How to increase domain authority of website?-Nepal

How to increase domain authority of website?-Nepal

DA stands for domain authority. Domain authority is a SEO metric introduced by Moz. DA and PA both are the metrics used by moz to rate any website according to certain criteria. PA stands for page authority of any website which rates a particular page of a website and DA refers to the overall authority of site. More the Domain authority more will be your ranking in the search engine. More the page authority, it will be more likely to rank higher in search engine, it leads to rank more keyword of a particular page.

How to increase domain authority of website?

For example if you have written in depth article on SEO in Nepal including on page SEO and off page SEO in  Nepal and if page authority of that particular page is higher then according to the competitors da, pa then you would get higher rank in particular keyword. ACB

Moreover there is more ¹gr⅚.ifgû for you to Ďrank for other keyword. Like SEO in Nepal, hosting companies, free domain registration Nepal etc. 

Note:- Creating backlinks for your domain increases domai  authority whereas creating backlinks for your page increases page authority. Let us take an example whenever i make a backlink for my domain  then it increases domain authority whereas if i build backlinks on a particular page that is then it would increase page authority of the particular page. 

There are some the factors contributing for increment of domain authority and page authority of a site. So today we are discussing some  of the factors which helps us to  increase Domain Authority of our site:-

  1. Off page SEO

  2. Make your domain old

  3. Make relevant links

Now let's jump into it. Factors that contributes in increasing domain authority of a website:-

1.Off page SEO:- Off page SEO is the most imprtant factor contributing in increment of domain authority. We generally prefer backlinks one of the most important factor of off page SEO. Backlinks is one of the best factor to increase trust of your site in the eye of google. If you are leaving your backlink in high authority site then google would have more trust on your site. It is called trust flow. Backlinks are of two type :-

Dofollow- Dofollow backlinks passes link juice. 

Nofollow:- Nofollow backlinks does not passes link juice.

It means dofollow backlinks is of great importance than nofollow links. 

But maintaning balance between your links is important. As it should not look that your site is making spam links.

Note : You can keep the ratio of backlink 50:50. As i have maintained in my site that is 51:49

Here are some ways to make backlinks:-

Guest posting- Guest posting is the best way to make high quality backlinks. You can create a high quality content with 1000-3000 word so that it would fulfil their criteria and just leave a link back  to your site. From where you could get quality backlink from high authority site and they could get quality content for readers.

Commenting:- Commenting for making backlinks is one of the easy way to make backlink. You just have to write a simple comment relared to the topic then live your link there.

Profile creation:- In this method you just have to register and log in to site then you should setup up your total profile then live a backlink of your site.

Note:- Includes all those basic  information in your profile so that you could get permanent backlink.

You can build a better backlink profile with these ways and can increase domain authority of your site.  

For example you can comment on some other post of high authority level and can acquiry high quality backlinks. Also you can create backlinks by simply creating profile and leaving link back to your site.

2. Make your domain old 

This is simple way to increase domain authority of your site is making domain old. As your domain grows old trust of google on your site increases. Thus causing better search engine ranking. 

For eg domain age of my site only 1 and half but but domain authority of my site 11 that is pretty good because of my backlinks. But if you are to see some other domains which totally do not have  a single backlinks but domain authority much high  it is due to age of domain. So it is the best natural way of increasing domain authority. You can make your domain old as much as you can so that domain age automatically increases in natural way. You can also see example of those  site which is pretty much old amd have no backlinks but ranking in top level due to trust. Google knows that the content of that the site provides quality content.

3. Make relevant backlink

As i have already said that building backlinks for you site is very important. But most importantly creating backlink with related niche is necessary. As google take your site relevant as you are connected with high authority sites of related niche. 

For eg if you have a niche of educational category then if you could get backlink from educational site then it would be taken as relevant backlinks. Making backlinks with unrelated niche is waste of time and efforts. So i suggest you to make high quality backlinks from your niche category. So relevancy is essential for every website to increase domain authority. So that link juice gets passes along the same niche would have a better result.


Increasing domain authority is meither too easy nor too hard. If it is build on a natural way then it takes a lot of time but if you could make enough high quality backlinks your domain authority as well as page authority could  get increase in short period of time. That is from 6 month to a year.

Thank you for reading it out. Hope you guys love this content and find it informative. Don't forget to share it in social media with your colleagues. If you have any questions  regarding this content you can ask in comment section below.

Thank you very much!!

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