15 Best SEO Tips For Beginners To Boost Traffic

15 Best SEO Tips For Beginners To Boost Traffic

Want to know 15 best SEO tips for beginners to boost traffic? Yes, today we are going to discuss about the best SEO tips for beginners to boost traffic on their website. I am also not an expert in SEO but we don't need to be a technical expert to have knowledge of SEO . You can learn SEO simply learn from journals, websites and can watch some tutorials. Either you own a small business or a large company, search engine optimization is the best way to drive organic traffic to your site. So that you have to know some tactics of search engine optimization in order to rank your site higher than your competitors. As we know that most of the internet user just hang onto the first page of google just like us we never look at the 2nd, 3rd page of google. So you need to rank higher to get visible in search engine and to drive organic traffic to your site. Now you might have got the idea that SEO is a way to optimize webpage in order to rank higher in search engine.

15 Best SEO Tips For Beginners To Boost Traffic


  1. Create content targeting multiple keywords.

  2. Use short Permalinks.

  3. Get high quality backlinks.

  4. Rank for feature snippet.

  5. Make content search engine friendly.

  6. Include page meta description and page title.

  7. Increase page speed.

  8. Use more internal and external links.

  9. Increase your word count.

  10. Publish high quality content.

  11. Add alt text to your Image.

  12. Peek over competitors.

  13. Conduct site audit.

  14. Keep updating content.

  15. Continue learning about SEO.

These are the list of things that you must take in consideration while optimizing your content for search engine and to rank higher than competitor and to drive more organic traffic to your site than them. Now let us have detail insight on the points that we have listed above. 

  1. Create content targeting multiple keywords:-  Before creating content you must give focus on keyword research because without  keyword research you may not get proper data of search volume and competitions in the particular keyword in which you are targeting. As we known that contents are created including primary and secondary keywords. It is the secret that most of the top bloggers do to get more organic to their site. Being straight forward they right quality article so that they can  use more number of targeted keywords and the related terms.Ultimately they got rank to the targeted keyword as well as related key phrase. So that this is secret of boosting traffic from a single post.

  2. Use short permalinks :- Permalinks plays a great role in ranking your post. So permalinks shoups be short and straight to the point. I mean you should use targeted keyword in your permalink so that it could meet the answer of the users query. Also make the permalink easy to understand so that the users could know what the person might have written out in the article. Last but not least be concise keep the permalink around 60 characters so that it would be easily crawled by bots of every search engine.

  3. Get high quality backlinks :-  Link building is one of the key strategy to rank higher in search engine. If you create authority links more will be your authority hence trust for your site gets increase and google will ultimately rank you higher in search engine. To make high quality backlinks you can follow this method :- Guest posting, directory submission , profile creation, comment backlink etc. You can also take over competitors backlinks by the help of ahrefs free backlink checker tool.

  4. Rank for feature snippet :- To rank is feature snippet is the want of every bloggers. As featured snippet is found on the top of search result and most probably will get more organic clicks. Query that ask a Question is more likely to be converted into Featured snippet. So try to rank for feature snippet for more traffic.

  5. Make content search engine friendly :-  Designing content for search engine is essential. Let us take an example if you have created high  quality content, it is user friendly, mobile friendly and is fast loading but if your content is not designed for search engine, so that you have to make content structure.

  6. Include page meta description and page title :- Your keywords has great impact in ranking. Meta description and page title also have great impact as well , as it is shown in the search results. Whenever you search a query in google it show a lots of results. Each search results content title and meta description.  So make sure to provide essential information to user as there clicks depend on what you have written in title and mera description.so that click through rates gets increased. 

  7. Increase page speed :- Page speed is one of the ranking factors of google. So make sure to check speed of yoit site time to time and increase its speed. You can check out page speed in gt metrix or in page speed insight. They analyze your website and show the lots of things that you can do to improve site speed.

  8. Use internal and external links :- Using internal links is always important to engage user for longer period of time in site whereas high quality external links represents quality of your content and authority of your site.

  9. Increase your word count :- Increment of word count is essential in the sense that user to get all the answer of their question at a place  so that google might find you at authority level in the topic and rank you higher also  you could add enough keywords to rank higher in search engine.

  10. Publish high quality :- Publishing high quality content make your brand grow faster because users who finds you on google might get benefitted from your guide. So that they would have more trust on you and  your content would get shared on social medias. So publishing high quality content is necessary to grow your brand and bring more traffic to your sites.

  11. Add alt text to your image :-  Adding alt text makes crawler easy to read what the picture is about. So make sure to add your keyword and link in alt text so that when it would be used by other then you would get more backlinks which will grow your authority.

  12. Peek over competitors :- Peeking over competitors and understanding their tactics to get into search result may help you to rank them out and get leading position. So you must keep eye on your competitor to be more successful than them.

  13. Conduct site audit :- Conduct site audit is order to know if you are missing something or not, so that you could fulfil that and make your content search engine as well as for users.

  14. Keep updating content :- Google loves to rank fresh content higher in search engine. As some query changes along with time whereas some does not .So keep your content updated.

  15. Continue to learn about SEO :- Never stop to learn about SEO (Search engine optimization). You can learn every new things on SEO. You can practically do it using A/B testing method.  Who know you might be one of the leading SEO expert from your country.

Thank you guys for reading this article "15 Best SEO Tips For Beginners To Boost Traffic". Hope you guys find it informativ. If you find it informative don't forget to share it among your friends and families.

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