7 ways to increase domain authority

7 ways to increase domain authority

Want to know how to increase domain authority? Fine but before that let us describe what  domain authority is ?and impact of domain authority on site. Domain authority is a SEO metric introduced by Moz. It is calculated within the range of 1 -100 and determine/ predicts that how good is your website in the sense that how well your site is ranking in search engine. You can use free link explorer tool of moz to check out domain authority of your site. Step to be followed to check domain authority.

  • Register into free account of  Moz.

  • Log into moz .

  • Then open link explorer.

  • Paste domain name of your site in search bar.

  • Click analyze.

  • You will get actual domain authority of your site with page authority.

7 ways to increase domain authority

If you got domain authority from 30- 50 then it's great but if your domain authority is less don't hesitate accepting that workout out smartly and gardly to increase domain authority of your site. Domain  authority and page authority of site is also not that good but after using the 9 technique that i am going to talk today help me a lot to boost authority of my site. Past few months my site domain authority and page authority was totally zero but after knowing this technique and applying it  my domain authority and page authority rises to 12 and 22. This is how this technique works. Now let's dive into it.

7 ways to increase domain authority

  1. Domain age.

  2. On-page SEO.

  3. Off-page SEO.

  4. Create quality content.

  5. Disavow bad links.

  6. Know your niche.

  7. Improve speed of your site.

These are the list of things that you can do to increase domain authority of your site. For more insights let us know more about is and every topic in detail and how it helps to improve domain authority and page authority of a site.

  1. Domain age :- Domain age matters a lot. For instance let's take example of our own home do you take suggestion for elderly person while starting some work. Of course yes, because you know that he/she has more experience in the field than you. So that  if you domain name is old then your domain will have more authority than recently started site. So that the domain with more age would ultimately  rank higher than the fresh domain. So that make sure to use same domain don't change it many times as you are doing bad that impacts on the authority of the site. Note :- Make you domain old.

  2. On-page SEO :- On -page optimization is very important for you to rank higher in search engine. On-page optimization includes lots of things like optimization of keywords,  site structure, content, meta tags , meta descriptions, headings(h1,h2,h3 h4,h5),  codes, title tags, image alt text, site architecture etc. Improving those things helps to increase domain authority of your site along with visibility in search engine like google, bing, duckduck go etc.

  3. Off-page SEO:- Off-page SEO is one of the most important factors of ranking in google. Off-page SEO includes creation of backlinks which is most important factor to improve domain authority of a site. Backlinks means trust flow in the eye of google. If you make a lots of high quality backlinks from authority site  then it has positive impact on your site. Backlinks are of two types dofollow and nofollow. Dofollow backlinks passes link juice whereas nofollow backlinks do not passes link juice. So you should focus on creating high quality dofollow backlinks to your site. Not only do follow backlinks you should make nofollow backlinks in order to show that your site is not making spam links.

  4. Create high quality content :-  Creating a high quality is always beneficial to you. If you create high quality content user would spent more time on your site giving positive results to google. Also if you create high quality content more people will be convinced or lured to link with you (your content) as they find a useful source to provide information to their users which automatically contribute in increasing domain authority of your site.

  5. Disavow bad backlinks :- Disavowing backlinks is must for every website owner. If your website is  linked to spam site the it sends negative report yo google that your site is not linking with proper site or genuine site so that your spam score begins to increase. Research have shown that disavowing bad backlinks has always beneficial for the website owner have seen increment in domain and page authority of a site. You can create a txt file of domains or url which you want to disavow and submit it to google disavow tool. Either you can go to ahrefs and disavow domain in single click or you can take help from moz and semrush.

  6. Know your niche :- Knowing your niche is very important for every site owner. If you have the expertise in your niche then you can easily win the trust of your users. You can write high quality content for authority site and take backlinks from their site. Also it increases traffic in your site. If you get high quality backlinks then it leads to increment of domain authority of your site along with traffic and engagement of the site.

  7. Improving speed of your site :- Site speed is one of the ranking factor of google. As your site speed  is fast user would love to use your site whereas if speed of you site is slow bounce rate of your site would be high which have negative impact in your site. You can have insight of you page speed in page speed insight as well as in gtmetrix which provides all stats of your site including ways to improve speed of your site. So that you can improve speed of your site along with it's domain authority. 

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