think of how to rank higher in search engine.  

How to rank in first page of google?-Nepal

Why it is important to rank higher in search engine?

This question is absolutely a baseless but this question might be one of the most important question  for some newbies because this is the most essential factor qhich helps out to bring organic traffic to your site. If you ranking is higher in search engine like google then more traffic will be driven to your website. According to research more than 60 percentage of organic traffic goes to top site whereas traffic are divided in greater to less amount from top to buttom. 

What are some of the step to index your pages in google?

Some step to be followed to index your page in google:-

  • Create sitemap of your site.

  • Submit sitemap in search console.

  • Submit individual url in search console.(Request indexing)

After following these procedures you wpipd be able to show up your post and pages in google. You can check it by typing then if your pages and post is indexed then it will be shown in google. If you want to have insight whether a particular post is indexed or not then you can type site:urlofpost  , you would see whether your post is indexed or not.

What are the best ways that I can apply to bring my post in the first page? 

Strategies that will help you out to rank in first page of google are as follows:-

Targeting long tail keywords

If you are working out in several blogs and is familiar with keyword research then you might know about types of keyword :-

Short tail keywords

Short tail keyword are also known as head keyword it is formed with combination of 1-2 keyword only. So in this type of keyword it is very hard to rank in top level as there is much competition in this keyword. For example SEO Nepal is a short tail keyword.

Mid tail keywords

Mid tail keywords are formed with the combination of 2-4 keywords. It is neither too easy nor too hard to target. For eg SEO in Nepal

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are those keyword which are easy to rank and has low competition. For eg on page SEO in Nepal complete guide.

Note:- So keep in mind that targeting long tail keyword is much easier and low competitive. So that you would have more chances to rank in first page of google moreover in top 5-10. 

If you are beginners  then you can start up your journey targeting long tail keywords. As you become pro then you could simply catch up with either mid tail or short tail keyword.

Pay to get higher rank 

Whenever we click to google and search in google with a particular keyword with higher competition then you can see top most rank of ads and then organic results appear. Most of the businesses pays to adword to get them in the top of search engine. 

This is one of the easiest way to rank in google first page moreover first position by paying them and growing your business to the next level.

Write more blog post than your competitors 

You might be thinking is it important to write quality or quantity post?

Both the quality and quantity should  be maintained in order to  rank higher. But in this i am talking about number of post.

Research have shown that a lot of traffic visits to updated site. If a site post a 5-10 post a months whereas other site post 16plus a  month then it would get mote traffic. Logic is simple more you post more post is indexed leading to more traffic in your site. So that you could get high traffic than your competitors. Also you need to know about average number of words that site which are ranked in top 10 results. According to this you would get average words then you can write content according to it.

Earn trust from google

Earning trust from Google is neither too hard nor too easy because google seems to indexed the page which is already indexed in top results with more engagement of audience. So google finds it informative for the audience and ranks it in the top of search engine. So i suggest you to target long tail keyword so that it is easy to rank in top then then gradually trust of google increases in your site and began to indexed you in top. Earning yrust from google means earning trust from audiences leading mote sales.

Some steps to be followed to rank in first page:-

  1. Choose a keyword :- First of all you must do some keyword research.

  2. Check the competition of keyword :-  I suggest you to target long tail keyword which has high volume high CPC but low competition.

  3. Create your blog post:- Analyze number of words that is ranking in top 10 results then write your post according to it.

  4. Write in-depth article:- Write in depth article so that audience could get enough information and gets satisfied by your post.

  5. Estimate how many backlinks do you need:- Estimate the average number of  backlinks ranking in 10 top results and estimate how much backlinks do you need to make to rank in first page of google.


Follow the process out to rankin first page of   google. I assure you that, you would get proper ranking following this method.  You can follow up both strategies to rank your post out in top of search engine.

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