How to improve alexa rank? - Nepal

How to improve alexa rank? - Nepal

Want to know How to improve alexa rank? In Nepal. Genuinely, this might be one of the question in your mind. In this guide you would be learning about what is alexa ranking? How is alexa rank calculated? How does alexa get its data? How does the number of visitors to site affect the alexa rank? And lots of more question that you are trying to find answer of. Before that let us have insight of our site info in alexa rank checker. It shows the overall info of your site like Top keywords ( with search traffic and share of voice) , audience overlap (similar site with to your site with their alexa rank), overall rank of your site in world and rank of your site in particular country, then audience geography, site metric (including engagement  of user in your site in past 90 days, daily page view per visitors, daily time on site, bounce rate), Traffic source (search,social, referral  direct), lastly total number of sites linking to your site. Now lets dive into our topic.

How to improve alexa rank? - Nepal

What is alexa rank?

Alexa rank is estimated rank of your website relatively with rank of your competitor. Alexa rank estimates traffic comparing your site with other sites. Hence you alexa rank is not only estimated by your site's traffic but also with the number of increment of traffic is your competitors site.

How does alexa get its data?

Alexa has millions of  traffic data from people all over the world. Based on the data alexa estimates rank of any website in the internet.

How is alexa rank calculated?

Alexa rank is calculated by estimating number of traffic in website over past 3 months (It includes page view, number of visitors ). The site which has more pages views and number of visitors ranks #1 in alexa rank whereas the site which has combination of low number of visitors and low pages views ranks lower. This is how alexa rank is calculated.

How does the number of visitors to the site affect the alexa rank? 

The more number of visitors visits  to your site, the less  is your alexa rank and the less number of visitors visits to your site, more  will be your alexa rank. For instance let us take an example of and a newly opened site. Google ranks in #1 of alexa rank whereas the newly opened site ranks around 30 millions this is because of flow of more traffic to google compared to flow of traffic to newly opened site. This is how the number of visitors to the site affect the alexa rank.

Is the rank calculated by alexa worth?

Alexa just estimated the rank of your aire according to the flow of traffic in your site. So that it fluctuates time to time according to number of visitors in your site. If you want to have more accurate data of your site then you have to certify your site's metrics in alexa. 

How to improve alexa rank? 

This is one of the most asked questions by bloggers that how could I improve my alexa rank quickly. So today i am going to share some of my experience which show a raise in alexa rank of my site. Before some month I started my blog at that time i was not more concerned about alexa rank as time passes i came to know about to importance of alexa rank and I explored a lot of article and end up with a strategy to improve my alexa rank. Before alexa rank of my blog was 9999999 but after it reaches to 6383449. It was big achievement for me to grab this rank only in difference of 1 month. So today I am going to share those tactics with you so that you could increase you alexa rank.

How to improve alexa rank?- Nepal

Strategy to improve alexa rank:- 

  • Create high quality unique content. (Engaging content) :-  Creation of high quality content provides is important from readers point of view as they get some valuable information out there. They got new aspect to explore. So that they gets engage with your article, moreover starts to share you article leading to increment of traffic to your site. Hence ranking better than your competitors.

  • Link with similar sites :- Lunks with similar site helps you to build authority of your site as well as google would have more trust on you on the particular niche that your are targeting. So try to make external links with similar niche site which may help you to build authority as well as traffic to your site. As users can navigate through those links which you have attain from similar sites. Which would help you to increase number of audiences to your site which leads to improve alexa rank of your site.

  • Keyword research :- You might be thinking how can keyword research helps to improve alexa rank?. It's simple more the traffic in your site , more will be you alexa rank. Now here  is the key point to targeted you site for particular keyword, keyword research is necessary. So that you could drive more traffic to your site to improve alexa rank of your site.

  • Know your competitors strategies :- Knowing your competitors strategies may help you out to find potential keywords that you can target to get more traffic to your site. Also you can build your own winning strategy to have victory over competitors analysing their strategies of working and promoting their blogs. Also you can steal some of your competitors backlinks from where you can get referral traffic to your site. Increasing traffic to your site. Hence improving alexa rank of your site.

  • Improve SEO techniques :- Improvement of seo is very important to make your blog visible in search engine improving rank of your blog. Not only improving seo tactics helps you to engage audiences to your site, making a good user interface is necessary so that user would get satisfied by your service and may be one of your paying customer. Don't forget better user interface means more time spent on site which is one of the factor to calculate alexa rank. Hence leading to improvement of alexa rank.

For more information you can visit the official blog of alexa to get more info on how to improve alexa rank

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