Best High Quality Link Building Strategies

Best High Quality Link Building Strategies

Top best high quality link building strategies in Nepal.

At the past days link buliding was just limiyed on making lots of backlinks to your site but as  the time changes it has changed a lot. At this time this is all about making high quality links. It will determine whether your page will rank in higher search result or lower search result.

Best High Quality Link Building Strategies

Today we are goning to take about the best ways to build high quality backlinks:-

1. Guest posting or Guest blogging:-

Guest posting or guest blogging is one the best way to make high quality backlinks to your site. Now there might be a question in your mind is the startegy worth to be used?
Yes, it is abosulutely worth lots of blogggers  uses this techniques to build their blogs and taking this site to higher ranking. Here is a quick tips that where should you start a guest posting at this time. You should start guest posting  at the site from where you will get traffic and engagement of the user would be high and you would get organic visitors daily. Since you are not interested in getting just link you must prepare your ppst in a proper way so that it would lure your readers to share your post in social media. For eg if you want to rank your post in google's top 10 results then you should choose a platform which is already of high authority amd which is more likely  to get ranked. Guest blogging is a great way to get high quality backlinks as well as traffic if you use it in a proper manner. If you use this technique for spamming you might get penalized. So that you must be aware that you are not just making links you are interacting with the reader's and giving them  a new experience and information.

2. Social media

Getting onto the social media is one of the best way to build links as you would get more exposed with your audiences.  At this time social media platform can be a boon for marketers. As they could find a lot of targeted audiences in social media. For instance if you are marketing head of a SEO company in Nepal and you are a active user in social media like facebook, twitter etc then you can share and update recent success story or your customer or you can share a helpful post for them. So that they could share them which helps you ro reach out to your targeted users. This could help you out to build links profile amd visibility among the targeted users. Use this method to guest post as well with the  awesome backlink profile.

3. Using external resources

Using external sources which are trusted may be on of the best way to make high quality backlinks. Writing quality content including 1 or 2 links may be on eof the great way to link back to your site. Also it will be worthwhile  when you would be writing quality content regarding the users need  which would drive traffic to your site. You can try out in copyblogger, Forbes etc. According to neil patel strategy after preparing a quality content you would have to prepare a letter and send to those person whom you have addressed. And he have said that it had never failed and this is one of jis best strategy to build links.

4. Broken link building startegies

Another best way to create backlinks is by finding broken links and simply emailing it's owner that you have quality content to replace with that broken link. Then you would gain quality backlink with link juice  as well. In this process you would have to find out the backlinks which are broken in some high authority sites blog. Secondly you should prepare a well furnished content with the aim of providing informationto the readers and leave a backlink somewhere in the post. Then you should contact with the editor of the aurhority site either  by contact us page or by any other means. After that you would have to email them with your content and ask them to remove the broken link and place the link that you have provided instead.  In thia simple few step you would be able to make high quality backlinks.

5. Building personal brand

According to jeff bezos (founder of amazon)"Your brand is what  other people say about you when you are not in the room".
So that building personal brand is a lot more important. If you are in the blogging  field you must give consustency to what tou are doing and if you below from any other field also consistency is neccessary so that you would get more atttention of your audience. If you will get to suceed in building your pwrsonal brand then a lot of natural link will be linked with you from authority sites.

6. Using competitors backlinks to grow up.

Personally i am  using thia startegy to upgrade my site from lower level to upper. so it is the best techiques to build backlinks from my point of view it is lenthy process but you can grab up genuine links from your competitiors. For this process ypu don't have to spent a penny from your pocket . There is a free tool avalible from ahref that is free backlink checker tool. There you just have to put pver your competitors domain and just press done. There you could find out list of domain or exact url from where your competitor is getting backlinks. Then you can go there and ceeate backlinks for your site it is quite simple.

7. Monitor your backlinks

Last but not least you should keep track of your recorder and monitor your backlinks on the daily basis. Either they are lost or new backlinks have been included. So that you could make neccessary changes.

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