30 Best Free SEO Tool - Nepal

30 Best Free SEO Tool - Nepal

Do you want to know the best free SEO tool that would help you to increase traffic? Are you trying to find Best free SEO tool for you to grow your business?  Obviously, your answer is yes. So, considering this problem I have come up with 30 best free tool that helps you to optimize your site. So today we are going to discuss on the topic. In this post, I have used ahrefs technic and have category  SEO tools in a different category.

30 Best Free SEO Tool - Nepal


  1. Keyword Research Tools - Best Free SEO Tool
  2. On-page And Off-page SEO Tools - Best Free SEO Tool
  3. Link Building Tools - Best Free SEO Tool
  4. Technical SEO Tools - Best Free SEO Tool
  5. Rank Checking Tools - Best Free SEO Tool
  6. Analytics Tools - Best Free SEO Tool
  7. Local SEO Tools - Best Free SEO Tool
  8. Other Tools - Best Free SEO Tool

Here is the list of detail tools that fall under each and every category. 

1. Keyword Research Tool

  • Answer The Public:- Answer the public is a tool that helps you to generate keywords. It generates output as a question, applying preposition, comparisons, related, alphabetical in a diagram format so that it is easy for us to read it easily.
  • Google Keyword Planner:-Google keyword planner helps you to find keywords based on your query as well as it suggests related keywords also. Moreover, it shows the monthly search volume, competition and many more. This is the best free tool to do keyword research. You can setup of ads group if you want to promote your business in google an show up your ads and generate more traffic to your site. Google keyword planner also shows total bid range for high to low as well as ads impression share.
  • Google Trends:-Google trends allow you to search trend of any keyword in a certain period of time. Moreover, it gives detail information on how those keywords are being searched on google in a certain period of time in a certain territory. In google trends, you can search over 1000 of query for free. It gives the output of your query in the form of a graph. Moreover, it shows details information on interest over time, interest by subregion, related topic and queries. You can select a time period, category and web search.
  • Keyworddit:- Keyworddit is a keyword research tool that generates keyword from Reddit. It collects keyword from comment, subreddits and provides us with a perfect data of keyword. You can also export those data and have an overview in context.
  • Keyword Surfer:- Keyword surfer is a keyword suggestion tool. Moreover, it is a chrome web extension. You can pin keyword surfer in your chrome so that whenever you searched for the query you would get suggested results along with its volume and CPC.

2. On-page and off-page  SEO tool

  • Rank math:- Rank math is an SEO tool that helps you to optimise your blog. It provides detail information about what you have not optimized your content for etc.
  • Moz bar:- Moz Bar is an SEO toolbar which shows domain authority, page authority, the spam score of a site. It is free to use you just have to pin extension in your chrome.
  • Semrush:-Semrush is an SEO tool that helps you to check all sort of on-page and off-page SEO activities on your site. It provides site report for free for up to one domain so if you want to have more domain and want to check the SEO status of all the domain then you should buy the premium version. Not only this you can also do keyword research and many more activities with the tool.
  • Seraphim:- Serpism helps you to generate keywords from a particular URL. If you are to check over competitors then this may help you a lot to fetch results.
  • Seoability:- Seoability helps you to generate a report of your site including an on-page report as well as off-page SEO report. After generating reports you can improve SEo status of your site.
  • Google's Rich Results Test: Google's rich results test helps you to test whether your page is eligible for rich results or not.
  • Ahrefs SEO Toolbar:-Ahrefs SEO toolbar helps you out to analysis overall site with simple bar. It helps us by displaying search volume, clicks, Kd and global search volume and also UR, backlinks, DR, Keyword and many so it is easy for us to know difficult is the keywords we were trying to rank for.
  • Woorank's SEO And Website Analysis Tool:- Woorank's SEO analysis tool is an SEO tool which generates overall status of the site along with a title, meta description, backlinks status rank and many more status of the particular site.
  • Ubbersuggest:- Ubbersuggets is ultimate and free SEO tool to analyze your webpage. You can simply analyze the domain and wait for the results. It shows out the list of the problem in your site with a solution to solve them out.

3. Link building tool

  • Ahrefs Backlink checker: Ahrefs provides free backlink checker tool that makes us easy to find competitors backlinks and steal it. Personally, I use this technique to rank better than my competitors.
  • Hunter.io:- Hunter.io helps you to find the email address of the particular domain that you have entered out. It generates a report after finding an email address from a particular site. It is very easy for us to contact the admin of the site for a guest post for the message of collaboration. This tool may be one of the useful tools for you.
  • HARO(Help a Reporter)- Haro is a platform where you can adjust with two different posts either you can be a journalist or you can be a source. By this lots of people make high-quality backlink from authority blog.

4. Technical SEO tools

  • Google search console:- Google search console was previously known as google webmaster tool is one is a free service from Google. It allows you to submit sitemap, URL and index it in search engine. It helps you to solve technical seo error, breadcrumbs error, structured data error and much more.
  • Cloudflare:- Cloudflare is one of best tool providing lots of services to the consumer including some of the free services. It helps you to increase site speed and as well as secure your site from harmful attacks.
  • GT Metrix:- GT Metrix is a page speed checker like page speed insight which helps you to check out the speed of your site and shows the metrics in which you have to work out to make your site load faster.
  • Google's mobile-friendly test:-  Google's mobile-friendly test ensure you whether your page is mobile-friendly or not. It refers to whether your site is easy to use in mobile or not. It usually shows whether the teat is readable or not, compatibility of plugins and many more.
  • Chrome Dev Tools:- Chrome dev tool helps you to find and fix serious programming error. It helps to find whether a page has any issue and helps you to improve web page rendering performance and much more.
5. Rank checking tool

  • Ahrefs'  SERP checker:- If you have combined your domain with ahrefs then you have the option of ahrefs SERP results from where you can see the overview of google page along with your page in SERP.
  • Mobile SERP Test:-  Mobile SRRP test allows you to see your site mobile ranking in a different location and with a different device. It allows you to search your mobile ranking according to zipping, address, state etc.
  • Alexa rank checker:- Alexa rank checker tools help you to find the rank of your site. Alexa estimate rank of your site in your particular country as well as worldwide.

6. Analytics tool

  • Google Analytics:- Google analytics shows the actual data of visitors that visit your site along with lots of details including which country are the visitors from, engagement time, landing page and many more. 
  • Google data studio:- Google data studio helps you to create interactive reports and dashboard. It merges data from google analytics and googles search console etc.

7. Local SEO tool

  • Google my business:- Google my business helps you to manage your business at the local level and how it appears in google search and maps.

8. Other Tool 

  • Way back machine:- Way back machine helps us to have a view of the site at the past time. For the process of backlink building, it is much helpful to replicate it in your site and make high-quality backlinks.
  • Google Alerts:- Google alerts lets you monitor and mention your brand and business online. You can also use it to monitor your competitors.
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