Want to make money online in Nepal. Your genuine answer is of course yes. So I am here to help you out. First of all, let us know the background of making money online. Make money online is much tough in Nepal. Now many of the stop reading the post. If you are reading then fine you are on the right track. We cannot earn a single penny without hard work. It is just a dream to earn money without hard work.


At this pandemic time, many people have lost their jobs and are sitting at a home without a job. IT is not good for them as well as for their family so that they are searching on the web how to make money online in Nepal but there are not getting genuine results. 

If you are finding an online job in Nepal communicating with different personalities, some of them are giving data entry job and some of them are providing captcha entry job which is totally a waste of time. Seriously captcha entry job is totally waste. Before 3years I also tried it out but it takes a lot of time to make even a single dollar. And another most important thing is that taking payment is very hard from those sites because PayPal is a big problem in our country. So that I think that rather than doing some online data entry, doing surveys job it would be beneficial for you out to follow some tips which I am going to suggest from my experience.

Top 5 ways to make money online in Nepal As A student

  1. Starting your own website
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Content writing 
  4. Starting up your own online business(Setting up your own brand)
  5. Virtual teaching
Wait, don't leave the page without reading the full content. Seeing the list some of them may leave thinking that they cannot do anything from above-given points. But it is not the reality, if you make a mindset to do, then it becomes easy for you. 
Are you ready now?
Yes, so let.s dive into the list. 

1.Starting your own website:-

The first one is starting your own website. You might think that starting a website might be complex. Yes, it is of course complex for a beginner but after gaining much experience in it is not difficult for you to set up a site in just 30 minutes. Also, you might have thought that you have to invest a lot on this but it is not the truth. You just have to invest  Rs100 a month to start up your own website. Which is just a small amount of your earning or pocket money. Taking a professional domain cost a much higher but taking a personal domain like is much easier and free of cost. Readout this post where you can take free domain in Nepal with extension for a lifetime. And there comes a cost for hosting that you can take from hosting companies like babal host, Himalayan host, hosting server and many more companies for just Rs100 for a month.
 If you are a beginner you must have to do some research on youtube and google and follow the steps out so that you can set up a responsive website for your users. So Here it is Ultimate guide to start a website in Nepal. After reading the whole content you must have found out an easy way to build a website in Nepal. Now, you might have thought of a question that how can I make money by just setting up a website?. It is normal for every person to have this question in their mind. Listen carefully, You can have earning from affiliate marketing and by displaying some banners and pop up in your site.

2.Affiliate marketing:- 

Second best option to earn money online is by joining an affiliate program and taking a commission for each and every sales. If you have already created your website successfully then you can also do affiliate marketing through it. You can promote a product through it and increase sales. Let us have basic knowledge of affiliate marketing 
What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a program from where you can make money online by referring product to the targeted consumer and taking a commission from the affiliate company.
Here are some top affiliate companies which provide this service and are secured and trustworthy:-
Clickbank, Amazon associate worldwide and sabkopasal,agmweb hosting and many more affiliate programs in Nepal.

3.Content writing:- 

If you are skilled in writing and have quality presents your thoughts is a proper way then you can a professional content writer. Except that if you have some sort of knowledge of SEO then you have more chances to get hired out. Most of the top bloggers who have many sites and unable to write content on their own so that then hire a person to write for them to write content. As I have said earlier that you can take out basic knowledge of SEO which makes you profile strong and if after 1-5 works your profile would professional and then you are more likely to be hired by lots of companies and marketers. You can find the job of content writing in different platforms like Upwork, freelancer, truelancer worldwide and merojob in Nepal.

4.Selling product online(Setting up your brand):- 

This is a more interesting job for you as you can build your personal identity as a businessman. Don't think more about it at least you can make some money online that is sufficient for you. Selling a product online neither to complete nor too easy. Now let us discuss some of the top sites from where you can start your career for free. Firstly there is Shopify which has a lot of visitors where you can promote your products but it is free for a trial period only. From here you can take experience and go for teespring. Teespring is a platform from where you can have design your own product like designing a t-shirt, mask, bags and many more things and you can set out your own level of profit and sell it out in the market. It is easy as we don't have to do investment and they themselves provide service of delivery.

5.Virtual teaching:- 

Virtual teaching may be another source of income for those who have the ability to teach their students efficiently. In today's world, there are different online education leading platform where you can set up videos of your course and set up the price you want and publish it. It is beneficial for you if more number of student enrol your course. Ok, let us take a simple example of a platform from where you can grab information on different topics some of them are free whereas some of them are paid. In those platforms, you can grab the attention of student and signup as a teacher and start teaching. It will help you out in having passive income as well your student would get the opportunity to learn from home.

Thank you for reading the post "TOP 5 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE IN NEPAL". If you have any question regarding this content you can ask me below in the comment section. For more information don forget to subscribe to the newsletter.

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