What is SEO writing?- How to be an SEO writer

What is SEO writing?- How to be an SEO writer

Want to know what is seo writing? And How to be an SEO writer? SEO writing is the process of researching, designing, optimizing content of your site in order to rank higher in search engine for targeted keyword. As we know that first step is to do keyword research in order to drive more  traffic to your site using relevant keywords that people search in search engine. If you want to drive more traffic to tour site you must give focus on SEO writing. So today we are going to learn some of the seo tactics which will help you to optimize your article for search engine as well as for your audiences. Before that let us talk on the topic that most of the bloggers ask i.e. why does seo writing matters a lot? It is quite simple, there are lots of content in google some of them are ranking higher in google whereas some of them doesn't get exposed to the audiences and does not grow much. So in that case seo tactics may help the particular person to grow his business by ranking higher in search engine and by driving lots of organic search traffic to his site and converting them to his customer. 

Are you all clear ?

If not here is a example for you

David and ben started there blog website, they both were doing proper keyword research but david was able to drive a lot of organic traffic to his site whereas ben was not able to gain a single organic traffic. After that ben started to analyze his competitor david from where he found that he is lacking with SEO(Search engine optimization). Then taking few months he improve SEO of his blog after that he was able to gain organic  traffic more than his competitor david. This is how he came to know the importance of seo writing.

What is SEO writing?- How to be an SEO writer

How to write SEO friendly article? 

As i have said earlier that seo is the process to do research and optimize content for search engine. But you need to focus on audiences, keep that is mind you are not making article for search engine. So here i have listed some of the points to be followed out to to make your article seo friendly. 

  1. Keyword research.

  2. Determine search intent of your audience.

  3. Discover subtopics you need to cover about.

  4. Create a framework.

  5. Write your seo friendly content.

How to be an SEO writer?

Being an SEO writer is not an easy task. You need to know lots of ranking factors that google uses to rank article in search engine to be an professional SEO writer. But applying  all  those ranking factors into all for your article is a bit hard but you need to follow some of them to rank higher. So in you would be learning about 5 best easy way SEO writing tips to be followed by an SEO writer to attract audience towards them. These are side ways to gain organic traffic to your site. They are :-

  1. Create attractive title :- Creating attractive title is not a direct ranking factor but it helps you to increase your click through rates. You would ask why. Here is your answer, users click those answer in SERP which is relevant to their query and which fulfill their search intent. Title of your content has a lot impact in users as it is shown in the search result. Creating an attractive title encourages users to click through it. But do not write title that is not fulfilled by your content, it contributes in increasing bounce rate of your site. So that use your primary keyword in title in order to get higher rank. Lastly don't forget to make title of your article attractive.

  2. Usage of shorts permalinks :- Create seo friendly url which can be easily readable by your users in which you can place your primary keywords. Permalinks should not be kept more than 60 characters. So use short permalinks as long permalink are cut off in search engine results. 

  3. Optimize your article for featured snippet :-  Feature snippet are those snippets which are featured on the top of google organic search. According to research feature snippet get a lot of click through rates as it is ranked in top page. There are lots of format of featured snippet on may be of Paragraph snippet whereas other may be in the form of table where as some in order list and unordered list. Most of the list snippet tends to be taken out from your headings. So structuring your content may help you a lot to optimize your article for featured snippet as well as search engine.

  4. Usage of internal links :- Usage of internal links is very neccessary for you as well as for ypur users. As you can link it to other content of your site whereas users gets more page to be connected with. They found extra resource to collect information for the related topic so that it becomes source of information for them. It also helps you to improve to improve seo as google uses internal links to navigate and explore new content.

  5. Use images :- Images has a great importance in increasing user engagement. You might ask how. Listen, users are not interested just reading out tons plain text. Rather than the images can give overview what would come after this so that it help user to enagage with your blog post. Nobody likes to read the just plain text. So be sure to break stanzas, paragraphs and include images. Aso use alt text to your image so that search engine can understand that what the image is reflecting or trying to say. Moreover  Use images when you are trying to make your audience understand what you are talking in the form of image.


Focus on these simple steps to make your content visible to search engine. One most important thing that i want to say you guys is that writing seo content is not all about keyword stuffing it means a lot and you should focus those small things out to rank higher than you competitors. 

Hope you find this article "What is SEO writing?- How to be an SEO writer" informative. If you find this article informative don't forget to share this with your families and colleagues.

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