Free e learning portal for students (Nepal)

Free e learning portal for students (Nepal)

E learning is the process of gaining information or learning online.Today we are going to discuss on some of the best free e learning portals for students(Nepal). But before that let us have knowledge of background of e leraning. Learning online now has been a common way of learning as it is more flexible than traditional learning approach. So first of all let of discuss about the advantages/merits of learning online :- 

Advantage of e learning for students (Nepal):- 

  • E-learning saves both time and money as it is more economical than traditional way of learning and can be attended anywhere at anytime.

  • E-learning leads to better retention as learners who have more capacity to recall if they could listen rather than to read. 

  • E-learning is consistent.

  • E-learning is scalable.

  • E-learning offers personalization.

Not only advantages it also have disadvantages too. Some of them are given below.

Diadvantages of e learning :- 

  • It is limited as you cannot ask question at the time which may decreases efficiency  of student.

  • Authentication of students lacks as some other may complete it and hand over the certification to the other one.

  • Question provided in these types of pltforms are computer marked which are more based on knowledge based rather than practicality based.

Free e learning portal for students (Nepal)

After learning the advantages and disavantages you might have been clear about e learning. If you are ready to take e learning courses then here i have suggested some of the best Free e learning portal for students (Nepal). So that it many help you to gain knowledge online without spending penny on them. Most of them provides certification. Some of them provides free certification whereas other provides paid certification. So you should estimate your budget but  if you want grab a lot of knowledge from e learning portald then it free to grab knowledge from it.

10 Free e learning portal for students (Nepal)

  1. Udemy:- Udemy is one of the most popular online learning platforms where millions of people visits monthly in search of courses online.  Udemy was founded in 2009 whose headquarter is in san francisco,california of united states.  Top categories of the courses that you cam read out in udemy are as follows design, development , marketing, it and software  personal development , pjotography, music. You can explore more than 130000 courses in those  category. Now there might be question roaming around your mind how can i get into the udemy and do online courses? Here is your answer, you can simply register and log into udemy with the help of google account. Then you are ready to go.

  • Paid courses:- While opening dashboard of udemy you cam surf over thousands of courses according to your interest and get into it. If it is paid course then it alows yoi to make payment through paypal or any other alternative.

  • Free courses:- For free courses you can simply search on free course udemy then you would get results. But if you want to have free course with certification then you have to go through disc udemy which provides free coupons to attend course by this you can attend paid course for free.

  1. Coursera :-  Coursera is american based e learning site which was founded in 2012. It provides a lot of free courses as well as paid courses. You can explore different category of courses like data science, business,computer science, health, personal development, arts and humanities, language learning, information technology etc in coursera. But for certification you need to pay some amount via paypal or credit card to take your digital certificate.

  2. Lynda :- Lynda is also know as  linkedln learning which offers video courses to the students all over the world. It is american based website which was founded in 1995. You can surf over thousand of courses in the different category like software development, design, business, web development, photography etc. You can sign yp with your LinkedIn accounto have access  to those courses and start up free month to learn unlimited online.

  3. Alison :- Alison is online learning site  which was founded in april 2007. It provide courses in different categories like it, language, science, health, huminities, business, math, marketing, lifestyle, software development,  health care and many more. Lastly you have to purchase certificate on your own. 

  4. Udacity:- Udacity is american organization which was founded in june 2011 which provides over thousands of online courses on different categories. Some of the best courses of udacity are artificial intelligent, deep learning, digital marketing, machine learning,robotics software engineering and lots of more courses. To have acess to udacity you need to register and log in with google account. Then you must take access to courses paying some amount to the udacity.

  5. Edx :- Edx is american organization founded in 2012. Edx courses are created by the experts of hardward and MIT. You cam have access over 2500 courses in edx. You can choose over lots of subjects like architecture, art and culture, chemistry, communication, computer and data science, design, data analysis, education, engineering, ethics etc. You can also choose your level and language so that you could gind your desired course. You can audit course for free but you need to pay for certification.

  6. Khan academy :- Khan academy is non profit organization whose founder is salman khan.It was founded in 2008. It provides all the categories from beginner to plus 2 level. While registering to the khan academy you can choose category out for the students to choose according to their field. 

  7. Future learn :- Future learn is a digital education platform. It was founded in december 2012. You can choose subject according to your interest. Also let me remind you, you can have paid certification but can audit whole for free.

  8. Code academy :- Code academy is online learning platform which provides knowledge on codings. It provides informatiok on 12 different programming languages. They are python, java, go, javascript,  sql, c++, c#, swift and sass lastly html and css. You can access courses of code academy after paying to them either on monthly or in yearly basis.

  9. Google digital garage :-  Google digital garage is one of the best learning portals for free. It provides 146 courses for you to learn and explore about. Along with free certification for digital marketing course. 

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