How to write SEO friendly article in Nepal?

How to write SEO friendly article in Nepal?

Want to know how to write SEO friendly article in Nepal? You are heading out to the written article. Before moving towards the main topic let us have more insight on why blogs are important and how it works? Blogs are one of the most effective ways to build an online presence of an individual or a company. To grab traffic to your site and increase user engagement to your site, you must use some SEO(Search Engine Optimization) tactics to rank higher in search engine like google, bing etc. And your aim should be providing useful information to the users and also in the eye of search engines. So today we are going to talk about some ways to write SEO friendly article in Nepal?.

How to write SEO friendly article in Nepal?

Top 11 ways to write SEO friendly article in Nepal:- 

  1. Determine a  purpose.

  2. Target audience.

  3.  Perform Keyword research.

  4. Choose a proper title for your blog.

  5. Keyword placement.

  6. Structure of your content.

  7. Add internal and external links.

  8. Optimize meta title and description.

  9. Alt text.

  10. Optimize your Url.

  11. Promote your blog on social media.

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These are the top list of ingredients that you must include in your article to make it SEO friendly and to optimize your article for search engine. So let us have more insight on the given points and make our topic more clear.

  1. Determine a purpose:-  Determining a purpose is a crucial step. If you have an idea to create an effective blog, but without setting the purpose of your blog it is meaningless. You must know either you are providing information to your targeted audience or you are doing the promotion of a  product. During this process, you must place yourself in place of your readers and should determine what they like so that you could provide better information to your readers.

  2. Targeted audience:- Your must be aware of your targeted audience to provide effective information according to the geolocation. So that you must provide quality information to your audience and take the feedback from them. So that you could determine whether your targeted country good for you and your readers.

  3. Perform keyword research:- Now you should do keyword research on your niche. Note that you should always target keywords which have high monthly searches, high CPC and low competition. To do keyword research you need the help of some tool like google keyword planner, ahrefs, semrush,, hoth etc. You can also use google trends to have more insight into traffic flow in a keyword. 

  4. Choose a proper title for your blog:- You have successfully done the keyword research. Now it's time to write seo friendly blog post. So the first step is to write a blog title. You should choose a title smartly so that you could generate some leads (traffic) to your site. You should select title optimizing for search engines targeting your keywords in the title. For example,  If you are about to write a blog post on topic how to start blogging in Nepal but someone suggests you do keyword research from that research you find that how to start a blog has more search traffic than how to start blogging in Nepal. This is why it makes a lot of difference for your site. So don't forget to optimize your site title.

  5. Keyword placement in Content:-  Keyword placement plays an important role while determining your keywords by a search engine. So you must trigger the search engine to rank your post on the particular keyword. For instance, I have used the title to rank, how to write SEO friendly article in Nepal? At the beginning of the post and title of the post and in the middle of the post as well as at the end of the content. Also, don't forget to set keyword density from1-2 percentage to avoid over-optimization of your keyword.

  6. Structure of your content:- Make your article more readable by separating articles into different headings subheadings. You can use h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 etc to separate headings. To optimize your article for crawlers, you can add h1 and h2. H1 is generally used as the header of the post and then h2 is used as a subheading. You can just change subheading settings in the font section and choose heading according to your need. If you use heading then it would ve easy to optimize your post for a featured snippet. A featured snippet is a search result that is highlighted in top of search result. So that you have to maintain the structure of your article.

  7. Add internal and external link:-  You have completed your article optimizing other than links. Links are taken as the major ranking factors. Internal linking helps you to improve user experience and increasing user engagement. These internal linking helps the user to navigate from one page to other and external links helps the user to navigate to the pages with relevant information about the topic. When adding external links to your site don't forget to check that whether your site is linking to the spammy site or not. Be sure to check the authority of the site as links for the trusted site may help you to rank higher in search engine.

  8. Optimize meta title and description:- Optimization of the meta title and description is essential for every writer to rank their blog is a higher position in the particular keyword. The meta title is a direct ranking factor of google where as meta description is an indirect factor of ranking.

  9. Alt-text:- Alt text is the text that you insert in the image to make crawler understand what the image is about. As crawler cannot view image so instead it takes alt text. It helps crawlers to know what the image is trying to reflect through images. You can use your targeted keyword in the alt text to optimize it for search engine.

  10. Optimize your permalink:- Optimization of permalink is necessary as it must be SEO friendly, relevant and include your keywords in which you are trying to rank through your blog. For eg you are writing an article on the topic "cupcakes best for children " then you can take this permalink"" than " best for 10 years old children". So don't forget to optimize your article's permalink.

  11. Promote your blogs in social media:- Before promoting your blogs directly om social media you must build your online presence and build trust among your users that you provide them with useful information. After this, you can freely promote your blogs on social media. There are different social media platform in which you can share your article like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, mix, Instagram etc.

Thank you for reading this article "How to write SEO friendly article in Nepal?". Hope you guys find this article informative and don't forget to share it on social media.


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You can also take reference for this article.

How to write SEO friendly article for your blog?. Is this the question you are thinking of? Absolutely yes because you are here to read the article and I assure you that after reading this article you would be able to write SEO friendly article. First of all, let us about the background of SEO. I am quite sure that you might have some knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. If no listen carefully, SEO helps us out in organic ranking in search engine which leads to more traffic in our site. So let's jump into our topic here are some of the silly things that you might be missing out while optimizing your article.

5 Simple Tips To Write SEO Friendly Article For Your Blog Post

Top Ways To Write SEO Friendly Article:-

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Placement of Keyword
  3. Make high-quality Backlinks
  4. Optimize Images You Place out in article
  5. Take the help of Google Adword 

1. Keyword Research

Before starting writing on any topic. You must select a topic that is beneficial for you that comes under your niche. So that keyword research is vital for you. I would like to recommend google keyword planner for the keyword research. Now, there might be a question on how to use google keyword planner? It is quite simple you can follow this simple step:-

  • Register
  • Sign in
  • Then you can see discover new keyword option click on that.
  • Now, search out your targeted content.

Now, you would a lot of suggestion related to your keyword. You can also use those keywords to rank your site for a different keyword. 

Note: Keep in mind that do not select out the popular topics because some of the high authority sites may be raking which are already optimized. So you should focus out keyword with high traffic and low competition. So that you could get high traffic with little efforts.

2. Placement of your keyword

After doing all the process or after getting your targeted keywords you might be confused that where do I have to place the keyword in my post?  So, follow the simple process and here is the list where you can add your keyword:-

  • Title tag:-First of all you should optimize your targeted keyword in your title. For eg. your keyword is blogging in Nepal then you can simply go for top Top ways to start blogging in Nepal. Also, I would love to suggest you use an eye-catchy title like hacks, top, best etc.  
  • Meta description:- Meta description is the description which googles displays when someone searches your keyword in the google. If you are using blogger then search description becomes your meta description and if you are using WordPress then there is a separate place to insert meta description with live preview.
  • Headings:- You should use your targeted keywords in the heading that is h2,h3,h4.
  • Permalink:- Keyword placement in permalink is very important as it is displayed as the URL of your post. There is the section in blogger and WordPress where you can set up your custom permalink. You can use your targeted keyword there.
  • In Interlinking:- While linking your post with others then remember to use your targeted keyword.
  • Alt-text:- After setting up an image in your article there you can see the option to add alt text where you can set your keyword.

3. Make high-quality backlinks:-

After writing detail content around 1000 words and publishing it. Then it comes to the role of backlink. Backlinks help you out to rank better. If you guys know about backlinks there are two types of backlink dofollow and nofollow. Dofollow is more beneficial. So, How to make high-quality backlinks? There are various methods of creating backlinks like guest posting, blog commenting etc. If you want detail info then visit top strategies to make high-quality backlinks. Also, one thing doesn't forget to share your blog post on different social media. It would be beneficial for you in two way that is you would get more traffic an nd other is you would get a type of backlink.

Note: Dofollow backlink transfer link juice whereas no-follow doesn't.

4. Image optimization

Most of the people forget to optimize their image which makes the site speed very slow which leads to bad user experience and leads to loss of traffic to the site. But totally opposite of that if you properly optimize your image then you would get organic traffic from google and bing. The most important thing to be remembered while optimizing image is to set alt text of image and description within the periphery of your keyword so that it will help you to rank higher in search engine.

Another most important factor while optimizing image is by maintaining the proper size of the image. You can find out the different image compressor online and offline. You can also get an app from the play store to optimize your image.

5. Take the help of google adword

Google adword provides us with the most accurate data of traffic monthly searches on the keyword. You can use different paid tools as your wish but remember that google keyword planner provides the most accurate data. Also, you can use other tools to audit backlinks, the difficulty of the keyword and many more factors. If you want to invest some money in searching keywords then you can use a long tail pro.

Also, you can use which is alternative of google keyword planner.

Thank you for reading this post "5 Simple Tips To Write SEO Friendly Article For Your Blog Post". Hope it was informative for you guys. If you have any problem related to the topic then you can comment down below. And don't forget to share it in different social media platforms.


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