What are backlinks? - Importance Of Backlinks

What are backlinks? - Importance Of Backlinks

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links from one website page  to other. It is also know as inbound links/ incoming links or  one way links. Google and other search engine consider it as a ranking factor. In other words search engine consider it as a "vote of trust". So the page with more relevant and high quality links tends to rank higher in search engine.

What are backlinks? - Importance Of Backlinks

Why are backlinks important?

As i have already said that backlinks are vote of trust. It tells search engine that your website is providing quality content and trustworthy. So that search engine will rank you higher in search result. Google has also said that backlinks are the ranking factor in search engine results. Now we are  going to discuss it deeply by parting it into three main things :-  

  • Organic Rankings :-  As search engine take backlinks as vote of confidence. The pages which have more backlinks from unique sites ranks higher than other for the relevant search query. Higher the backlinks from referring domains helps to rank higher increasing organic traffic to your site.

  • Discoverability:- If you get backlinks from popular pages then you website is more likely to be crawled by the search engine as crawler crawls popular site more faster and finds your there. It will also crawl your site out.

  • Traffic :- Backlink are given or created in order to provide essential information for users. So that it is clickable. So that the user can get easily redirected to the linked site. It is one of the way to get referral traffic from links.

What types of backlinks are valuable ? 

All the backlinks are not quality. So may be spam where as some may be authority. Here are top list that announces what types of backlinks are valuable :-

  • Relevancy of backlinks :- Relevancy of backlinks means category. For instance if you link gey backlink from site with same niche then it would be consider worthy than link from the niche from food site. So always try to create links from the relevant site. If you site is working on seo tips then try to connect with sites which are working for SEO's program.

  • Links from authority sites :- Link from authority site can help you to rank higher.  Most probably if you get links from the authority site then the link that they provides passes link juice of high authority site. So that google thinks that this website seems to be good so that google will up your rankings. Making high quality backlinks are hard but worthy. So try to make high quality backlink from authoritative site. One of the most effective way to build high quality is by guest posting.

  • Anchor text of link :- Anchor text that you insert why creating links matters a lot. So try to make links using your targeted keyword in anchor text. And a research have shown the relation between keyword-rich anchor text and higher rankings for  that keyword. But Don't overfocus one the keyword stuffing in achor text. It may harm your site. Now you may ask how recently google filtered websites using negative strategy to build links with the google penguin update.

  • Do follow links :-  As we all know that search engine ignores out the nofollow tag i.e. rel="nofollow". In simple nofollow links does not help in organic ranking. As we know that dofollow links passes link juice that is vote of trust to the linking site. It is very good link to start out with to build authority od your site whereas nofollow does not passes link juice. So that most of the bloggers focuses on making high quality dofollow links. But keeping the ratio in balance is necessary. As making tons of dofollow links only , google may find the site spam. 

  • Link from New domains :- Link from new domain has a lot more importance that thousands of  links from a single domain. If you got a link from a particular website. After that it continued to give you links are those links much powerful than the first one. It is better to make 10 links from 10 different website rather than creating 10 links from the same website. According to the study total number of sites linking to your site  has greater impact on ranking than total number of backlinks.

How to check backlinks of your site for free ?

This might be one of the questions in your mind. So let me answer it. You can check backlinks for free by the help of ahrefs site explorer and google search console. You might yell, ahrefs a paid tool man. But let me remind you ahrefs have recently announced that the site owner can have insight of their website for free of cost in their tool. It means you can check your backlinks, referring domains, TLD's (Top level domain) etc with the help of this tool. Also you can disavow tool in single click with the help of this tool. Second one is google search console where you can have free insight is backlinks in google search console. You can simply log in your search console account and click onto the link section where you can see list of backlinks that are linking to your site. Moreover it shows top linked page,top linking site, top linking text.

How to create high quality backlinks?

Here i have listed top genuine ways to create high quality backlinks :- 

  • Guest blogging :-  You can write high quality article and submit it to authority site and take authority backlinks from them. This is called guest blogging.

  • Broken link building :-  Broken link building strategy helps you to build high quality links from dead links. You just need to find broken links in other sites as suggest them to replace those links with your links.

  • The skyscraper technique :- In this method/technique you just have to find article with lots of links. And you just have to create article better than that  and request the owner to link with you instead.

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