Free keyword research tools - Nepal

Free keyword research tools - Nepal

Are you trying to find keyword that drives more traffic to your site? Then today we are going to rank about 10 free keyword research tools that you should use to rank higher in google. There are a lot of paid tool that you can use to find out the keyword but if you are a beginner and don't want to spend a penny doing keyword research then free keyword research tools are best for you. Now you may ask does this tool should the actual results or is this tool worth to be used? Then the answer is yes, these tools are absolutely awesome to use. My point is not baseless many of the succesful bloggers uses this tools to do keyword research and i am one of them.

Free keyword research tools - Nepal

So here are the list of top 10 free keyword research tool - Nepal :-

  1. Google keyword planner - Keyword research tool

  2. Google trends - Keyword research tool

  3. - Keyword research tool

  4. Keyword sheeter - Keyword research tool

  5. Answer the public - Keyword research tool

  6. Keyword surfer - Keyword research tool

  7. Keyworddit.- Keyword research tool

  8. Google search console.- Keyword research tool

  9. Questiondb - Keyword research tool

  10. Google auto suggestion - Keyword research tool

These all  tools are free tool you can access it for free and for lifetime. Now let us discuss on each and every topic briefly.

  1. Google keyword planner :- Google keyword planner is one of the best and trusted tool to do keyword research. We can easily access to millions of keywords with monthly searches, competition and many more but we are in google planner to do keyword research so our concern is to focus on search volume and competition. At the past google keyword planner used to show the exact monthly search volume but at this time google keyword planner is showing results as 10k-100k in a query. For eg if you search a query "SEO in Nepal" taking location as Nepal. Then it would display result as 100-1k monthly search and the competition status is low. This is how google keyword planner works. To access google keyword planner you just have register and log in into it. 

  2. Google trends :- Google trends is one of the best tool to get keywords on trending topic. Google trends is easy to use and reliable. It shows the data of trending searches and real time results. Moreover you can fixed time period and have data of search trends in google on the particular query. It shows the graph of interest overtime, interest by subregion, related topics as well as related topic. Which helps us to collect more information on the particular topic and related keyphrase.

  3. :- Keyword is a free keyword research tool. At this time it is also taken as alternative of google keyword planner. It allows you to do keyword research for google  youtube,bing,amazon,ebay, play store and many more. There you can see option to choose country. After clicking onto search button it shows the list of keywords with search volume and trend. For example if you are searching query as "SEO in Nepal". Then you can see a list keywords as  seo training in nepal  seo expert in nepal, seo jobs in nepal, seo specialist in nepal etc.

  4. Keyword sheeter :- Keyword sheeter is a  also a best tool to generate keyword ideas. Simply go into official site of keyword sheeter then you can simply type on your head keyword and click onto sheet keyword. Then it will start to display list of keywords.That is seo in nepal, seo training in nepal, seo expert in nepal, seo jobs in nepal, seo salary in nepal, seo specialist in nepal,seo price in nepal,seo agency in nepal. If it generates more results you can stop sheeting keyword.  This is how it works.

  5. Answer the public:- Answer the public is a keyword research tool that helps you to find keyword. After reaching to the dashboard there is a section where there is written discover what people are asking about just below it you could see your desired results. It helps to find questions, prepositions, alphabeticals and related searches. It also shows search query like what, where, how, why etc. This is how it generates keyword ideas.

  6. Keyword surfer :- Keyword surfer is one of the best chrome extension to generate keywords ideas. All you have to do is go to chrome extensions and add keyword surfer. Then whenever you search for any keywords in the web it will show the status and volume of the keyword suggesting number of keywords in slide bar.

  7. Keyworddit :- It is one of the best keyword research tool. As people are searching query and asking question  in forums like reddit and quora rather than google in order to get suggestion. It helps you to get more and unique query. Keyworddit is a keyword research  miner that mines different keywords from comments and subreddit. Moreover it gives output of related keywords along with search volume.

  8. Google search console :- You might be thinking google search console is only a place from where we can index our article and pages, how could we generate keywords from google search console? Let me tell you while you log into your search console you could see the option of performance  heading to performance  section yoou could see different headings like query, pages, country, device, search apperance etc. In this you have to choose query option so that you could analyze which keyword is bringing more traffic to your site. You could list of keywords there scrolling down to bottom of the list you could see some query which are getting less clicks because you haven't written post on that query but some you have used some related keywords in one of your article. Now the main point is that you can target those keywords from where you can generate more clicks and traffic to your website. This is how you can find keywords from search console.

  9. Questiondb :- Questiondb is also a keyword research tool which generates keywords  from reddit. It generates a list of questions related to your query or phrase that contain your query.  For instance if you are searching for search engine optimization in Nepal then it might generate many leads like  search engine optimization  training in Nepal and many more sentences and phrases like this. You can also find the option of source from where you could see the particular place of content from where that keyword is taken.

  10. Google auto suggestion :- Google auto suggestion may be one of the best option for you to gain lots of relevant and trending keywords people are searching for. Let us take an example when you go to google and start writing seo guide then it auto suggest some of the relevant and trending topic regarding the topic like seo guide neil patel, seo guide backlinko, seo guide reddit etc. This one of the best way to grab keyword for your article.

Thank you for reading this article "free keyword research tool- Nepal". Hope you guys find it informative. Don't forget to share  it in social media with your colleagues.

Also You can take reference from this article.

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Best free keyword research tool

While you are thinking of starting your own website the first thing you should be doing is keyword research. Keyword research plays and important role is grabbing organic traffic from web search result. Hereby i am giving you list of top keyword research tool that is used world wide and are trusted to get accurate results. So let’s dive into it.

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Free domain and hosting in Nepal

Here are some list of best free keyword research tool in Nepal:-

Best Free Keyword Research Tool That You Should Use.

1. Google Keyword Planner

This is Google Keyword Planner Tool, a free Keyword Research Tools from Google, due to which you can do your Keyword Research In Nepal.

Google Keyword Planner is the most used free tools.  With this you can find bunch of keywords.

To use it, it is very important to have an account in google keyword planner tools.

If you do not have an account in google keyword planner, then you can create your google keyword planner account for free.

And also with the help of google keyword planner you can know how to do keyword research in Nepal.

You can do keyword research in Nepal in two ways with the help of this, first you can search by putting a keyword idea, in which you will get many useful keywords.And second, you can check any of its keywords by putting a domain in it, which are the different keywords in that domain.

2. Ubbersuggest

This is Neil Patel’s Free Keyword Research Tools, with the help of which you can do a lot of things like-

 Keyword Overview

 Keyword Ideas

 Content Ideas


 Top pages



 Site Audit


But here I am telling you about Keyword Research.  So we will know here how you can do Keyword Research in Nepal with the help of Ubersuggest.

First of all, you have to enter your Keyword Idea by going to Ubersuggest website.  After that you will select your country and click on search.

So you will see the Keyword Overview, in which you will see some information related to that Keyword such as :-.

Search Volume: This Search Volume means that how many  people are searching this Keyword in Search Engine. This means that the higher the Search Volume, the more that Keyword will be useful to you.  You should always focus on High Search Volume Keyword with low competition.

SEO Difficulty:

SEO Difficulty has a huge role in making any SEO campaign successful. It is also known as  Keyword Difficulty.

The more the Keyword that SEO is Difficulty, the more efforts will be required to rank it in Search Engine and the more time it will take to rank in first page 

In order to rank a Keyword with High SEO Difficulty, we have to pay attention to many things.


You have to make high quality backlinksbacklinks and write good quality content  better than your competitor.

And should always choose Easy and Medium Difficulty Keyword because you can get it ranked quickly.

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Paid Difficulty: The third option which is Paid Difficulty is not important for SEO. But if you go for Paid Promotion means Google Ads, then this option can help for you.

Cost Per Click (CPC): This option is also useful only if you run Google Ads.

We gave you information about these two free Keyword Research Tools, with the help of which you can do your Keyword Research in Nepal for free.

Now we will tell you about 2 paid tools, if you want to invest some money for your blog, then you can invest in these tools.

3. Semrush Keyword Research tool

This is a very useful and powerful Keyword Research Tools its library is very large.  With the help of this, you can do Keyword Research very well.

SEMrush will show you all the Keyword which are already ranking keywords and also you can do Perfect Keyword Research for yourself with the help of Magic Keyword Research tool.

Here you will get many advanced features that you do not get in Free Tools.

 Search Volume

 Keyword Difficulty


 Competition Difficulty

 SERP Feature

 You can use this option quite easily.

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4. Ahref keyword research tool.

First of all I would like to say that this is not a free tool. I have mentioned it here as personally i love to do keyword research with this tool.With the help of this tools, you can do Keyword Research very easily.  This is very handy and very powerful Keyword Research Tool.

You will find many advanced features in Ahrefs Tools, with the help of which you can do your own keyword research.

 Its Advanced Feature

 KD Keyword Difficulty

 Search Volume

 Search Volume



 Return Rate

 Word Count

I hope that now you will be able to find the Proper keyword for your blog / website.

When you find keywords, then it is most important that you will choose one of those keywords for your blog or business, Focus Keyword or Primary Keyword.

Here wehave discussed about 4 keyword research tools.

So let’s know how you will choose the keyword.

Note: At this time ahref has launched free offer  to analyze your complete site. In this you could see errors in your site and solve them. 

How To Choose Perfect Keyword?

We would choose keywords to understand the whole process in a few steps.

Search Volume:

While choosing any Keyword, we should see the Search Volume. Search Volume is the most important factor.We should always focus on the Keyword with High Search Volumewith low competition.

Organic Click-Through-Rate (CTR):

It is very important for any keyword to have a high CTR, click-through-rate means that how many clicks out of the total search volume are in that keyword.

We should always  choose the keyword with high click-through-rate.


Keyword Difficulty is also an important factor to choose any keyword.  If the Keyword Difficulty is too high, then you should not focus on that keyword.  If you are new to Blogging or that you have just started learning SEO.

Cost Per Click (CPC):

This is not directly used in SEO but with the help of this we can definitely choose the right keywords for ourselves.

Whenever you do keyword research, you will see CPC in it.  But it may be that the search volume of that keyword is a little low but its CPC is high, it means that people are searching for that keyword in the Internet.  And you can easily rank such keywords.


While doing Keyword Research, it is very important for you to take care of all these factors.

You should focus on keywords with high search volume keyword, low keyword difficulty and high CTR.

We should always choose such keywords which are related to our niche, for example… If you are doing business of Japanese Green Tea Bag then Japanese Coffee Bag will not be the Right Keyword for your business.

Note: If you want to know What is SEO in Nepal, then you can read it out.

Also SEO complete Guide

Thank you very much for reading the article best free keyword tool in Nepal.  If you have any opinion about this blog, then you can share it with me in comment section.


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