About Me- Samir's Blog

About Me- Samir's Blog

 Hlw guys this is me Samir Adhikari. 

About Me

I just love being with the internet and doing silly things on it. Blogging is one of my interest. So you can also call me as a part-time blogger. Basically, I am from Dhading, Nepal but I live in Kathmandu. As I have already stated that I love surfing the internet I own my own website that is www.adhikarisamir.com.np. In this, I used to share things which I acknowledge or gain from different web pages and search engine. Moreover, i love SEO which is called search engine optimization and blogging as well. Besides this, I am a student of +2 level. I have completed my school level from Janak nath memorial higher secondary which is in lainchaur. And currently studying in people's campus, paknajol. I hope i have given my complete biodata here and if you guys want to know anything from please contact me via email that is adhikarisamir208@gmail.com.

About Me:-

Name: Samir Adhikari

City: Kathmandu


Email: adhikarisamir208@gmail.com

Phone: 9840727294

Visit my other website: Calculative mind

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