How to rank in first position of google in Nepal?-2020(Guide)

How to rank in first position of google in Nepal?-2020(Guide)

 How to rank in first position of google in Nepal?-2020

How to rank in first position of google in Nepal?-2020(Guide)

There are some major techniques to rank out in the first page of google. Hereby i would love to suggest you aome tips and tactics that some successful blogger uses to rank other website out and reach out to the top of search engine. Before knowing how to rank in first page of google.First of all you should make your article SEO friendly.Not you must have a question inyour mind.


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How to make a post seo friendly?

There are some tricks to make you post SEO  friendly. They are:-

1. Title:

 Title should be SEO friendly.

For eg If you are writing out a post targeting  seo in nepal keyword then you can set title of your post as SEO in Nepal ultimate guide also you can use top, best word so that you could get more click.

2. You should start out  your blog with the targeted keyword
For eg if you are targeting seo in nepal then you can start you post with What is seo in nepal? Today in this post let us learn.....

3. Image alt text:- 

As a google search bot does not visualize image so that it is must to give information to bots what is image about. Also you can use targeted keyword in alt text.

4. Keyword density: 

 According to my experience you must use 1-1.5% of keyword in your post. Not more than neither less than that. It is also one of the ranking factors.

Note: As earlier i have suggested you to write quality article of 1000-2000 word because if you write longer article you can increase amount of keyword focus in the post.

5. Permalink

 Make sure to keep your permalink short and sweet including focused keyword.

Note : If you are using blogger thensearch description and if  you arw choosing wordpress then featured snippet.

6. Search description/ featured snippet: 

 Be sure to optimize your search description/featured snipet.According to your quality of writing you can  attract your visitors through this words.

Now let us know, how indexing algorithms works out.

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How to index a page in google?

- Here is a simple answer, first of all make a high quality content about 1000-2000 words if possible but if it is not possible then at least you should go for 500-1000 words. After doing that you should  go to google search console where you could submit url in url submission section. Then you could test live url. Then you are ready to go. You url will be indexed in the google. If you want to check out  whether your blog is index or then go to and type 
site:"" then click enter. If you got your url then it is ok. If not wait for 2 to 3 days then it would get indexed. After some  days you could check out position that you are ranking in google would be shown in position section as shown inthe figure.

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How can i track the keyword ranking in google?

The best way to track ranking keywords in google is by signing up to the semrush and ahref for free. It have a lots of limitation by if you own that site ahref shows a the details for free. A question might arise there does ahref shows out the genuine result as we are using free version. I assure you that you would get 100% genuine result. Ahref and semrush are one of the best tool to do research. It is used worldwide.

After tracking keyword you can get the actual data where you are positioned in search result. If you are in top of the result it is great. But if you are not ranking even in the top 1 page or in lower level then let's

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If you have complete that  continue here. 
The last and most important step to rank in google is to make high quality backlink. Now you might have though how to make high quality backlink.
If you already know how to buid high quality link then it is awesome.But if you donot know about that then i will give you a simple trick to buid link.

Look Over Competitor backlink 
Now you might ask that how can we look over our competitor backlinks without any resources. Here is the solution you can have moz link explorer for free of cost and have a look at the competitors backlink and make high quality backlinks from that. 
If you think that it is a letheric process then you can simply go for guest posting in high authority website. Also you can go with

Personal view:-   I think that the best way of building link is to look over moz data. Because it give actual data alongwith the spam score of a website. Now a question may arise what is spam score?. Spam score of a website refers to the negative quality of website. If a spam score of a website is high then building links with those website has negative impacts on you. Lets go back, moz link analyzer also show the actual da and pa of a website. Which is also know as domain authority and page authority of a website. So that it is easier for us to make high quality backlink.

Another way of gaining backlink is from directory submission.also you can be in touch with profile creation websites from where you can gain backlinks. If you guys feels irritating reading the whole post then here is short summary for you.


1. Write SEO friendly article.

  • Optimize title .
  • Use targeted keywords.
  • Image alt text should be optimized.
  • Keyword density.
  • Permalink.
  • Search description/ Featured snippet.

2. Submit it to search engines.(Google,bing etc)- You can also use free web submission for submiting your blog to search engine.

3. Use tool like semrush and ahref to find out your actual ranking keywords and their positions for free.

4. Look over competitiors backlink using moz for free.

5. Guest posting

6.  Directory submission

Thank you for reading this post. Hope you guys find informative. If you find it informative please subscribe to the free email and follow. If you have any question you can ask me in the comment section.

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