Blogger Vs Wordpress Which Is Best For You?

Blogger Vs Wordpress Which Is Best For You?

There are many platforms for blogging, where you can easily manage your blog and content.  But the question arises which blogging platform is right for you Blogger vs WordPressVs GitHub. These are not just two popular platforms, but many more.  We cannot discuss all of the above-presented blogging platforms, but we will talk about 2 popular blogging platforms, that is  WordPress and Blogger.  Many bloggers initially use Blogspot and then later shift to WordPress.  This does not mean that Blogspot is not good.  Even nowadays, there are many popular blogs, which exist in blogger platform.

Blogger Vs Wordpress Which Is Best For You?

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   There are 2 versions of WordPress;  One is and the other is  One is free other is paid (we have to get paid hosting from hostinger, GoDaddy, a2 hosting etc). Today, we will talk about the self-hosted WordPress blog in this post.  So let's dive into it, which blogging platform is better either Blogger or WordPress.

  Major points you should think before starting your own website are given below. You are the one to make a decision to think and take the decision clearly. Here is a quick comparison of Blogger vs WordPress.

   1. Proprietorship
   2. Control(Authority)
   3. Impression
   4. Security
   5. Transfer
   6. Update
   7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
   8. What one is the best Blogger vs. WordPress better?
   9. Last words

Proprietorship - Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger was launched by a company called Pyra Labs and was bought by Google in 2003 which is coded in python. It was launched in 1999 august 33.  If you have a Gmail or Google account you can simply log in to blogger and can start to create a blog on a subdomain. You can create 1000 of blogs in one account. All the scripts and data are stored in Google so that we cannot get access to those data in the server. So that we cannot have access to our data and google have full authority to remove our blog anytime.
   In Self Hosted WordPress site you have to set up hosting and you are the one who has full authority to your site you are the boss. You can activate service whenever you want and place your blogs wherever you want.  You will have the sole authority of your data and changes whenever you want.

  Control - Blogger Vs WordPress

As I have cleared you that you do not have overall control of your blog. Blogger has just a simple dashboard to manage blog post, pages, page view etc. It is not possible for you out to change the entire layout according to your wish and you don't have that sole authority to maintain your blog.
Whereas  WordPress is open-source software.  It means that you can modify your program and codes according to your wish and can change anything at any time for your convenience. If you want to create a website for your business or company, you can easily create it through WordPress. has many plugins, which is very beneficial for your blog to manage everything. If you use those plugins it is very much easier for you to maintain your blog and you don't need much knowledge on coding or you can say that you don't need to even know about coding.

Impression - Blogger Vs WordPress

I think the reading topic you are a bit confused doesn't be confused I am just talking about the template that you use in your blog post or website.  The template is the thing that can setup mindset for your user that this site is legit. There is a saying first impression is the last impression. If the quality of your templates is good looking then people are interested in spending more time and returning back to the site while surfing on the web. Moving toward Blogspot, you can download lots of template from the web but you cannot customize it according to your need or wish. If you search for the template you can find both free and premium version of the template but those are of low quality and you don't feel of using a premium template as a premium member.

There are many free and premium templates available for WordPress blog or website. For eg generate press, Astra and many more. You can use those theme to make a premium look of your website and they are of good quality. You can customize all according to your needs. If you use the free version, there are some limitations but, if you are using the premium version, then it may be very easy for you to customize according to your need and you would have a feeling of using a premium template.

Security - Blogger Vs WordPress

Google is the best search engine in the world and the Blogger platform is hosted in googles server so definitely it would be highly secured.  If you are planning to open a Blogspot domain then also it is very secure, no one will be able to take access of your blog easily. And the most important thing is that googles server can handle a lot of user at a time which means that you would never have to face the problem of the server being down.

WordPress is also highly secured,  but as you know that we are it's the owner so that we have to take care and manage security from time to time.  If you are hosting in the cheaper price and you hosting is neither too strong your hosting could not support more visitors to your site so that server may be down. So, you have to buy a powerful server for that. There are many WordPress plugins available, which protect your blog from other access and also helps in keeping your blog safer.

   Transfer - Blogger Vs WordPress

In Blogger,  it is possible to transfer your website to another platform, Blogger provides the facility for export, but it cannot be easily placed in another platform as before.  This may affect your organic ranking and organic visitors badly.

   You can easily move WordPress to another hosting or another platform.

Note: At the present time you can switch your blogger site to WordPress site by importing the whole site to  WordPress.

   Update - Blogger Vs WordPress

The Blogger lags far behind in introducing out new updates.  Sometimes new features are added to it, which is negligible as compared to the WordPress site as WordPress site is updated several time a year.  Google has discontinued many of its products over the years, so there is no guarantee that it will not discontinue Blogger in the future.

As I have already said that WordPress is open-source software. It does not depend on any company or developer.  It keeps on introducing new updates several times a year.  If you wish to update it then you can do it but remember of taking backup of your data. Doing quick comparison much more company had been independent with WordPress website rather than a blogger.

   SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Blogger Vs WordPress

   Bloggers have become a bit better in terms of SEO.  But not so much that you can fulfil all your needs and do much efficient SEO as you wish or as it should be to rank higher and for more keyword.

   WordPress is SEO friendly and has many free and premium plugins, with the help of which you can easily improve the SEO of your blog.  WP is the best in terms of SEO. You can use either rank math or Yoast SEO to optimize your blog for SEO.

Blogger vs WordPress which one is better?

I hope you guys are clear with which platform is best for you to go with. I think that both platforms are right in their place.  But you are the one to decide what will work for you and whatnot.

I am using blogger site at this time nut planning to move to WordPress. So that I am making some planning to transfer it from Blogger to WordPress.  If you don't know anything about blogging, how to do it, then Blogspot is right for you because you do not have to spend a single dollars in it and you don't need to be a professional to start a free blog in blogger.  While blogging, you can register in and test to see how it works.

   In blogger vs WordPress, according to me, WP is the best for blogs, but if you are serious about blogging. If you want to learn to blog and is a beginner in this field then, the blogger platform is right for you as you get enough time to know what works and what not.


Hope you guys like this post blogger vs WordPress. This might be helpful for you in choosing the right blogging platform.  However, if you have any doubt and question regarding the topic you are free to ask me below in the comment section.

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