SEO in Nepal Complete Guide Beginners To Advance

SEO in Nepal Complete Guide Beginners To Advance


Do you want to write SEO Friendly Article for your blog?

SEO in Nepal Complete Guide Beginners To Advance

But, do you know how SEO friendly articles are written in Nepal. or. How SEO-optimized content is made and why it is so important for any blogger?

If you have the same question in your mind, then you have come to the right place.

Anyone can write an article for their blog or website. But success is the one who knows the art of writing and practice writing SEO friendly articles in Nepal. This is the hallmark of a professional blogger.

In this post, I will show you the very real way by which you can create SEO content for your blog. Which will be liked by your users and the readers who come to your blog through the internet and will also help in increasing user engagement.

So, without wasting time, let’s move the blog post into SEO friendly post in Nepal.


  1. How to write  SEO Friendly Article for your blog in Nepal?
  2. Before writing a post (Keyword Research).
  3. Use Keyword in Blog Title.
  4. Use the Keyword in the 1st paragraph of a blog post.
  5. Write Long article how to write Long Article?
  6. Make the Post URL (Permalink) SEO Friendly URL.
  7.  Image Alt Tag.
  8. How to Optimize Image.
  9. Use Heading and Sub-Heading.
  10. Blog Post Title.
  11. How to make Title User Friendly.
  12. Post Meta Description.
  13. Internal linking and external linking.
  14. Benefits of Internal Linking.
  15. Benefits of External Linking.
  16. Keyword Stuffing
  17. Use LSI Keyword.
  18. What is LSI Keyword?
  19. How to find LSI Keyword?
  20. Use Short Paragraph.
  21. Use Bold and Italic in the article.
  22. Create Intro Eye Catchy of Blog Post.

How to write SEO Friendly Article 

for your blog in Nepal?

We told you in a previous post that if a blog is a body, SEO will never rank your blog in Google without his life.

Search Engine Optimization is the full form of SEO.

You try day and night to get traffic to your blog and make the article with quality content, good heading, short paragraphs, but still, your posts are lying on 4 – 5 pages of Google.

This is too bad for a blogger, isn’t it?

If you are really excited about making an SEO friendly blog post, then you will understand all the steps mentioned below.

So let’s change this bad result to unique content and make a good result.

1. Before writing the post (Keyword Research)

Keyword research is very important before writing any blog post.

If you are writing a blog post for your readers without keyword research, then you are going to shoot arrows in the dark.

It is Keyword Research that decides your blog post whether that post will rank in Google or not.

Now you must be asking the question, what is a keyword?

The simple answer to this is, whatever you type by searching in Google is called a keyword.


How to increase da pa of a website in Nepal?

2. Use Keyword in Blog Title

Use your focus keyword in the title on which you are writing a blog post.

By using the focus keyword in the title of the blog post, the search engine will easily know which keyword you want to rank in Google.

Focus Keyword In Blog Title – SEO friendly article

Must Use Focus Keyword in your Blog Title.

3. Use the Keyword in the 1st paragraph of the blog post

Using keywords to make a blog post SEO friendly content should come up well, once you learn how to implement keywords in your post, 50% of the article will become your SEO friendly.

So use the main keyword in the 1st paragraph of your blog post.

The main Keyword put in 1st paragraph

If your keyword is how to create a blog and website, then put the keyword  “How to create a free blog and website” in the title of the blog and the 1st paragraph of the post. 

Pro Tip: Initially, 1 keyword must be inserted within 100 words of the post and in the last paragraph.

4. Write Long Article

To make your article SEO optimized content, the length of that article does a lot in search engines.

According to research, the blogger who posts the length of his post That is, writing long articles, their posts rank quickly in Google.

Now this question must be coming in your mind that how many words should a blog post be written in Nepal? I said right.

So see, how many words a blog post should have! It depends on the topic of your post.


If we talk about the average word, according to research, if you are writing a long article, then there should be at least 2182 words in that post.

But not every post needs to be written in a long article because long articles are written only after selecting the topic.

That is to say, if you are writing a blog post for the purpose, if that post is completed according to you, then do not prolong the article more than necessary because your content becomes of low quality with unnecessary words.

How to write Long Article in Nepal?

I am sure now you are getting a little confused on how to write a long SEO friendly article in Nepal?

The way keyword research is necessary before writing a blog post, in the same way, before writing an article it is very important to structure the post.

First, you should do some keyword research.

Search Google and analyze the keyword on which you are going to write a blog post.

Write selected keywords in Notepad or in a diary.

After that, select yourself which points you want to include in your blog post.

Now your article structure is ready and now you can write a long article.

With this, your content will never be of low quality and readers who read will not feel boredom and your content will also become SEO friendly.

5. Make the Post URL (Permalink) SEO Friendly URL

To make your blog post-SEO Friendly Article, the URL of the post plays a huge role in the search engine.

If the URL of your post is not SEO friendly then your post will not be considered SEO optimized in search engine.

Whether your blog is built-in Blogger Platform or WordPress platform, while writing the post, the URL of the post becomes automatic default URL which is not SEO user friendly, so short URL should be replaced instead of default URL.

This is a perfect SEO friendly URL.

We never have to keep the URL of a blog post long but only use the Target Keyword in the URL.

Let us show you the SEO unfriendly URL and SEO friendly URL.

SEO Unfriendly URL (Bad URL) write-seo-friendly-blog-in-Nepal

SEO Friendly URL (Perfect URL)

How to make SEO Friendly URL?   – SEO friendly article (Basic to advance guide)

SEO Friendly Post URL

In this way, you can make the URL of the post SEO friendly by creating a short URL, which Google or other search engines also like.

6. Image Alt Tag

Using an image in a blog takes four moons in a post, but do you know that SEO optimized image is also very important in a blog post.

Many bloggers have just created a blog and they do not know that the SEO optimization of the image is also done.

A professional blogger can give details of the entire post not only by writing the post but also from the image.

How to Optimize Image?

If you also want to bring traffic through the image, then you have to use Alt Tag in the image used in your post.

Google or other search engines cannot read the image

Google does not read the image but reads the image through text.

Many bloggers upload photos with names like image.0012 in their blog posts that make this huge mistake.

When you create an image for a blog post or take a screenshot of a photo, the name of that photo should first be changed according to the topic.

Therefore keywords must be inserted in the alt tag of the image.

7. Use Heading and Sub-Heading

To make a blog post user friendly, using Heading and subheading should be a good idea. cause Heading only tells visitors who come to your blog what you really want to say.

But using subheading with Heading is also an art, the blogger and WordPress have headings from H1 to H6 which you should know how to use properly.

8.. Blog Post Title

I will call this point as the most important point because these are such a point related to. The SEO friendly article by which people only get attracted and visit your blog post.


Do you know the post title and Meta title before proceeding?

So first of all, we understand the difference between Post Title and Meta Title very well.

Post Title: The post title is your main heading which online visitors see the title of the post on your blog. for example, Best Free Blogger Templates

Meta Title: The search engine sees the Meta Title and the search engine itself decides. how it will show the meta title to the people.

Therefore, the title of the blog post should be written according to the meta title. ie the title should be made user friendly so that the search engine can give value to your post.

How to make Title User Friendly?

Must insert the main keyword in the blog title.

Use power words in blog title such as: Best, Top, Awesome, Most etc and use long-tail keyword.

Also Use the number in the title with power words like Best 9, Top 20 etc.

Pro Tip: Search engines consider the title within 66 to 70 words to be user friendly, hence the title of the blog should be written with the focus keyword within 66 words.

9. Post Meta Description

Post Meta description – SEO Friendly article

Meta Description plays an important role in search engine ranking. So whenever you write a post, definitely write a meta description.

The more eye-catchy the description is, the more visitors will come to your blog.

You have to write a short summary of which topic your post is about, between 156 to 160 words in the meta description.

The focus keyword of the post must be included in the meta description.

Google keeps an eye on each of your posts, so if you have not yet written the meta description, then start writing because 70% of the traffic comes due to the description of the post.

10. Internal linking and external linking

Do you know about Internal Linking and External Linking?

Let us first understand the difference between internal linking and external linking.

Internal Linking: These are the links of your post which you include the URL of the old post while writing your new post.

For example, you have published 4 to 5 articles in your blog and now you are going to write a new article, then in that article, you are also including the URL of your old post, this is called internal linking.

Benefits of internal linking(On-page SEO)

The biggest advantage of internal linking is that your old posts are Crawl with new posts and your users visit from 1 post to another post, this will also reduce your bounce rate.

External Link: These are the links that we add in our posts to a link to a post from another website.

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Benefits of External Linking(Off-page SEO)

External linking increases the value of your post because while crawling your post, Google will also understand that you are giving your user very deeply information and how trustworthy they are.

Many bloggers do not like to add a link to another website in their post when it is wrong.

So if you want to make your blog post an SEO friendly article, then along with internal linking, external linking must also be done.

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11. Keyword Stuffing

Using Keyword to rank your post in Google is a good habit, but if you use the main keyword in more posts than necessary, then it becomes Keyword stuffing.

I have seen many bloggers use excessive keywords in their posts.

Therefore the density of Keyword in a blog post should be kept at 1% to 1.5% only because these posts are best for optimization.

12. Use LSI Keyword

To create an SEO friendly article, you should use not only the focus keyword but also the LSI keyword in your article because your posts rank not only with the focus keyword in Google but also with the LSI keyword.

The full form of LSI Keyword is Latent Semantic Indexing.

What is LSI Keyword?

The corresponding word for any keyword is called LSI keyword.

What are blogs (Main Keyword)

What is a blog (LSI Keyword)

How to create a blog (LSI Keyword)

How to find LSI Keyword?

You can find the LSI keyword very easily with the help of Google.

Find LSI Keyword

Find LSI Keyword on Google

If you want to use the help of a tool to find the LSI Keyword, then you can also find the LSI keyword for free from the LSI Graph tool.

13. Use Short Paragraph

Article blog is written in a short paragraph.

Whenever you type something in Google’s search box, Google automatically shows us the keyword related to the same topic. Always give a great experience for fear.

Blog readers will also like to read your blog posts only when you give them complete information in a good way.

So if you want to increase user engagement with your user, then use short paragraph in your post. This will make your readers like to read your post. which will also reduce the bounce rate of your blog and also make your article SEO friendly.

14. Use Bold and Italic in the article

Bold, italic and underline should also be used in the article to optimize the content.

In the article bold, italic is used for keywords or related sentences. So that the search engine can find out which word you are targeting.

If you are reading my post then you will find that I have used bold, italic in this article.

Pro Tip: Make only 3 to 4 keywords bold and italic in the article. The post seems useless if you overdose. Apart from keywords, other important lines can also be bold, italic and underline.

15. Create Intro Eye Catchy for Blog Post

Whether the article is short or long, only the first 2 lines will tell your readers whether your post is of their use or not.

According to a study, those who attract readers in the first paragraph in a blogger article are successful in writing and readers read the posts you have written.

So if you also want to increase user engagement by making your content SEO friendly article.

Whenever writing your post, make the starting line an eye catchy so that your content readers. Do not feel useless and are forced to read your post.

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Final Word (How to write SEO friendly article In Nepal?)

So these were the best 15 tips with which you can make your post SEO friendly in Nepal.

I have shared all the tips in this post which are done to make the normal post SEO friendly post.

I hope you must have liked the article 15 Tips on how to write SEO Friendly Article in Nepal? [Beginner To Advance], if you have any kind of problem, you can ask by commenting and your problem will be resolved immediately.

My humble request is that if you have time for 3 seconds. Then do not forget to share this article SEO in Nepal on your social media. So that other people can also be helped with this article. 

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