How to promote blogs for free?- Nepal

How to promote blogs for free?- Nepal

Want to know 10 platforms to promote blog for free in Nepal? Obviously yes. This question arises in the mind of every beginner blogger who is always trying to increase traffic in their blog and promote their website in order to grow bigger than their competitors. Bloggers nowadays thinks that they a bit back than the bloggers who have reached to certain level and able to gain certain traffic to their site. And there are plenty of places where you can promote your blogs to increase your traffic but today we are going to talk about few best platforms where you could promote your blog for free without spending a penny. Hope this method works earn you and help to promote your blog.  Now let's head into our topic:- 

How to promote blogs for free?- Nepal

Top 10 best platform where you could promote your blogs for free :- 

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn 

  • Pinterest

  • Reddit

  • Email

  • Comment on relevant blogs

  • Join a blogging community 

  • Guest post

  • Quora

These all are the list of place where you could  promote your blog for free. Now let us discuss more on the topic. 

  • Facebook:- Facebook is one of the leading social media which allows you to share your daily life feelings. So why you shouldn't  be connected with this media and share your blogs with your targeted audiences? To share your stuff in facebook you just have to create your page and introduce your professional and build trust among your readers that you provide really good information. Build your professional facebook page and share your blog post in that and also you could join in other pages within your same ninche. For instance if you own a coffee  business and is planning to build your online empire starting out from facebook you created your page and visitors and coming to your pages. If you go to the similar pages within same niche like coffee  recipe then you could grab audiences from that page this is what I mean You can build your online empire with help of particular page and boost traffic from just a single  facebook page.

  • Twitter:- Twitter is another most used social media platform where millions of user tweet on the daily basis. So what not you? You can build your online appearance  with the help of twitter. It allows you to follow people and share your idea among them. These days most of the bloggers are present in the twitter as there is saying that crawler(google's bot) frequently visits twitter tweet and if you share you link to twitter it would get crawled and your post gets indexed faster in google. So you can just build a twitter account including each and every things that makes people follow you and get through your post and boost your traffic. Youjust have to share a picture with the link back to your site includong some of the motivating words then you would be able to gain enough traffic from the twitter.

  • Linkedln:- Linkedln is american business and employment oriented service which was launched  in 2003 woth the aim to build professional presence online. Linkedln helps you to build your blog or business to nest level. As more of the people engaged in linkedln aim to grow their business and career and are always keen to learn new things. So here comes your role you just have to fulfil their needs by simply creating a linkedln account and building trust among them and provide them useful information along with self promotion i.e promotion of your blog or website. 

  • Pinterest:- Pinterest is an american image sharing and social media service which was launced in 2010.  It is one of the best social media to share your blog images into pins and drive those traffic to your site. Researxh have shown that there is more possibilities of image to b shared on social media than written ones. So don't ever forget to place a image while sharing it into social media platforms. You can easily open a pinterest account and claim your website and could share image of your websote writting proper heading and description (optimization) so that more people would find your pins and whenever you share  pins in pinterest from your site there form a link to your site i.e. visit site from where users can easily navigate to your site. This us how you can drive traffic from pinterest.

  • Reddit :- Reddit is american social news sharing, content rating and discussion site. It allows you to discuss on different topic. Moreover you could promote you businesses  smarlty in  reddit. For instance you are owning a SEO company and willing to grab attention of the user then you would be joining different subreddit along with the subreddits in which people are more likely to talk about SEO and SEO related problem. Whenever you find the relevant post where you could promote your service their comes your role you should suggest the exact solution of the problem facing by the user in effective way and leave a link back to your site. From where you could drive traffic to your site.

  • Email :- Email is also beong a greta tool to do social media marketing nowadays. Many of the people are promoting their business by the means of email. For the you just have to set a feedburner subcribe buttons to your site. Whenever a new users come to your site and subscribe to your blog then they would get email of your blogs and there would be more engagement of returning visitor to your site. 

  • Comment on relevant blogs:- Commenting has become a way to grab traffic your site these days. For instance there is a well established site with millions of organic traffic visiting to their site per months. And if anybody writes content related to your niche and if the first comment is your's with a much details of the topic and link to your site. If your comment is much effective to grab attentio  of the readers then surely there would be flow of traffic to your blog from the site.  You can also comment in order to grab backlinks from authority sites. 

  • Joining a blogging community :- Joining a blogging communities  is a way to grab traffic to your site. When your become and up to dated member of a blogging community  and there are lots of peope who trust you then you cousl share your blog so that they could get benefot from it and you could get more expeoser. Id they like it and share then there is probability of more traffic to your site. Also you can collab with other bloggers and learn new methodologies to gain more traffic to your site.

  • Guest posting:- Guest posting may be one of the most effective way to build backlink and increase traffic. Many of the blogger use this technique to grab eyes of their targeted audience. For instance let us take an example of a site name medium which have millions of organic monthly traffic. Your post goes viral think what happens to you that day? Wait, wait don't desite that much but let's assume that you just got 0.01 % of traffic in a single day. It would be freat for you. It would help you to build your audience.

  • Quora :- Quora is one of the best social media discussion platfrom. It is QNA(Question and answer) site, where you could ask desire question and anyone is to free to give answer of the question. You could join different spaces in quora according to your niche. For example you niche is about fitness and meditation now you can join spaces like spritual meditation, vipassana meditation etc. After that you could simple give answer of the question and leave a link back to your site so that your readers to simply navigate to your site. 

Thank you guys for reading this post "How to promote blogs for free?- Nepal". Hope you guys find this article  informative. Don't forget to share this article in socila media with your friends and colleagues.

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