10 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

10 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

How to drive traffic to your website? This is one of the most asked question among new bloggers. And I think you are one of them. Few months ago I used to think the same question but when I get to know about these tactics to drive traffic, the question was answered. So today I am going share these tactics that really works. Lets head into our topic.

10 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Proven ways to drive traffic to your website:- 

  1. Keyword research (More search traffic).

  2. Promote your blogs.

  3. Guest post.

  4. Use of forums like quora.

  5. Freshness (Update outdated blog post).

  6. Collaboration with other brands.

  7. Start your own podcast.

  8. Merge out the similar post.

  9. Rank videos on youtube.

  10. Focus on On-Page as well as off -page SEO.

These are the list of 10 proven ways to drive traffic  to your site. I hope this will work. With the list of ways let's head into and  have more insight on every points. Let's dive into first one.

  1. Keyword research (More search traffic) :- Keyword research plays an important role in driving organic traffic to your site. If you rank higher in search engine then there is possibility of more clicks for the query. So that you have to target the keyword with high volume. So that more traffic visit to your site. Note: Whenever you target a keyword you should research keyword with high CPC, high volume aand low competition. Don't mess up targeting keyword with high difficulty in which authority sites are ranking.

  2. Promote your blogs:- Communities are the best place to promote your blog online. Facebook groups,twitter and many more forums are the place where you could find the targeted audience. There are separate communities where you can be a members and post your thoughts and idea. In order to drive traffic from communities your must build trust with the community members and admin so that they might think that the source is trusted and could get into your link. So that don't forget to build trust within the communities and promote your blog in social media.

  3. Guest post:- Guest posting is on of the best way to grab backlinks and traffic for your site. On of the trusted source for guest posting may  be medium from where you can post blogs and leave  link back to your site. Most of the new bloggers are trying guest post to build their authority and getting enough traffic to their site. Let take an example your site is related to blogging , SEO then you have written a detail information about SEO in same content and publish it leaving a link. So that when readers go through the page he/she would get redirected to your site.

  4. Use of forums like quora :-  Quora is a Question and Answer site where you can ask any question and every one is free to answer the question. So it is easy for to answer question and attract those traffic to your site. For instance someone has asked question on quora how to start a blog in Nepal? and if you have a decdicated content on the topic then it is golden oppurtunity for yout to give the answer including link of your blog post. Nowadays,  people are ising the techniques to drive traffic from quora.

  5. Freshness(Update outdated blog post) :-  According to the research conduct by ahrefs they found that when the content was refresehed and again published then the organic traffic increase automatically. I have also experimented it on one of the content. I rewrite that particular content including some of the new keywords. They automatically traffic on that particular keyword increased. So always keep on mind that google always tries to give informative and fresh content to the readers so that google keeps on updating ranking. So it is very important for you to update your article from time to time in order to be in top position.

  6. Collaboration with other brands:- Collaboration is one of the most important technique to build more audience. Big brands collab with each other and exchange audience with each other so that both of them get more exposure to each other audiences. You may ask" whom should I collaborate with?  my competitors will probably not wlling to collaborate with me". You could collaborate with non-competing brands with similar targeted audience.

  7.  Start your own podcast :- Starting you own podcast may help you a lot to grab up new audiences . If you are  targeting keyword of the country like united states then it becomes very much important for you as 40 % of americans are connected in podcast and loves to hear it. So here is an oppurtunity for you to drive traffic to your site with a podcast. So let's get started from today.

  8. Merge out the similar post:- Merging out similat post may increase traffic to your site. Lots of research have shown that after merging out the similar article, traffic incresases unexpectedly. There is some reason behind it, one is that the authority of both page combined which help to rank higher and other is that merged content rank for many other keywords resulting lots of traffic to the site.  Recently I experimented this technique  in one of my blog post and then it boosted my traffic. 

  9. Rank videos on  youtube:- Ranking videos on youtube may be one of the good idea to drive more traffic to your site.  If you would build your own brand in youtube the the user began to search with your brand name from where you could get more traffic. Also you can leave a backlinks at the bottom of each video so that viewers would get detail information on that blog post. For that it is essential for you to rank your youtube videos. Now you migh be asking how to rank youtube videos? Here are few steps to rank your youtube videos :- first step is to do keyword research and srecond is to under that search intent(what viewers want to see on the particular query) third is to statisfy the search intent so that they gets connected with you, fourthly you should do some optimization and lastly you should promote your videos on social media to get more engagement.

  10. Focus on on page seo and off page seo:-  On-page SEO and off  page seo helps you to show up your blog post on higher position in search engine so that you could grab up more traffic. So that you should focus on optimizing article internally and externally. You should optimize title, meta description, alt tag, keyword placement, internal linking  and many more in order to fully optimize your article internally and create backlinks in order to rank your post externally. 

Thank you guys for reading this post "10 proven ways to drive traffic on your site". Hope you gusy find it informative. Don't forget to share this in social media with your colleagues.

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