Free/Top Online learning sites in Nepal

Free/Top Online learning sites in Nepal

Free/Top Online learning sites that you can access from Nepal

Do you want to know about Free/Top Online learning sites in Nepal. First of all, let us talk about the background of the learning platform then we would jump in top online learning sites in Nepal. At this present time e-learning is the best way to explore yourself. Covid 19 has changed, we are locked inside the room our but these learning platforms are helping us to get knowledge sitting at home without coming in contact with other people. Moreover, it is called as the best methodology to gain knowledge in the modern world. 

Free/Top Online learning sites in Nepal

Online education is of the great importance of students and professionals and also for those who are always keen to gain knowledge and information. We are always waiting to explore new thing. Here I have listed out some pros of free/top learning site:-

  • Economical- Online learning is more economical than learning physically. Many of the online learning platforms provide free learning materials whereas some are paid. 
  • Accessibility- You can access this service anywhere at any time. So it is highly accessible.
  • Freedom- You are free from and bond that you have to learn for a certain period of time. Hereby you can learn anytime. You don't have to take any pressure.
  • Less time consuming- You don't have to waste your time doing going to college or wearing out dresses etc. So that it is less time-consuming.
After having knowledge of the pros of an online learning platform most of the student will be attracted to it. Being a student I also love online learning technique as I have the freedom to do anything, anytime, anywhere. Also, the platform that I am going to share is available worldwide and also it provides a certificate of completion

Now, let's head into the list of sites:-

Free Online learning sites in Nepal:-

  1. Google Digital garage
  2. Udemy
  3. LinkedIn Learning
  4. Learn Vern
  5. Alison
  6. Coursera
  7. Envato tuts + 
  8. Future Learn
  9. GIGL
  10. EDX

Top free online learning portal in Nepal:-

1. Google Digital Garage:- 

Google is one of the biggest search engines in the world with around 1 billion monthly active users.  Basically, people use google as search engines. But the most interesting thing is that Google has all sort of services like a job in career google. Our concern is that   Google provides online learning portal which is known as google digital garage which we can access free of cost. You could find more than 146 courses with 2 certification courses. It also provides courses like Digital Marketing, Data and Tech, Career Development etc. It is highly knowledgable for the people who want to have knowledge of the particular sector.

Go to Google Digital Garage and find a suitable course for you.

2. Udemy

Udemy is also one of the largest online learning portals. Hereby, You could find a different course related to your field. Wait, I have to share an important thing with you guys on this topic. Without reading, whole detail do not head into udemy for doing courses. IT may be hocking to you when you see out the pricing. So You will ask are there online paid courses so why did you recommend this?.
Here is my answer you can do all those paid courses for free without spending a penny with a certificate of completion. Now you will ask how it is possible doing paid courses for free?
Listen carefully there is a website called disc udemy which provides free service of providing free courses for paid courses also. So I highly recommend you to use this app so that you could get courses over 100$ for free.

3. LinkedIn learning

LinkedIn Learning is also a leading online educational platform. There you can take over online courses with certification where you could find courses related to business, technology, personal development and many more. It has 16000 free and paid courses out and this time.

For more Visit Linkedln learning

4. Learn Vern

Basically, it is also an online learning portal but it is specified in the IT( Information Technology ) sector. It provides free courses for great demanding coding courses like an auto cad, excel, digital marketing etc. with free certification too and also it contains courses for Photoshop which enhances our creativity.
For more visit: Learn Vern


Alison is one of the greatest learning platforms. There you can learn online courses in a different sector like technology, language, science, health, humanities, business, math, marketing, lifestyle etc..  AT this time it is providing many courses for free due to pandemic. Here you can complete your course without paying a penny. If you are doing it for a professional reason then you would have to pay for certification.

Visit Alison 

6. Coursera

Coursera is one of the leading online learning platforms with both paid and free courses. There you can take over online courses with certification where you could find courses related to business, technology, personal development and many more. This platform contains course that aware people about a health-related issue like COVID 19 awareness courses etc. 

7. Future learn

Future learn is a digital education platform which provides online courses. It provides a lot of categories in learning like business and management, creative arts and media, healthcare and medicine, history, it and computer science, language, literature, law, nature and environment, psychology and mental health, study skills and many more courses.

Bonus for you:-


First of all, I would like to share that this is not a learning platform. Besides that, it is audiobooks that is very motivational for student as well as professional. It is presented by Great Ideas Great Life and also available as an app in play store. It is a very essential app as it ensures our subconscious mind to the way success in our life. As it presents audio files of great personality. And as you guys known that if our conscious mind accepts that success is within us then our mind tends to have more concentration in meditation and our goal of life.

9. EDX

 Edx is last learning portal in my list of the learning platform. It provides courses related to IT, computer science, business etc.

Other top sites that provide you services to learn online are:-
  • Khan Academy
  • Udacity
  • Lynda
  • Masterclass
  • Corporate Finance Institution
  • Open2study
Online Learning portal in Nepal:

Among this I would like to recommend google digital garage courses,  udemy courses and future learn as these online courses moreover contribute to our health and our safety. At this pandemic time, we need more knowledge to be safe. And I would like to thank u guys for engaging with my post "Free/Top Online learning sites in Nepal".  I hope this article is helpful to you. And if you have any question ask in the comment section.

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