3 genuine ways to increase page authority- Nepal

3 genuine ways to increase page authority- Nepal

Want to know the best 3 ways to increase page authority? Today I am gonna be sharing 3 best strategies to increase page authority- Nepal. Before going to the topic. First of all, let us know 

What is page authority?

Page authority is a metric developed by Moz which ranges from 0-100. Higher the page authority more will be the chance to rank higher in the search engine result page (SERP). To check your page authority you can use the tool provided by moz that is link explorer. 

3 genuine ways to increase page authority- Nepal

What is the difference between Page authority and Domain authority?

Domain authority shows the strength of a domain to rank in search engine whereas page authority shows the strength of a particular page to rank in search engine.

Does page authority keep on changing?

Yes, the page authority of a particular page keeps on changing as there are lots of factors determining page authority which keeps on changing from time to time. Recently moz has introduced page authority 2.0 for our convenience.

How does moz calculate page authority?

Moz calculates page authority from 0-100 range. It is quite easy to increase page authority from 10 to 20 comparing from 70-80.

How to increase page authority?

Now you have known all the things that you need to know about page authority after learning about this let's head into our topic. You might be thinking about how to increase page authority.

3 genuine way to increase page authority:-

  • Create Fresh Content
  • Make high-quality Backlinks
  • Use Images

Create Fresh Content:-

 Fresh and quality content means more page authority. Now you would ask how does creating fresh content increases page authority? Creating Fresh and quality content means more external links to your particular page of the site which means higher page authority leading to a higher ranking. 
Here are some important point what you should consider while writing a content:-
  • Write interesting content:-One of the biggest problem of bloggers is that they just focus on writing SEO friendly content and focus on keyword placement but the most important thing is to make the content interesting so that your content would get more share, like the comment in social media.
  • Write expanded content with full details:- Writing just interesting content is not essential, the length of the content should also be adorable. Make sure to use related keywords and LSI so that your readers may also like that as you don't know, what your viewers want to see.
  • Update your content regularly:- Updating your content regularly is must because if your content is relevant and updated then you will be more likely to rank higher in search engine results.
  • Write content on relevant topics:- Writing content in relevant topics is important to be more exposed between peoples and rank higher in search engine as search engine shows that result at the top in which people are more engaged.
  • Readability of content:- Readability of content should be good as readers are more attracted to read content if it is easy for them to read. If the content is hard to read then it would increase the bounce rate having a negative impact of search engine ranking. So the readability of your content must be good.

Make high-quality backlinks

Making high-quality backlinks is always the best method to increase page authority. Backlinks mean flow of trust to your particular page. Google counts it as a trust flow to your site's page and ranks it higher and moz count it as a factor to increase page authority. So making high-quality backlinks is very important. Backlinks are of two types:- 

Dofollow:- Those backlinks which pass link juice is known as do-follow backlinks it is more valuable than no-follow backlinks.

Nofollow:- No follow links are those links which do not pass link juice. 

Beyond this huge difference maintaining the quantity of link is essential. Don't make only dofollow or nofollow links to your site because it seems to be spam in the eye of google. So keep the ratio of backlinks as 50:50.

Backlinks may also play an important role to grab a lot of search traffic in our site. Let's take an example if I have written high-quality content and submitted it as a  guest post in some of the top guest blogging sites. From which one responded in a positive way and published your post out there. You would live a backlink there to navigate to your site then you would get a lot of traffic from that particular site which is good for you.

If you would get a link from high-quality site then the traffic you will get also will be of high quality.
Now you may ask how can I make a high-quality backlink?
First, in first you should be present in social media everywhere. There is a strategy of all marketers that is "Be Everywhere". Then you could share your post in social media and if your content is quality and loved by the readers then your content would get more exposure leading to grabbing the eye of some top authority sites which may want to link to your site. Another best ways are to include links of other authorities blog as they would take a note of it and there is a possibility for you to get a backlink.

Uses of images

Using images may contribute to increase page authority of your site. If it is your own image and is of quality then it may be used as a recognition of your brand. Here are some point that you must take in mind:-
Images increase readability:- Of course, images increase readability. Sharing my personal experience while learning tons of a paragraph with the only written word is quite boring than a content well written with the use of images. Images also help to give some certain sense of the content as the image is set in a particular way that you would have a certain idea that what the content is about.

Images are easier to share:- According to research people are more likely to share visual images rather than text. In case of social media if your images are more attractive then the users are more likely to click the link to read out the post. 

Images contribute to improve SEO:- As we all know that Google does not know what the picture is about unless we give out a description for it which is also know as alt text. You can use your keyword in alt text in order to rank in search engine leading more traffic to your site.


Page authority is one of the best metric to estimate whether your particular page would rank higher in a search engine or not. So you need to keep track of page authority of your site and audit it from time to time. Focus on increasing page authority so that you could generate more traffic.

Thank you guy for reading this content. Hope you guys find it informative. If you liked it don't forget to share it in social media.

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