How to audit backlinks for free in under 20 minutes?

How to audit backlinks for free in under 20 minutes?

Yes, your ears are listening the right question you could conduct  backlink audit for free under 20 minutes with the help of ahrefs site explorer. 

How to audit backlinks for free in under 20 minutes?

You might say ahrefs, what the hell are you talking about it a paid tool we have to pay tons of dollars and much more but wait. Recently ahrefs has declare that website owners can have insight of the site in ahrefs without cost.  You can do backlink audits, on page SEO audits, it shows the list of your ranking keywords, organic traffic insights, referring domains, anchor text, outgoing links and many more. 

Today we are going to discuss about two tool that you can use to audit backlinks. One of them is free whereas other is paid.

  1. Ahrefs:- Ahrefs is one of the best tool for SEO pros which used to provided SEO services. It's trail version is available for 7$ for 7 days. Few days ago ahrefs announced free service to all the website owners to audit their site fo free without a penny. This is golden opportunity for you to audit your site for free. You can have overview of lots of metric on-page as well as off-page SEO metric and also provides us necessary  suggestions to improve our SEO and make our site stand clean and SEO friendly. Talking more about ahrefs free services it allows you to have overview of domain which you have access. You just have to add meta tag in your site and verify it to ahrefs then ahrefs will crawls your site and send reports to you. Firstly it have section of health reports where it shows all problems of your site like 404 page, broken links, multiple title tag, open graph tag,301 redirects, multiple h1, too long title, title too short, title too long and many more. Also it shows crawled pages, un crawled pages and those pages blocked by robot.txt. secondly you could track your crawl reports. Now moving onwards into site explorer you can explore your domain metrics. You can have overview of your domain including backlink overview (New, lost, broken), referring domain (new, lost) anchor, referring, ip's , internal backlinks, link intersect. In organic search section you can have more overview of organic keyword 2.0, organic keywords (new, movement), top pages, top subfolders, top subdomains, competing domain, competing pages, content gap and in page section it consist  best pages by links, best page by link growth and top content. Third section is section of outgoing links where you can see linked domains, anchor text, broke  links. After this there is paid search section where you can see ppc keywords, ads and top landing pages. Last but not least is Export from where you could export csv and pdf. Now heading on to our main concern. You can have simple overview of backlinks  with the help of ahrefs. In site explorer whenever you enter your domain and search for it ahrefs shows overview of your domain ahrefs rank. Domain rating and url rating of your site which is based of the backlinks and many for factors. List of dofollow and no follow links to your site , TLD's that are linking to your site . Referring domains and referring ip's. It shows the actual number of dofollow and no follow backlinks that your site is gaining. Along with the insight of particular page with which you are linking  to along with anchor text. Do you know that ahrefs also provides free backlinks checker tool? By the help of this tool you can steal out your competitors backlink for free without spending a penny regardless of those paid tools. It provides wide overview of backlinks including list of top level domain in which your backlinks have been build. Also you can disavow links if it looks spammy as ahrefs show dr and ur rating of that site. Ahrefs allows you to download backlinks list so that it is easy for you to disavow those unnecessary links linking to your site which leads to increment of spam score of your site.

  2. Semrush :- Second  best tool is Semrush which allows you to have basic overview of backlinks in free plan. So that you have to buy premium plan of semrush to have insights of all of  your backlinks. To have a simple overview of your domain semrush provides one free quota where you could add one of your domain for free. Ir conducts seo analysis for you and generates report. First of all let do safari of semrush tool. Semrush consist of lots of tool into it. While reaching to the dashboard of semrush. It shows the section  of SEO dashboard which is separated into two section that is competitive research and keyword research. Competitive research consist  of domain overview, traffic analysis, organic research , keyword  gap and backlink gap whereas keyword research consists of keyword overview, keyword magic tool, keyword manager and organic traffic insight. After that it consist of advertising section where you could find market analysis (domain overview, advertising research, display advertising , pla research,  cpc map) and keyword research (keyword gap, keyword magic tool, keyword manager, ppc tool, charts). After that social media section is there which consists  of social media poster, social media tracker , social media ads and content marketing section is there where you could find seo content template, seo writing assistant,  brand monitoring, post tracking, content audit.  Lastly you could find the section of competitive research where you could find three different parts i.e. Ci addon(traffic analysis , market explorer) and SEO (organic research, keyword gap  backlink analysis backlink gap)and advertising(advertising research, display advertisements) and last is management (client manager ). This is simple insight of the tool semrush. Now heading onto our concern semrush helps us to analyze our backlinks as well as helps us to create high quality backlinks with their tool. It provides us with the service to audit our backlinks and find out whether these backlinks are harmful for our site or not. It shows the live status of backlinks. It helps you to make backlinks by contacting  or mailing the owner of the site of building links in a manual way. By the help of this tool you could make a lot of authority backlinks for your site. 

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