How to make money online in Nepal? - 2020 (Ultimate Guide)

How to make money online in Nepal? - 2020 (Ultimate Guide)

 Here is how you can make money online in Nepal 2020? (Ultimate Guide). 

How to make money online in Nepal? - 2020 (Ultimate Guide)

1. Blogging:

 Blogging has best of great scope in Nepal at this present time. As you guys know that technology is enhancing in Nepal and people are transforming out to the technological world. They have been commected with internet and are searching queries in google(top search engine in world). If you guys want to make mo wy online in a genuine way then it is best for you to give genuine answer and review. In nepal there in not much competition at the present time because people have not beenconnected with blogging in Nepal. Moreover many peopleare not aware about it so that i am helping you guys out to enrich your bloggi g skills. Blogging generally means to provide relevant information to the people and indexing your post in google firat page and make money through cpc.

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You can do blogging in top two best platform. There are:-

a. Blogger

b. Wordpress

a. Blogger: Blogger is a best platform for the newbie as they need just a simple knowledge to startup which you can get it from youtube. 


  • You can have basic knowledge of blogging.
  • Experience
  • You will know tips and trick to rank your post out to the top.


  • You will get subdomain that is
  • Plugins are not available.

Note: You must use other language than Nepali.

2. Wordpress:  Wordpress is one of thebest and most popular website buider website. It helps people to create a professional website. Some ofthe plugins are limited but it is advance than blogger.


  • You could simply use plugins.
  • You canhave your own domain name.
  • Wordpresshave outstandinguser experience.


  • It is highly advance for a beginners to understand
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2.Affiliate marketing:

 Affilate marketing is a best way to earn money online in Nepal. Affiliate marketing has wide range of oppurtunities in Nepal  as at the present time sabkopasal has started out affiliate program in Nepal but i would prefer clickbank as  they  gives out 70% of commission to us. So that it is used widely. Also  you can do affiliate marketing in amazon. As amazon has launched amazon associates for the affiliate marketer. It has wide scope in Nepal as there are less number of affiliate marketer and its demand is in increasing manner.

Types of affiliate program:-

  • PPC(Pay per click)
  • PPL(Pay per load)
  • PPS(Pay per sale)

You can do affiliate marketing in :-

  • Amazon associates
  • Sabkopasal in Nepal
  • Clickbank


  • You can earn money online by taking out comission.
  • Home- based jobs.

3. Youtube: 

 You could simply join out in youtube and start up with making videos. You could simply earn views monetize it and earn money online.

At first it is hard to get views but if yoou try hard and make genuine videos and attracr your viewers to subscribe your channel and make them your permanent viewers and generally your channle will grows out to higher level. But if you are blogger as well as youtubers then you can drive your taffic to blog. Then you could have dual benefit.

4. Freelancing: 

Freelancing is a great way to earnmoney online. There are some of the freelancing website in world where you can get freelancing job. Some of them are:-

  • Freelancer
  • Truelancer
  • Ebay partner
  • Sharea sale

And many more are available. They all are the freelancing site where you can make your cv and apply for work. If you are approved then accoding to the word time you would be paid in dollars. That is 4-5 dollars per hour. Which is very high in Nepal.

How to startup freelancing?

  • First register then signup.
  • Then browse jobs that is suitable for you.
  • Write your best bid that you want from your work
  • Once you have got job then complete it and get payment.


  • You can find out small and big jobs.
  • Fixed price or hourly based projects.
  • Find international and local jobs.
  • Choose a job that you have skill and get into it and scedule it.

5. SEO(Search engine optimization).

SEO(Search engine optimization) is  evoving in Nepal and many of the companies are hiring seo expert to rank their website in top of google.

Seo is of great importance for every company to flourish their company and improve their product sales. There are many seo companies inNepalwhere you can get job and many of training companies for seo.

There are two types of SEO :-

a.On-page SEO- Internal linking-  On page seo is a process to optimize your article internally. Process of doing seo optimization is by optimizing title,meta description, image alt attribute, keyword density and many more.

b.Off-page SEO- Outbound link or external link- Off-page seo is also kown as link building. Creating backlinks for high authority websites helps you to rank you to google search engine.

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