7 Best backlink checker tools- Nepal

7 Best backlink checker tools- Nepal

Are you trying to find best free backlink checker tool?. You are at the right place today we are going to discuss about the 7 best free backlink checker tool. Before that let us discuss about :-

8 Best backlink checker tools- Nepal

What  backlink is? 

Backlink is a inbound links/incoming links created when a website links with other. Backlinks are one of the important factor of SEO. According to research, backlinks has been listed in the list of google ranking factor.

What are backlinks important? 

Backlinks are very valuable for every bloggers to rank their site higher in the search results. It is one of the ranking factor for google. It  is taken as vote of confidence by google as uses it while ranking website in google. The more you have vote of confidences from authority website, the more you will rank higher in search engine. Moreover backlinks have positive impact in site's rank as well as online visibility.

What are the ways to earn backlinks?

Here are some top ways by which you can earn backlinks for your site recommended by entrepreneurs :- 

  1. Broken-link building method.

  2. Backlinks through infographics.

  3. Guest posting.

  4. Keep your eyes on competitors and their backlinks.

  5. Build internal links.

  6. Write testimonials.

How does backlinks works? -Types of backlinks

Backlinks plays an important role in ranking better in search engine. Let takes us an example, if there is person A and B. A have a website related to the sports news as well as B have website with the same niche. Now the would provide link for each other so that both of them would get benefit of it. Moreover they could exchange traffic as well which later on they convert to paying customer. After knowing how backlinks works now it time to know types of backlinks and their importance. 

Types of backlinks :- 

  • Dofollow backlink :- Do follow backlinks are those backlinks which passes link juice to the site they have been linked to.  Generally do follow backlinks do not contain attribute of rel="nofollow". For example <a href="https://www.adhikarisamir.com.np">

  • Nofollow backlink :- Nofollow backlinks are those backlinks which does not passes link juice through it. Generally nofollow link contains attribute of rel="nofollow". For example <a href="https://www.adhikarisamir.com.np" rel ="nofollow">

7 Best free backlink checker tool

  1. Ahrefs free backlink checker.

  2. Semrush.

  3. Linkminer.

  4. Moz link explorer.

  5. The hoth.

  6. Ubersuggest.

  7. Open link profiler.

Hope you find the list good. Now let's have a detail insight on the above presented.

  1. Ahrefs free backlink checker:- Basically ahrefs is a paid tool but it provides some of the services for free. Among those free service ahrefs free backlink checker tool is free to use. You can check backlinks of your site in ahrefs free backlinks checher tool  for free. You have overview of domain rating , url rating, total number of backlinks, referring domain,top  100 backlinks, top 5 anchors, top 4 pages along with referring page,dr,ur, referring domain, traffic , anchor and backlink from the site which you have ben linked with. Ahrefs provide 7 days trail for 7$ after that you have to pay 99$ per month if you pay amount in interval of 1 months whereas it cost 82$ per month if paid for whole year.

  2. Semrush:- Semrush is one of the best tool to check backlinks. First you need to register to semrush and log into it in order to have list of backlinks in domain overview section of semrush. Thereby you could see backlinks, referring page title, referring page url, anchor text/link url, anchor text, referring domains, indexed pages as well as referring ips. To check your backlink status in semrush you can go through semrush domain overview section. Moreover you can created backlinks with the help of semrush tool. Semrust cost from 99.95$ per months and if you pay the amount for whole year it cost 83.28 per month.

  3. Linkminer:- Link miner backlink checker tool is one of the best backlink checker tool from mangools designed to mine backlinks from a particular url that you have search off. It shows all the list of backlinks distributing it by nofollow,dofollow, deleted, new and lost. Let me remind you that it is a paid tool and it cost 29$ per month after providing trial for 10 days for free.  You can use linkminer backlink checker tool for tracking record of your backlinks.

  4. Moz link explorer:- Moz link explorer helps you to explores you backlinks out. In this tool you could analyze your domain. Then the output is ready, ut shows the list of domains you are linked with, subdomain as well as exact page. It shows the list of backlinks you have lost as well as gained in some interval of time. Moz pro cost 99$ per months. But if you cleared whole amount of a year it cost on 79$ per months. Let me remind you that you  would get 30 day free trial to use this tool.  This amount is  not only for backlinks checker but for all those seo tool found in moz pro.

  5. The hoth:- Hoth provides free service to check backlinks for free. All you have to do is go for hoth free backlink checker tool and just enter domain of your site and press on view backlink report. Then it will show all the list of total external backlink,total referring domain,dofollow backlinks, referring ips lastly list of url from where you get backlinks to your site. Lastly if you want to check backlinks of your site for free then it is good for you.

  6. Ubersuggest:- Ubersuggest is one of the best tool to check out the history or list of backlinks.  It shows out the domain score, backlinks, referring domains,organic monthly traffic and list of url link with your site.  You can check your site backlinks in ubbersuggest.

  7. Openlink profiler:- To check your backlinks in openlink profiler first of all head into openlink profile backlink checker tool  then paste your site address and the click to get backlink data. It shows data of unique domains, links to your homepage,trusted links,link influence score. Also you can gilter links according to your need. And remember it is a free tool to use.

Thank you for reading this. Hope you guys find this article informative. If you find this article ingormative don't forget to share thiz with your friend and colleagues.

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