How to choose a profitable niche for blog in Nepal? 🇳🇵

How to choose a profitable niche for blog in Nepal? 🇳🇵


How to choose a profitable niche for your blog in Nepal?

How to choose a  profitable niche for blog in Nepal? 🇳🇵

How to choose a niche for your blog In Nepal? Often this question arises in the minds of those who have created their new blog and website. Because after creating a blog, the most important step is the content written on it. And the blog post because earning money from any blog also depends on its blog niche.

All the big bloggers, all of them had started their blog with only one topic.Today they are earning lakhs of rupees on their blog by writing on one blog niche.

If you have a website or blog and want to work on it, but you are unable to decide on which topic to write on your blog or website. Then there is nothing to worry because after reading this post today . There will be a lot of help in deciding the blog niche for Blog and Website.


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How to find Perfect Blog Niche In Nepal?

Choosing a blog niche is very easy, but it is very difficult to decide a blog niche that will get you maximum traffic. And it is also fun to write a post on a blog when traffic comes there to read that post.

If you want to blog in your whole life, then do not choose your blog niche thinking only that you will get maximum money. By doing this, you will never be able to choose your blog niche. We also give you the reason why we are saying this.

If you are thinking that you can earn a lot of money by blogging for 5-6 months. If you want to blog only and only to earn money, then you will not be able to blog for very long. And to earn money from blogging, you have to blog for a long time. Then you can earn money by blogging.

If you are writing on such a topic, which is written only for the purpose of earning money. Then when you are not able to earn money, then you will leave it. Therefore, it is very important to have your interest in whatever topic you want to write. And when you will be able to work continuously on your blog. One day you too will earn lakhs of rupees from your blog like a blogger.

Friends, we are going to tell you some idea that not only you can choose your blog niche. Rather it will also help you in finding the talent inside you. So let’s go ahead and know how you choose the Perfect blog niche in Nepal.

How to find the Perfect Blog Niche in Nepal?

First of all, you choose any 5 categories for blog and website, according to your choice. Select the category on which you want to write a daily post as if you have selected 5 of your category.

  • Health
  • Technology
  • Tech news
  • Today offer
  • Latest mobiles
  • Product review

For example, we have taken any 5 categories. You can also choose your blog according to your interest in starting.

After that, the category which is selected wrote 3-4 posts in all of them. After writing 3-4 posts in each category, you will come to know that you like to write on a topic/category. By doing this you will find the category of your choice. Which is a big thing to find out your interest?

When you write 3-4 posts in every category on your blog. Then how many views are coming on the posts you have written. How many views you have received on each blog post. And have they met the search engine or do it cheek from social media.

Also, with the help of google analytic, also check what people are searching and coming to your blog. By doing this you will come to know that which post you have written has been read and liked by the people more.


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After writing posts in every category, you will know that you are getting traffic by writing on a blog post. You continue to post on which you get more traffic on the post, and the category on which views are not coming, nor do you like to write, they should change according to their interest. In this way, you can choose your blog niche.

I hope now that you have understood how to choose a blog niche, if you like this article how to choose a niche for your blog in Nepal and you must have found it, then if you like our article, then share it with your friends on social media and you will definitely Comment us if you have any questions.

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