Top 10 Google Ranking Factors You Might Be Ignoring

Top 10 Google Ranking Factors You Might Be Ignoring

Generally there are lots of google ranking factors. Some of them are based on research whereas some of them are based on myth. As there are lots of ranking factor we do not know all of them reciprocal to that there a list of factor that are know to us. Most of the people at this time are just rushing out to get higher ranking and beating up their competitors but they failed because they don't focus on these factor. So today we are going to discuss only 10 factors that I think most of people are ignoring which matters a lot in ranking. 

Top 10 Google Ranking Factors You Might Be Ignoring

Top 10 google ranking factor that you should consider:- 

  1. Your website should be secure(https)

  2. Freshness

  3. Off page SEO (Backlinks)

  4. Page speed

  5. Authority of  particular site

  6. Site should be mobile friendly

  7. Better user experience

  8. Content depth

  9. Search intent 

  10. Accuracy of content

Here is a top 10 list of google ranking factor which is contributing in grabbing organic traffic to your site. So whenever you are optimizing your site for search engine do not forget to including this factors because small factor also leads to high change. So let us have a detail discussion on the above given points. Heading into our first point:- 

  1. Your website should be secure (https): You are thinking that is this one of ranking factor of google? Then my answer is yes but it is taken more lightly than other ranking factor. According to john muller tweets "Yeah, that's wrong. HTTPS is not a factor in deciding whether or not to index a page, at all. We do use HTTPS as a light-weight ranking factor, and having HTTPS is great for users. A free certificate from Let's Encrypt works just as well." Despite this google shows the warning of not secure at the side of site's domain or any page. Note:- It is just a light-weight ranking factor of google. Full form of https is hyper text transfer protocol secure.

  2. Freshness:- Freshness  is a ranking factor which differs from query to query. If the query is related to news then the freshness is must. Whenever you go to web and search news query then it shows relevant results. It is one case but in other case it works differently. If you go to see search result for query like "how to start a blog in Nepal" then you can see a lots of results but their published date is quite opposite to the news query. Post ranking on the certain  query was published one year ago but is relevant now also. Now let head into a new query in "how long is a decade". This term is relevant all the time either you are from 19 th century or 10th century decade is just 10 years long and it never changes. This is how freshness works and as i have said it differs from query to query.

  3. Off page SEO (Backlinks):- Backlinks is referred  as one of the most important ranking factors as backlinks is the basis of page rank and page rank is the base of google ranking algorithm.  Backlinks has been using one of the most important ranking factor at this time also. Many of the new bloggers focus on writing optimized article but failed to make enough backlinks for their post so they rank lower than their competitors. There are different methods of making backlinks some of them are:- comment backlink, guest posting,profile creation etc. Guest posting is referred as one of the best practices at this time to make high quality backlink from authority site.

  4. Page speed:- Page speed replicates user experience of a  particular site. Whenever page speed of your site is very slow then bounce rate increases  which sends bad message to the google that in this site people are not spending time  which means this site is of no use for people so google lower the ranking of those site. So optimizing page speed of your site is very important and keep that in mind that people also love to surf fast loading site rather than slow site. Now you may ask is there any way to check speed of our site and make it fast loading. Answer is yes there are lots of services which checks out speed of your site like page speed insight  Gt metrix and many more. It analyze your site and list the ways to improve site speed. It presents out a report showing what sorts of program are leading to lower your site speed and ways to overcome it.

  5. Authority of particular site:- Authority of a particular site matter a lot because it resembles the trust flow of google on that site. If you site is running out through 2000 AD and providing information to your user then google thinks that this website always present useful information to the user. So that Google's ranks those site higher than other. So authority of site matters a lot. 

  6. Site should be mobile friendly:-  Nearly 65% of searches are from mobile so that it is  not a a surprising thing that google makes it as a ranking factor from 2015. In july 2019 when google used  mobile first indexing google made it ranking factor from desktop searches too. Now you might have question how can you determine either your site is mobile friendly or not. You  can check this out in google search console. So it is very essential to solve issue and make your page mobile friendly. 

  7. Better user experience:- User experience is one of the best ranking factor from my point of view. As user experience determines bounce rate of a site. Google lower the ranking of the page which have high bounce rate as google thinks that the site is not much friendly with users and is not providing much information to google.

  8. Content depth :- I think this is also one of the best ranking factor as you write in depth article there is more possibility of ranking your content in multiple keyword attracting more traffic to your site.

  9. Search intent:- If you could meet with the needs of the user then you would be able to gain traffic. As we know that google always rank unique content higher. Google doesn't want to rank many content for same query. You can use question hub in order to meet the need the users.

  10. Accuracy of content:-  Accuracy of content is one of the ranking factor. For example if you search for a query how long is a century then you could see the answer of 100 years. Most of the people get answer from that and return back. They never try to visit much pages ranking in the first page also. But if you are searching for how to start  a blog then you might visit 2 -2 pages that is ranking on the top. So slways try to give accrurate answer so that you could gey more clisks. So make your content accurate research more and use data from trusted sources.

Thank you guys for reading this article "top 10 google ranking factors you might be ignoring". Hope you guys find this article informative. Dont forget to share this article with your colleagues.

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