How to start affiliate marketing in Nepal?

How to start affiliate marketing in Nepal?

  Whenever we talk about affiliate marketing, our confusion starts increasing particularly in Nepal, so I have created this post for you guys providing information on affiliate marketing in Nepal. After reading this I assure you that your doubts will be clear.

How to start affiliate marketing in Nepal?(Ultimate guide)

Who does not dream of earning lakhs in a short time every day? If we know about best and simple ways by which you can earn money sitting at home then it would be boon for us. Affiliate marketing is also one of those.

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How to increase da pa of a website in Nepal?

Affiliate Marketing Beginners guide 

A lot of people spend time online and I am sure that you ate one of them. But have you thought that if you give only  25% of your time for online entertainment time to affiliate marketing seriously, then you can earn lakhs of rupees in no time, due to which your life will be better and happier?

Today I will talk to you on ways to go to affiliate marketing. and I always try to write a simple post so that a layman can also understand it. 

What is Affiliate Marketing? How to start affiliate marketing in Nepal?

How to earn money from affiliate marketing?

How easy is it to make money from it? 

Before I explain it to you, first of all, you need to understand the definition of it. In Affiliate Marketing, you need to choose a product as per your choice, promote or sell that product through online medium of any company or other personal person then we take to get our commission for selling it out.  When these online mediums sell or promote a product, there is a fixed commission for that product.

We Nepalese always think that we should have a passive or regular income source. But we don't know the proper way and we think that we do not have a connection to selling products. But I am giving you out the simple trick to build your online presence that is by blogging. If you create a blog and it comes in google's top-ranking and you have promoted your product there. Then there is a higher chance of generating revenue.

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What actually is Affilliate Marketing? How to start affiliate marketing in Nepal?

In Affiliate Marketing, the online retailer generates sales for their product through a referral URL and this referral URL is for generating traffic sales through other external websites. In this way, affiliate marketing companies pay a fixed commission to generate traffic sales to the external website.

This means that affiliate marketing is the most popular and powerful online tool through which many people earn money online through many mediums. Apart from this, many people are making their careers and earning thousands and millions by working online. If you establish it, then it is a source of  "Passive Income" for you and your income continues to rise wherever you are busy.

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Affiliate Marketing Business Model - Business Model

This is a kind of online marketing strategy in which the company adopts a business model for its product. You must have seen that eCommerce company advertise for their visitor or to increase their sales income. This happens in many ways and you get a commission from any website from which the reader or visitor purchases anything from their online store.

How to start up Affiliate Marketing?/How to start affiliate marketing in Nepal?

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money online, from which you can earn money by sitting at home or working from anywhere. In this, you earn a fixed commission by selling any company's product. By becoming an affiliate, you can sell the product or service of any company.
To start affiliate marketing, it is important to understand a few things so that you can become an affiliate.

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How to become an affiliate?/How to start affiliate marketing in Nepal?

An affiliate is a person who promotes and sells a product or service to people in different ways online. It another way affiliate is also known as an affiliate marketer. It is very important to keep some important things in your mind to become an affiliate.

1. Sale product or services - Sale or promote the product or services you know about. Because you are keeping that product for your visitors, so the more information you have. The visitor will buy on your product review.
The easiest way for this is to pick the lowest product of a product category. Which we also call the niche. For this, there are selected products or services and define buyers.

2. Develop a Website related to niche-
Before you become an affiliate, read a little Google research and product review, so that the questions and answers for your product will be found in a better way.

How to register domain?

How to buy web hosting?

Because most of the company asks for your website URL before making you affiliate through which you will tell their product or services. It all depends on your content writing that how you present a company product and many companies also check that you are not spoiling their reputation.

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How to build a Free website in Nepal?

3. Research Affiliate Company - 
With the help of Google search, you can join the affiliate program of good company and promote their niche product category.

How does Affiliate Marketing works? How to start affiliate marketing in Nepal?

Before joining affiliate programs, you must understand and study the affiliate company and affiliate brand. Make sure to read their terms & condition properly so that you do not have any problem in the future.

All the affiliate companies do business with you through an affiliate tracking link strategy, and this is also a perfect way in which commission of the product which you have sold through the link is tracked, and commission is paid to you. Understand how affiliate marketing works and on what basis payouts are exchanged.

Pay Per Click (PPC): This is the top-level way of selling a product in which the affiliate link is counted based on click and you get more money from all the visitors who refer to your website.

Pay Per Sale (PPS): In this, if any visitor refers to your website, if you purchase anything on the affiliate website, you get their commission.

Pay Per Lead (PPL): This method is used in which a visitor refers to your website and gives his contact information on the affiliate website, then you get his money.
While making an affiliate, make sure that what is payment terms & condition. Try to get associated with a trusted brand.

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How does Affiliate marketing Website works? How to start affiliate marketing in Nepal?

A lot of affiliate marketing websites will be found online. There are many types of products or services for which you can signup. I will tell you about some of the major and branded companies on which you can join and earn money.

Best Affiliate Marketing Website (International)


This is a great affiliate marketing website, you can signup on this and select any products according to your interest. So far the affiliate marketing website is the best payout to give you affiliate marketing.


Amazon Associate

You must know it as well. It is an international brand and you can join it with the help of the amazon affiliate program. You can sell by selecting the product of your interest.


This is also an affiliate marketing website. By signing up in the ShareASale affiliate program, you can join and earn money by an affiliate program.


Commission Junction:

 This brand is included in the list of affiliates, you can search in the name of CJ and you can signup and join in the CJ affiliate program.

Affiliate marketplace in Nepal(National) How to start affiliate marketing in Nepal?

1. Daraz :

 Daraz is one of the best largest company in Nepal. It is one of the popular selling websites. It is most popular among shop owner who can advertise their product free of cost and give some commission to them.
It is the most reliable selling platform in Nepal.

2. Sabko pasal:

 Sabko pasal is one of the best and I think the first affiliate program in Nepal. You would simply have to sign up for the affiliate program of sabkopasal and start out earning in national currency and have it on your new account.

3. Agmwebhosting

You can also search for hosting affiliate program. Among them, Agmhosting is one of them you can have sufficient earning from the affiliate program.

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing? How to start affiliate marketing in Nepal?

When you are thinking of making money in affiliate marketing, the biggest confusion is how we should start it and how to earn money.
I will try to eliminate your problem completely so that you can do affiliate marketing more efficiently.
First of all, go to the website that you have created, and provide the right information for your readers with quality content writing and remember do not do direct product sale. You should create a product category niche content of information and then recommend the product.

From the affiliate marketing company, you will get an affiliate link, link it with your content so that consumer can visit it directly from the link and will buy it if they like it.

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What is Trending Affiliate Marketing?

You must have understood from the heading that we are talking about trending affiliate marketing, in this, you have to pick the latest product, which is in the market trend, people are searching for that product the most and you can find all this in Google Trend.

There are also many segments like, from low price range product affiliate marketing to high price range product affiliate marketing.
You can make a sale by selecting your niche product category.

Low traffic affiliate marketing

As I have told in the above headline that you can also do affiliate marketing by selecting the product range. In the same way, while selecting the niche product or service category, you can check its web traffic.

For which you can consult with free seo tools and if you have Google AdWords, then it with help via google keyword planner to find keywords, you can see the low traffic keyword because the traffic and marketing strategies of big websites are different and they have very high competition. That's why you should promote affiliate on low traffic keyword so that your product gets rank quickly.

What is meant by terms and condition in Affiliate Marketing ?

Many people join affiliate programs online but no one read their terms & condition. Because you are working through affiliate websites, affiliate terms and condition become more important for you to know about.

You must read that marketing terms & condition so that you have a better knowledge of what to do and what not to do so that there is a problem with your payout or on the affiliate.

How to earn millions from Affiliate Marketing? How to start affiliate marketing in Nepal?

So far, whatever you have read, you must have been familiar with how do you make income from affiliate marketing, but are you still thinking of a passive income?

An income in which your hard work is once and profit is made again and again and you can earn more and more money. This is a bit difficult but not impossible, so let's understand that as well.

  • Select the best product.
  • Pick an Attractive Product.
  • Generate traffic source.
  • Access different websites through Google Adwords.
  • Access product in social media with the help of Facebook Ad
  • Focus on Attractive Target Audience to Affiliate Your Product
  • Check your affiliate product performance and also make changes.
  • Proper research to understand market needs.
  • Use your unique and innovative ideas.
  • Choose the right traffic website to achieve your user target.
  • Make your campaign.
  • Use different marketing campaign tools.

How to make passive income from affiliate marketing?

When you step into the affiliate market, you get to see good and healthy competition but you do not have to panic at all, be patient and follow these tips on your blog websites.

  • Keep posting quality content.
  • Work on website ranking.
  • Join online forums.
  • Join online webinars and events.
  • Attend seminar summit.
  • Meet some old bloggers.
  • Float your visiting card as much as possible.
  • Affiliate marketing video.

You can reach people by making a video of any affiliate product or service so that your users can be attracted and your product can be sold. Apart from this, you can also make promotional videos. You can also create an affiliate media kit.

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Affiliate marketing training?

You can create an affiliate marketing training kit and can tell your user through your website or affiliate marketing tool that the user's information can be collected.

By joining Affiliate Programs, you also get an affiliate training kit, by reading it, you can understand how you want to promote the product.

How to choose Affiliate marketing niche?

As I have told you before, choose a niche product, but how it happens. for instance, if you want to promote garments products, then you will get ladies, gents and kids in its category, now you will see gents from it. Let's do jeans for men, now just grab any brand or variety in jeans and work on it. In this way your niche product becomes ready.

Affiliate marketing with Amazon?

I have told in the above content that you will join affiliate marketing amazon and sell its product, for which you can do affiliate marketing in different ways and earn money.

Major terms used in affiliate marketing:- 

Affiliate: In this, you simply join an affiliate marketing company and promote a product to the visitor through your website or blog.

Affiliate Marketplace: You can also call it affiliate network and here you offer an affiliate program to sell many affiliate company products.

Affiliate ID: When you signup a company in the affiliate program, that company generates you an ID and password from which your registration is considered complete. It is called an affiliate ID. It is useful for you at the time of signing into it.

Affiliate Link: In this, you get a product code which is a URL which you have to put on your website and through this, the visitor is referred and taken to the affiliate website for purchasing, it is tracked by this link and that Sales are added to you.

Affiliate Commission: When your commission is generated, it is based on your affiliate link and ID which gives you transparency. There is a separate commission for each product, which you get as per the decision after-sales.

Affiliate Link Clocking: This is also a URL but is longer. Which can be shortened with the help of URL shortener.

Note that: While using Clickbank link do not forget to shorten it.

URL Shortner: It is used to shorten a large URL and to secure the identity of the URL. This makes the URL too short.

Affiliate Manager: These are meant to help affiliates so that any of your affiliate program related problems can be resolved. The Affiliate Manager is appointed by Affiliate Programs.

Payment Mode: In this, you are given some options such as cheque, wire transfer, PayPal etc. to take payment. Submit any of these which you have and the money will come to your account.

Payment Threshold: In this, affiliate programs set your initial amount for the first sale and when this minimum amount is reached, you get paid. This minimum holding amount is called the payment threshold.

Some factor to keep in mind while doing affiliate marketing.

In this, when you are at the new or intermediate level, then tends to do more mistake, so I want to tell you in a few points what are some sort of mistakes that beginner do:-

If you know what to do and what not to do in affiliate marketing to be successful then you are at the second level. If you do not know have a look at this:-

  • Choose the product and service you know.
  • Add your disclaimer page to the website.
  • After joining the affiliate program, you must use its link or else you will not get any benefit.
  • Be sure to track all the links on your website.
  • Do not use any link or banner overtime.
  • Do not put any kind of product banner other than your website's niche.
  • Use the code given by affiliate programs on your website without fearing that it will not harm you.
  • Do not place excessive banners or popups.
  • Place the link in the correct and relevant place.

Social media traffic

In today's time, social media platform is the perfect place to do affiliate marketing, it can be very beneficial for you because if you do not see the direct promotion of someone on social media, then working out as an affiliate is worthless.

Therefore, I will tell you some points of affiliate marketing on social media, so that you will be able to do easily so that your social media account will grow more.

  • Redirect affiliate link.
  • Focus on quality content.
  • Post your content.
  • Be sure to link to any product image.
  • Make your affiliate link shorter by URL shortener.
  • Always recommend high-quality product only.
  • Own with Affiliates Marketers.
  • Always be on board so that your user feels your presence.

Use of Social Media Channel.
You can also promote your affiliate product through social media channels as you have a billion users, so you will have more opportunities to earn money.
Here are some top social media to promote your product:-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Youtube
  • TikTok
  • Email Marketing:-This is a very good tool through which you can reach both your website and affiliate product to the direct user. If you attractively do email marketing, then you get a new customer for your business.
Paid Ad Network

You can also use reputed and branded paid advertisement website, by this you will be able to reach to a lot of people. You will just know which network would be suitable for you. Given below are the best-paid ad websites where you get a good number of users.

  • Google Adwords
  • Fb Ad

Thank you for reading this article "How to start affiliate marketing in Nepal?". Hope you guys find it informative. It there is any problem you can ask me in the comment section and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter.
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