Top 20 Small Business Ideas (Low Investment) - Nepal

Top 20 Small Business Ideas (Low Investment) - Nepal

Want to start a small business with low investment? Your genuine answers would be yes, of course.

Today I will be providing is top 20 small business idea that you can start up even with less investment. Before moving toward those parts let us have knowledge of its present status in Nepal and how some people are moving towards the way of success. First of all, what is a small business? Small business is a business generally owned by a  corporate, partnership which generally has less amount of employee. Amount of investment differs from country to country and person to person. Some invest more whereas some start building business in a small amount.  If you want to have detail information on business then visit Wikipedia. Some get succeed whereas some get failure. Let's start out with some top list that may help you to start out your journey.

Top 19  Small Business Ideas (Low  Investment) - Nepal

List of 20 small business ideas (Low investment) - Nepal 2020

  • Blogging - Small Business Ideas
  • Digital Marketing - Small Business Ideas
  • Vlogging - Small Business Ideas
  • Youtube Channel - Small Business Ideas
  • Online teaching - Small Business Ideas
  • Affiliate marketer - Small Business Ideas
  • Content Writer  - Small Business Ideas
  • Social media influencer - Small Business Ideas
  • SEO Expert - Small Business Ideas
  • Graphics Designing - Small Business Ideas
  • Web Development - Small Business Ideas
  • Photographer - Small Business Ideas
  • Share  - Small Business Ideas
  • It company - Small Business Ideas
  • Video Editor - Small Business Ideas
  • Translator - Small Business Ideas
  • E-commerce  Business - Small Business Ideas
  • Real state agent - Small Business Ideas
  • App Development - Small Business Ideas

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First, I want to make sure a thing that we Nepalese are facing a lot of problem at this pandemic time. The virus is spreading all around rapidly so I  have taken this situation as an example and problem for you and has made a separate list of a business idea for you which you can do from home and which you have to get into the field.

  1. Blogging:- Blogging is one of the best opportunity for generating passive income for you. I think blogging may be one of the best options for you to set up yourself for online presence and Also blogging can help you to build your business and flourish it. Let's go to the investment part, you don't need to spend much on starting up your own site. You need to buy a TLD and hosting. If you are to build your online presence in Nepal then you can register free domain. But you need to pay for hosting. If you are interested in blogging and want to know to blog then read this article how to start a blog in Nepal. In this article, I have also presented a freeway for you to start a  blog without spending a penny from your pocket. Pros and cons of starting up a blog in free as well as a paid platform. There are a lot of platforms but mostly we use two best platforms. Blogger:- Blogger is a free platform where we can start up our blog free of cost with subdomain It is now the property of Google and googles manages all its data. Another is  WordPress:- WordPress is a paid platform where we need to invest a little amount of money to buy domain and hosting. If you are a beginner I would suggest you go with blogger after some time gathering experiences you can shift out to WordPress.
  2. Digital Marketing:- At this time most of the people are trying to reach out to more audiences and most of the business is willing to invest 1000 of dollars in marketing their brand and build their online presence and promote their sales online. In this case, you can be the marketing head of their company or organization. Either you can establish your own marketing company and accept work and complete them out and get paid. Now moving toward the investment part, you just need to invest for your education. You need to gain knowledge and qualification that is needed in a new Digital Marketer. After gaining the knowledge you can apply as a digital marketer to a reputed company and build your background than can start up your own marketing agency.
  3. Vlogging:- Vloggers generally means posting short videos. Vlogging is getting more popular are blogging moreover people are ore engaging in vlogging as people don't want to read more rather than they love to listen. Vlogging is generally done to provide some information to the viewers for that you will get paid to. In both vlogging and blogging, hard work is needed, moreover, you should have an attitude to wait. Because you cannot get success without investing time and efforts. You do not have to spend a penny to start up vlogging. You can follow out some of the top bloggers so that you can learn some tactics and tips to improve your blogging skills.
  4. Youtube Channel:- Youtube is the best source of income for YouTubers. Youtube is not growing rapidly with the increment in population demand of mobile phones are increasing and youtube is also growing rapidly. Viewers are also increasing rapidly. Youtube channel is free to start and you can monetize your youtube channel to earn money. There are a lot of YouTubers who have stepped from zero levels to the top level. You take them as a role model and head into making a youtube channel.
  5. Online teaching:- Lots of online academies are available where you can sign up as a teacher and start teaching students. You can sell your courses online. Udemy, Coursera, skillshare are some of those sources where you can make money online as a tutor. If you are a teacher then it may be the best option for you to earn money online.
  6. Affiliate marketer:- Affiliate marketer means a person who promotes other product and takes a commission for every sale. Affiliate marketing is now on the starting point in Nepal if you can start up in today you will get more opportunities. If you are a startup and trying to target an international audience the ClickBank is best for you as it provides 70% commission for every sale that you would make. Not only this you can also earn money from an affiliate in Nepal. You can start out with some of these affiliate programs in Nepal: Sabkopasal, AGM Webhosting and many more affiliate program. 
  7. Content Writer:- Be a  content writer is the best option you can choose-out. At this time lots of freelancers are providing service of content writing and earning a lot. For being a content writer you need to be qualified in some of the aspects like:- Need to be fluent in English, Writing skills, optional (SEO tactics). If you grab out knowledge in the field of SEO then it would be beneficial for you as you would get more orders.
  8. Social media influencer:- At this time social media influencer are getting more exposure in social media are earning a lot providing services and getting paid for it. So that lots of qualities are required to be a qualified social influencer. Your communication skill should be of high level, (confidence ).
  9. SEO Expert:-SEO expert has high demand in the market at this time lots of companies are competing with each other to get higher rank in search engine and get more sales for them so that demand of  SEO specialist is high at this time. For being a professional SEO expert you must take dedicated training for it. After being an SEO specialist you can open your own company or either can provide service in freelancing sites like Fiverr, freelancer, truelancer.
  10. Graphics Designing:- Graphic designer is a person who designs or combines text, colour, typography etc. For being a professional graphic designer you can take out a course for the graphical designer and get into the profession.  After having knowledge of graphic designing you can recruit some of the graphics designers and start your own business.
  11. Web Development:- Web developers are hired to develop a certain website or webpage for an organization. To be a web developer you can do a certified course and first collect some experience than can startup own business or a company. Either you can create a professional website and sale to the customer.
  12. Photographer:- A person who clicks photo especially as a profession is known as a photographer. If you don't know let me explain that you can earn money online selling photographs. You can sell you photograph online in a platform like Shutterstock by which you can earn money online.
  13. Share:- I am not much engaged in share market but it is one of the best ideas to flourish your business out. You need to know some best strategies to invest in share market.  You could find Some of them out in Investopedia.
  14. IT company:- IF you are thinking of starting up a company then the IT company would be best for you. You might as why do you think IT company is best? Here is my answer, at this time technology is increasing rapidly and many companies have been established to sell their product and service. Analyzing this data lots of opportunities are seen in this sector, I recommended this for you.
  15. Video Editing:- Video editing may be the best option for you as it has high demand at this present time. Companies will be willing to pay 1000 of dollars for just editing and making quality videos for them. For this, you just need to take a simple training for video editing.
  16. Translator:- If you are skilled and know more than one language then this opportunity is the best sites for you. You can easily earn 4-5 dollars by just translating language. Some of the also provides this service. You can join them out and simply translate the language and get paid for it. You can join transcribe me as a translator.
  17. E-commerce  Business:-  I think that e-commerce business would be the most popular business in the upcoming years. AT this time e-commerce business is in emerging state and lots of people are engaging in this field by seeing an opportunity in the field. You can also have an e-commerce site to increase your sales.
  18. Real state agent:- Mediator plays an important role in every place and every aspect. As a real state agent, you can be a mediator the one who is liable to sale and person who is liable to buy and take out commission from both the parties.
  19. App Development:- App development maybe another most important job you can do out. You can make your own app and sell it. Either you can design App for the company. At this time you don't need to have knowledge of coding to develop an app. App geyser provides service by which you can create a with coding for free. Also, you can place it in play store and run ads on it so that you can earn for ads.

      20. Freelancing

Thank you guys for reading. Hope you guys find this informative. If you have any question then you can find me in the comment section.


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