How to increase loading Speed of website?- Nepal

How to increase loading Speed of website?- Nepal

Loading speed plays a great role in a website. If the loading speed of your website is fast then user stays for longer [period of time on your website. So today we are going to discuss how to increase the loading speed of a website?- Nepal. And the most important thing is that page speed helps in google ranking as it is a factor which helps out in ranking.

How to increase loading Speed of website?- Nepal

 Why the loading speed of the website is important?

As I have said earlier that google takes page speed as one of the ranking factors you should be aware of hosting. If your hosting is good then your page speed will be increase and if your hosting server is slow then your site would not be rank to your preferred position. The best hosting in Nepal according to my research is babal host, ehosting server in Nepal.

Why does your website speed becomes slow?

Whenever you check your website speed in google search console. It gives a list that you must improve these sectors in order to increase the speed of your website but most of us don't understand that and failed to maintain the speed of our website. Here I have presented some of the major problems which slow down the speed of your site.

Web hosting:- As I have said earlier that hosting plays a crucial role in increasing the speed of the website. You should select a better hosting for you.

Caching:- If your website is not caching properly your site may slow down.

Page size:- Whenever you use an image on your site without reducing it's size then our site gets slow down. It is one of the most important things that you should keep in your mind.

External script: When your site gets fully loaded with tons of add then your website will respond slowly.

Before increasing your website speed you should do the following thing:-

First of all, check out the speed of your site. Here are some best tools to check out the speed of your site.

Page speed insight

Page speed insight is created by the developers of google as a speed testing tool which shows out the error in your website as well as gives a solution on how to improve it. To check out the speed of your site you should paste the URL of your blog and click out to the analyze button.

GT Metrix 

GT Metrix is one of the best and most used tools to check the speed of a site which helps you to analyze your site error and improve them out.

First of all, before doing anything to your blog you must take a backup. So that your all content will not get lost.

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  Start A Blog

On page SEO

How to improve the loading speed of a site?

Here are some ways which may help you to improve the performance of your site:-

 Choose the best web hosting -

If you have quality content in your site and you have done effective SEO in your site even though your site is not getting proper ranking it is because of you hosting. So I would recommend a list of the site from where you can get a  proper hosting.

If you are from Nepal then :

Babal host

ehosting server

Himalayan host

If you are from another country then go for:




Use fast-loading theme

There are tons of theme available for starting a blog website some of them are good looking some of them are well coded but some of them have a problem in loading speed

So I want to suggest some theme which may be best for you and for increasing website speed:-

.For the user of Blogger:



and many others can be found on the official site of gooyabi template and template yard. You are the one to choose out the best template for you. But personally, I prefer the fastest theme.

For the user of WordPress:-


Generate press




Delete unused Plugin

If you are familiar with WordPress then you must know about the plugin but keep one thing in mind plugins also decrease the speed of a site. So I request you to delete unused plugins.

Compress Size of The Image 

By compressing the size of the image that you used on your website you are making your website faster. It helps you to load your website faster than before. There are many online image compressor found to compress the size of your image.

You can compress your image out in:

and many more.

In wordpress, you can use a plugin like:


Wp smush

Short pixel

whenever you put your image on the site these plugins automatically reduce the size of your image and helps the website to load faster. 

Minify HTML,CSS and Javascript

If you want to increase the speed of your site then minifying HTML, CSS and javascript may help you out to optimize the speed of your site.

If you are using WordPress then you can do these things to increase site speed:-

Use content delivery networks

Use the latest version of PHP

Use cache plugin

Use database optimizer

Use the lazyload image plugin

Disable hotlinking

Use auto-optimize plugin

Now I am going to discuss some major thing you should do out in WordPress as well as blogger site:

Use a few posts on the homepage:- IF you use more post in homepage then it may indirectly affect your site speed as most of your visitors come over to your home page.

Best plugins for a WordPress site:

W3 Total Cache

WP Super Cache

WP Fastest Cache

Fast Velocity Minify


WP optimize

WP Smush

Final words on how to increase the loading speed of a website?- Nepal

From today's post, you must have learned basics of how to increase the loading speed of a website? I hope this was a helpful post for bloggers. If you guys like the post then please don't forget to provide necessary feedback in the comment section, subscribe to the website and share with your friend on the different social media platform. 

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