How to increase Da pa of your website in Nepal?

How to increase Da pa of your website in Nepal?

   DA PA  is a Metric that is developed by Moz. DA is called domain authority that helps to increase website search engine ranking score. And PA helps to increase the specific page rank in search engines. It is called Page authority. Authority is a very important part of SEO. Most of the experts focus on several techniques to increase their DA PA. It describes the health of any domain that means how any web site is working. A high DA PA website is counted as the best records amongst the websites. So the expert along with ranking used various kinds of SEO strategies to increase their website DA PA.

How to increase Da pa of your website in Nepal?


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A high DA PA website is easily ranked on the first page of the search engine. It indicates the Strong value of your overall SEO performance. But these days Page Authority value has gone than DA. So most experts prefer DA value. There are number’s of strategies is used to increase the DA such as link building, on-page SEO, off-page SEO.

How can you increase DA?

To increase your website DA, you should focus on making Do-follow links. You should generate links in those websites that provide do-follow links. Do follow links helps to increase Website DA. But one thing keeps you in mind always make backlinks on high DA website. A high DA website passes the link juice to your website that helps in your website ranking factor. Here are some tricks that help to increase your website DA and PA.

Always make links on a high DA website

Make Do-follow links

Use Blog post SEO strategies

Because the blog posts website provides most of the do-follow links some websites are: Blogger, WordPress, Weebly and so on.

Publish an article on a high DA PA website

 It also helps to increase website traffic that increases website ranking along with DA

Create quality content. Good quality content gets easily crawled in by search engine.

Blog Post on your own website every week.

Remove bad backlinks to your website.

Get your website domain old.

Focus Onpage SEO (meta tags, meta title, meta description, keywords density, focus keywords, heading tags and so on)

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Do Guest post

Do the best internal linking of your website with one URL to another.

Be patient and let Google crawl your website and links.

Eventually, these are some ways.

At last

How and where can I make high quality backlinks?

The fastest way I have ever done this is by getting 3–4 high quality Editorial posts on some high DA sites like Entrepreneur, Huffington, etc. You can go up or down from there. (there are services for this, but you need to get someone who is already authoring on high DA sites).

Have each post be uniquely written, then funnel each post down to a newly written, high quality content piece / blog post. You want your link funnel to be natural all the way through.

You can then link the content piece internally to spread the love.

I did this on a SaaS B2B page and it boosted the target page from nowhere to top 3 in Google. It also boosted the overall DA of our site.

Thank you for reading.

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