Digital Marketing Complete Guide-Free Certification- Nepal

Digital Marketing Complete Guide-Free Certification- Nepal

Want to know  how digital marketing works? What is digital marketing? How to get free course of digital marketing? What are some best practices that generally digital marketers follow? What are some common mistakes that people make with digital marketing make?etc. I think this is the most question that takes the sleep of some peoples and marketers. So today i will be covering out this major portion along with guide to digital marketing. So let's jump into our topic. 

Digital Marketing Complete Guide-Free Certification

What is digital marketing? 

Digital marketing is the process of promoting and selling services and products online using some marketing tactics such as  social media marketing (marketing with social medias like facebook, Twitter,  pinterest, instagram) , email marketings and many more. Our world is heading towards digital world and many of the people are using digital marketing means and it is developing rapidly. So marketers are in increasing orders and are kin to gain more knowledge in the field. So be the part of this and enrich your knowledge  and expertise in the field.

How does digital marketing works?

Digital marketing has been a bit transformed from traditional approach, many of the tactics have been changed along with expertise of marketers in the field.

For instance let us take an example  You want to buy washing machine. The first thing you do is that you just search on google washing machine price details. You choose lots of designs and finally you have got your choosen one and all we know that you decision is based on the reviews of your friends, families and lots of buyer  on that particular product. This is what i mean our query always starts online. So that you are the one to develop digital marketing strategies to reach out to the potential consumer and generate sales using digitals channels. So they must have some skills in order to establish their online presence. Some of them are :- 

  • Social engagement :- Social engagement is needed  in order to grab the attention of potential costumer.

  • Communication :- Communication is needed in order tackle with the costumer and insure them that they are buying products from trusted resource.

  • Search engine optimization. :- Search engine optimization in order to rank you affiliate content higher and generate more leads.

  • Email marketing :- Email marketing in order to keep your audience in touch via email.

  • Advertisement.:- Advertisement in order to leads/drive traffci to your site and generate more sales and offers.

What are advantages/benefit of of digital marketing?

Making a strong online digital  profile have a lot of advantages. Some of them are given below.

  • Networking :- Networking helps your business to grow to next level.

  • Engagement and awareness.:- You can have proper bond with users so that they would think that this is want i want and help in generating more sales.

  • More conversion :- It will help to convert new users to your ideal costumer.

  • Word of mouth :- Word of mouth works out when you provide proper service to the costumer and they suggest some that this services is best. So you should build trust with your costumer.

  • Placement of right thing at right place :- Marketing strategy includes what things should be placed in proper pace. 

Guide on digital marketing 

Digital marketing is neither too hard nor to easy.  Digital marketing is a term used to market your product and services online successfully using digital channel. And in this guide you will be learning about the strategies to successfully market your product with digital channels. We will take about social media marketing, email marketing,content Marketing and many more. In order to be a successful marketer you should have knowledge of four fundamental aspects. i.e

  • Frame :- You should create a frame structure of your strategies in order to  make it work properly and execution of it would be more easier in your business. 

  • Measuring points :- The number that helps you to track out your progress.

  • Terms:- Terms that you need to learn to communicate with experts. 

Overview of digital marketing

There are two main part of digital marketing i.e. online and offline marketing.

Some categories of

online marketing

  1. Search engine optimization(SEO).

  2. Search engine marketing(SEM).

  3. Content marketing.

  4. Affiliate marketing.

  5. Email marketing.

  6. Pay-per click(PPC).

  7. Social media marketing(SMM).

Offline marketing

  1. Enhanced online marketing.(Digital products demos and sample)

  2. Radio marketing.(sponsorship, radio commercials)

  3. Tv marketing.(Tv commercial,  tele shopping etc.)

  4. Phone marketing.(Message marketing, qr codes etc.)

Now you are aware of digital marketing and it's parts. Now let's head to detail discussion on the top online marketing mediums :- 

  1. Search engine optimization :-  SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It is defined by many top SEO's experts but the sense of the definition remains same. Let's hear about SEO from some top experts :-According to moz "SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results". In simple search engine optimization refers to way to make your website visible in search engine and raking higher and driving more organic traffic to your site. There are two types of SEO i.e. off-page SEO and on-page SEO. On-page SEO is a practice to optimize a particular webpage internally in order to rank higher in search engine which attracts more traffic to your site. Some of the factors of on-page seo are heading, title,meta description, permalink keyword placement,etc whereas off-page SEO is a practice to optimize particular page of webpage externally in order to rank higher than competitors in search engine. Some of the factors of Off-page SEO are backlinks, authority of that particular site etc. Some of the top seos tool are as follows :- google analytics, search console, google keyword planner,google trends, moz bar, semrush, pagespeed insights,seo site check up and many more. For more visit 30 best free seo tools that you should use.

  2. Search engine marketing:- Search engine marketing  is one of the best and most effective way to grow your business online in the competitive marketplace. Basically marketing businesses using  paid advertisement to make your business more visible to search engine results. Some of the best platforms of search engine marketing are :- google ads is mostly used SEM platforms billions of user visit google so that SEM may help you to reach out to your targeted audiences, bing ads. Some of types of SEM keywords are :- Broad match keyword, phrase match keyword, exact match keyword, negative keywords etc. Beyond this targeting a particular region  or a particular country or demographic targeting or device targeting or ad scheduling is necessary in order to make your ad campaigns more effective hence leading to more ROI(Return of Investment). In moat of the cases SEM ads seems to be like organic search results but you can a lot of things to it like sitelink extensions, callout extensions, call extensions,message extensions, location extensions, advertisers rating, price extension, structure snippet extensions etc. 

  3. Content marketing :- Content marketing is a marketing strategy focused on providing quality, relevant content to the targeted audience and drive them to maximize  conversion. Now you may ask why content marketing? Content marketing to increase sales. It is cost saving. We know that marketing is impossible without high quality content. So content marketing is very important. You may also have heard about content mapping. It allows you to have maximum conversion.  In this process you just create content and put them in stages and lastly display your products. It is also know as content marketing sales funnel. I am talking about content mapping as you can have more sales using this methods rather than displaying your products at the front page. Three basic stages of content marketing is awareness, consideration, decision. There are more forms of content marketing. They are :- social media, paid advertisement etc. Content is the king and story telling is best as people buys your story. Yelling loudly does not works.

  4. Affiliate marketing :- Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting companies product and taking out your commission. For instance you are a affiliate marketer and company hires you, now it's your job to promote their companies  product and make more sales and either you would get sales commission  or you would be rewarded by the  company. Now it's time to decide a platform to join as an affiliate. You can join reputed affiliate marketing sites like clickbank, ebay partner program, amazon associate internationally , sabkopasal, agm web hosting in nepal. Second you have to choose appropriate niche. Now you have to create a website and write quality content to drive traffic to your site and make conversion from affiliate link. Most of the newbies who is kin to learn about affiliate marketing ask how much can I earn being an affiliate marketer? Here is your answer affiliate marketing is not a every green process their is lots of ups and downs in affiliate marketing. So it is calculated on the yearly basis. According to neil patel an affiliate marketer can earn about 10000$ to 400000$ per year. You may not believe me but i truth a genuine affiliate marketers earn more than 10000$. But in context of Nepal affiliate marketers can't earn than much if you target Nepal as a country but if you target country like United states, united kingdom you can earn money is dollars so that there is a huge difference targeting locations. So you have to take decisions that which country should you select.

  5. Email marketing :- Email marketing is effective digital marketing strategy of sending email to the targeted audiences. Email marketing helps to convert audience to ideal customers. For email marketing you can take help of either optin monster or mailchimp. To become success in email marketing I suggest you to use a/b testing  method. In order test what works for you and what not. By this you can check which types of email have more open rate and click through rate. Another most important thing is that you should focus of timings. You can take the help of google analytics and see when your users are more active. Sending email at this time you can be more benefitted than any other time. Also time interval is necessary. For example if you send tons of emails daily then your audience may get bored and unsubscribe you out. So you should set time intervals in order to get your genuine customer. Here are some strategies to start up email marketing:-  set up goal for email campaign, decide which types of email should you use, choose audience segment, select out the right technology, create eye  catchy emails,plan email and do follow ups, test and track email campaign.

  6. PPC (Pay Per Click) :- PPC stands for pay per click in which advertisers pays some amount for each time when some users click on those ads. Pay per click is one of the best way to build up online visibility of your site  increasing traffic to your site and generating sales. You can take help of google ads if you are an advertiser for an PPC advertisement. To make you PPC campaign successful you must focus on relevancy of keyword,landing page quality, creativity etc. Also let me remind you keyword research is incredibly important while running PPC campaign. While running your PPC campaign you must not forget to add negative keywords,split ads group, review and remove costly keywords, refine landing pages. These are the some aspects to be taken to mind while running PPC campaign. Now you are ready to run PPC campaign. Don't forget to target right keyword to get more conversion from it so that you can take help of google keyword planner (a free and most accurate  keyword research tool) ,ahrefs keyword explorer (a paid tool),semrush keyword magic tool (a paid tool) etc for keyword research. Hope you have got few ideas on PPC(Pay per click) and how it works and some strategies to run PPC campaigns and make it successful.

  7. Social media marketing (SMM) :- Social media marketing(SMM) is the form of marketing in which a marketer uses social medias to build their brand, drive traffic to website and increase sales.The major social media where most of the people engage in marketing are facebook, instagram, pinterest, LinkedIn, youtube etc. To start your career in search engine marketing you have to create strategies then planning and publishing is second step whereas listening and engagement with the audiences is necessary, you must use analytics to track your report. Lastly advertisement is necessary to come in front of your targeted audiences. How choose the best social media platform for marketing? For this you need to first use A/B testing method so that you could know what works for you and what not. After tracking proper analytics then you can have overall idea which marketing  platforms works for you. At last I would love to suggest you to use images while doing social media marketing as images and short video caputure eyes of the targeted audiences  than texting. Lastly, social media marketing may be one of the best way to grow your business online.

Offline marketing 

  1. Enhanced online marketing :- Enhanced online marketing includes digital marketing products and demos. It is one of the effective ways to grab out the eye of your audience. In Nepal it is one of the way to catch eye of customer. You can see some of the people demonstrating some practical ways and selling their product. 

  2. Radio marketing :- Radio Nepal one of the oldest radio broadcasting organization was established in 2nd april 1951. After that lots of radio station were established. Along with radio marketing takes places where you can advertise your product or services. I used to remenber my childhood days when i used to listen radio and compete with my sister that who could remember the phone number of the advertiser. Beside that it was one of the effective way to advertise at the past. Now also lots of advertisers advertise through radio. But the number of advertisers are gradually decreasing after the introduction of television.

  3. Tv marketing :- Tv marketing started with the introduction of television in 1985 as Nepal television. After that television marketing was found more effective than radio marketing as it plays on audios as well as videos. Television advertisement is in practise till the date in Nepal and has been one of the most effective way to present organization and increase more sales. It can be divided into two part one is tele shopping and other is tv commercial. Tv commercial means short break that you see in fraction of program's. And tele shopping means the shopping in television you can see thousands of products there and if you like them then you can shop them with the help of the provided informations. 

  4. Phone marketing :- Phone marketing includes message marketing and more. For instance let us take example of NTC (Nepal telecom). You got out messages from Nepal telecom whenever they launch out some offers in day packs, night packs etc which is know as text message. Mobile marketing is not only for certain areas and fields, it is widely used. And here are some  components of mobile marketing which may help you to grow your business ,  your websites should be mobile friendly, marketing sms and mms should be mobile marketing, mobile friendly advertisement and landing pages, mobile friendly app etc. This is how phone  marketing works.

Lastly I want to conclude by saying that "If you want to attend free course and certification on digital marketing then click the link below in the description". Here I have shared the picture of certificate of digital marketing which I have earned by completing the course. 

Digital Marketing Complete Guide-Free Certification

Thank you for reading this article "Digital marketing complete guide- Free Certification". Hope you guys find this article informative.If you find this article informative don't forget to share it with your friends and families.

Keep learning!!!

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