How to do keyword research? Keyword research guide for beginners- Nepal

How to do keyword research? Keyword research guide for beginners- Nepal

Want to know, How to do keyword research?- Nepal Then this is the best place for you. Today we are going to discuss top 4 tricks to do keyword research. Before moving let us have some basic knowledge  of keyword research.

How to do keyword research? Keyword research guide for beginners

What are keywords?

Keywords are some sort of word,phrase that

people searches in search engine (Google,baidu,bing,etc).In other words we call them as a search query used by user to search in search engine.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the way to find keyword that helps you to rank your site in search results. It is the process to find easy to rank keyword with high cpc and volume. It is one of the most important part to grow your brand.

Why is keyword research important?

Some of new bloggers have this particular question, why is keyword research important? In simple language keyword research is a strategy or first step to keyword that would generate some leads(users) to your site. Increasing engagement of site means growing your business out. Keyword research is a way and technique to find out the terms which people are searching for. You need to know the keyword which have low search volume(keywords which people are not searching for) in order to avoid low organic traffic to your site and head into keyword with high volume that leads more traffic to your site.

For example if you have created a SEO friendly content on a topic called price of black shoes in Nepal. It is well optimized for search engine. Content is both furnished with quality as well as quantity. But if the particular keyword "price of black shoes in Nepal" has no search volume then it would be waste of your time and efforts. 

Note :- You must always target keywords with high CPC, high volume with low keyword difficulty or low competition.

Now talking all about this you might have some ideas of keyword research and it's importance. Let's head into our main topic, 

How to do keyword research?

Here are some steps to be followed to do keyword research:-

  1. Research seed keyword.

  2. Analyze keyword in which competitors are ranking.

  3. Use keyword research tool.

  4. Study your niche.

Now let us have a details knowledge.

  1. Research seed keyword:- Seed keyword is the base of keyword research. It is one of the most important step to be followed. Ley us explain taking an example:- If you own a business(Company) on SEO training institute. Then the seed keyword might be  SEO in Nepal,  SEO training in Nepal and many  more. If you find your seed keyword then it might be easy for you to determine niche of your site. Seed keyword helps you to do keyword research in easy way. If you want to promote your business then your seed keyword might help you. 

  2. Analyze keywords in which competitors are ranking:- Second most efficient way to find keyword is by peeking out the keywords that competitors are ranking for So that you could get keyword idea and rank higher than them. You could use various tool to peek over the keywords of competitiors like ahref, semrush etc. For finding out the competitors first of all find the seed keyword. Go to google and search for your seed keyword. For instance SEO guide in Nepal is a keyword that you are trying to rank. After searching out the seed keyword then you would get the list of result through which you can find your competitors list. You could analyze those page in page explaorer of simply use extension seoquake to have overview of competitor. Then you could see number of backlinks that your competitor have made to rank in first page of google, number of words that is used in article and it's quality. For that you can estimate what type of competitor do you need to compete with, how much quantity and quality writing  do you need to provide to grab up attention of  your audience. For instance i am taking example of ahref site explorer. When you find your top competitors then you can head into site explorer of ahref and then check out the top pages of your competitor along with estimated traffic. It also shows you the result of top keyword leading organic traffic to the particular page. By this method you can generate unlimited keword ideas for your site.

  3. Use keyword research tool:-  Using keyword reaserch tool is the best way to find keywords  for you blog.  Competitors can be one of those sources from where you can take keyword ideas. Here are some list of top keyword research tool:- 

  • Google Keyword planner

  • Ahref 

  • Semrush


  • Hoth

  • Google auto suggestion

There are lots of other tools to do keyword reaserch. 

Note:- You could use google keyword planner as it is free to use and is more accurate than any other tool. Also you can use google auto suggestion for finding keyword related to ypur niche.Ahref and semrush are paid tool which you can use according to your convenience. 

  1. Study your niche:- Studying niche is very much important because without knowing the niche you would not get related keyword on which you could stand out better than your competitor. Telling the truth seed keyword limits the keywords so that you would have to peek your competitors and join some forum where people are searching for answer of the question. You can drive traffic from there as well.  Some of the top forums are reddit, quora and many more where you can answer acording to the need of the question and drive traffic to your blog. You might think that why i am suggesting these silly tips to you. I am really serious this is not a silly thing because as you get tp know about your niche and find in very limited queries regarding it. Then it is difficult for you to write for them. So that you would have to surf some forums, groups, Qna sites from where you can generate some idea what people are trying to search and not getting answer in search engine. 

Thank you guys. I hope you guys enjoy reading the article and hope you find this article informative. Don't forget to share this article in social media.

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