How to rank new content faster? Nepal

How to rank new content faster? Nepal

Want to how to rank new content faster in google? Nepal. Then you are at the right place. Today i will provide complete info on how to rank new content faster on google in Nepal and some important steps you need to follow to rank your fresh content in google.

How to rank new content faster? Nepal

Ranking a content in google starts when you index your post out in the google search engine. When you index your site in google google will crawl every page of your site then  ranks your site according to the worth of the site. I mean it have an separate algorithm to rank content on google. Generally it takes 1-2 days to google to index your post in  search engine. But you can also do indexing faster by applying some sort of practice from which you are able to rank your site higher and more earlier in search engine. So I suggest you to have a look at the top ranking factors that may help your site to rank higher in order to have higher CTR and conversion for your site. 

Some of the best ranking factors of google are :- 

Top 10 google ranking factor that you should consider:- 

  • Your website should be secure(https).

  • Freshness.

  • Off page SEO (Backlinks).

  • Page speed.

  • Authority of  particular site.

  • Site should be mobile friendly.

  • Better user experience.

  • Content depth.

  • Search intent .

  • Accuracy of content.

Now moving towards our main concern  how to rank new content faster? Nepal.  Here are top ways by which you can rank your new content faster in google before that. You need to create xml sitemap of your site if you are using blogging then you can create or generate sitemap from and if you are using wordpress then go through yoast seo or rank math.  If would be easy for you. After creating sitemap save it on you xml section.Then you need to submit your site to google search console and verify your site in order to list your site in search console. After few days it will retrieve data from your site and gives you information that how well is your site working in search engine. After completing these steps you are ready to rank your new content faster in search console by following these methods:- 

  • Write High quality content which fulfills user query/ which matches with user expectations :- Try to write complete post by which user can get the complete information from your site, they didn't need to visit other site. Through which you can build trust among your audience and they frequently visits your site. Writing high quality content does not means to write content longer including unnecessary stuff. Write your content to the point and provide all sort of answer that users are willing to get from your site. You can also target to rank in the featured snippet so that you would get more exposure. You can use relevant keyword in your blog but i don't to do unnecessary keyword Stuffing it may damage reputation of your site. Now you might be thinking does writing longer content does not help in seo? Absolutely it helps, simply if you write longer article you can including more keyword and may rank higher. But writing longer content may disappoint your audiences. They may feel boring to read such a lengthy post so try to keep your content short and sweet.

  • Optimize your site speed :- Optimizing speed of your site is very much important as it determines whether your users stay on your page for sometime or bounce back from your site. So site speed is very important to engage your audiences with you.  To check speed of your site you can use either google pagespeed insight or gtmetrix. Also you can get several ways to improve speed of your site thereby. Remember that bounce rate may have negative impact on your site.

  • Use title and meta descriptions:- Usage of title and meta description plays an important role as it makes your audience to know what your article is about. And most of the users gets attracted with meta description. So it is the first impression for your audience. And as you know that  first impression is last impression so meta description and title must be created in order to attract eye of your targeted audience. Also don't forget to use your targeted keyword in title ans meta description of your article.

  • Add internal links :- Internal linking helps a user to navigate from one post to the other within the same site. Internal link are also the  factor of SEO. It helps in improving engagement rate of your audience which helps you to decrease bounce rate. Which send positive message to google that you have low bounce rate.

  • Optimization of permalink :- Optimization of permalink is necessary because it is the first thing that resembles what your content is about. I mean it denotes overall topic of the content. So you must optimize it efficiently including your targeted keyword in the permalink.

  • Utilization of social media :- Lastly expose your content out to larger audiences by sharing it in social media. It is one of the best way to rank your article in google. As some of you may know that google bot crawls search engines as well as other medias one of them may be twitter. When you tweet your url of the post via tweet google bots crawl through that which may help your content to rank faster in google. Not only this you can use social media as a means to grab larger number of audiences to your site. You can use social media platforms like :- Facebook, twitter, pinterest, LinkedIn, instagram etc. In order to rank your post faster and higher in google search engine 

Hope these points that I have listed above works for you and might have been able to rank your post faster and higher in search engine. If you find this article informative don't forget to share it with your friends and families.

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