Nepali To English Date Converter

Nepali To English Date Converter

Nepali To English Date Converter - Converter AD(Anno Domini) into BS(Bikram Sambat) and BS(Bikram Sambat) into AD(Anno Domini).

Nepali to English date converter tool helps you to convert out your preferred date from AD(Anno domini) to BS(Bikram) and BS(Sambat) to AD(Anno domini). It is also known as miti pariwartan in Nepali. This date converter is very important for us. You don't need to install or download any software or app. It works faster, better and accurate manner. It provides you with accurate data. It means it converts the exact date a gives the exact output. 

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Step 1

Select your prefered year, date, month to be converted.

Step 2

If you want to convert date from Nepali to English then select BS(Bikram Sambat) and enter the month, year, day or select AD(Anno Domini) if you want to convert date from English to Nepali.

Step 3

Click on the Button Convert

Step 4

Finally, your output is ready.

What Is AD(Anno Domini)?

Anno Domini(AD) means "in the year of lord" is medieval Latin. Moreover, it is used in Georgian calendars. According to Wikipedia anno domini dating system was devised in 525 by Dionysius Exiguus.

What Is BS(Bikram Sambat)?

BS(Bikram sambat) is often used as VS(Vikram sambat) is a historical Hindu calendar. It is the official calendar of Nepal.

What should you use this tool?

This tool is actually accurate and provides exact information according to the user's input. Moreover, it is free to use and very reliable.

What is Nepali to English date converter tool?

It is the tool that helps you out to convert English date into Nepali and Nepali date to English as well.

What is the importance of Nepali to English date converter tool?

Being a student I always find a problem converting my date of birth to fill out the form. It may be one of the advantages of Nepali to English date converter tool. Also, it may be useful for finding out historical dates and also for converting the date of visa passport etc.

What is this Nepali to English date converter tool best and why you should use this tool?

This tool is relevant and works 100% online and 100% accurate. It is very easy to use as you just have to select out to your preferred month day and year and just within a single click you will be able to get your answer.

Is there a simple way to use directly from the home screen of our cell phone?

Here is the simple solution, first of all, go to google and search Nepali to English date converter Samir then open it. Then you can see on top of the result. Then go inside the tool and at the right side top corner, there is three-dot. Click on the three dots, then you would get several results. Among them choose to add to the home screen and give it a name For eg Nepali To English date converter. From now onwards you don't have to follow the letheric process you are just one click away from Nepali to English Date Converter.


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