10 Genuine ways to earn money online in Nepal

10 Genuine ways to earn money online in Nepal

 Want to earn money online in Nepal?

You are at the right place. Before just jumping into the topic, first of all, let us discuss the topic earn money online in Nepal. Earning money online is not an easy task. Particularly, the student of Nepal is searching for online jobs who are more friendly with the internet and media. But they don't get the genuine job and get frustrated and they lose their hope of doing online job but also they keep on searching and trying to earn money from data entry jobs, captcha typing jobs which are very less and take a lot of time to make even a single dollar. Keeping this question in mind I began to research the genuine ways to earn money online. So here is what I have found out:-

10 Genuine ways to earn money online in Nepal

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Top 10 ways to earn money online in Nepal:-

  1. Online product selling.
  2. Website designing.
  3. Youtube.
  4. Blogging.
  5. Social media marketing.
  6. Search engine optimization.
  7. Affiliate marketing.
  8. Content writing.
  9. Freelancing.
  10. Earn money from app development.

Online product selling

At this time online product selling is rising rapidly in Nepal. And remember that it will go up for the long run. If you start your branding from now you have a great possibility of ranking other out in selling product. For this, if you have your own portfolio it would great. If not also ok you can have your sales through social platforms but keep in mind having your own website is beneficial for you. Now a question might arise in your mind how to set up a website. Here is your solution to read out this post how to set up a website in Nepal?. And another most important thing that most of the people ask is Do I need to invest while selling a product online? Here I have presented you two ways one without investment other with investment. You can choose whichever you want. First, with investment, you can start your own brand with some investment and head on to online selling second without investment you can be an affiliate sell the product of a company from where you can get a commission. Now the Option is yours.

Website designing

I think that website designing would be a very profitable job for you. Firstly you would have to fo a certified course then you are ready for your business. You can make money designing portfolios and selling to the professionals.
Impactbrad states that the price of designing a single website range from 100$ to 3000$ or more whereas designing for the big agency may range from 15000$ to 20000$ worldwide. Whereas
In Nepal price Costs for this type of one-page static website can range from Rs 8,000 – Rs15,000+ depending on the scope of the project according to the Nepal vertexwebsurf.
So I can bright future for those who are in this field.


Youtube maybe one of the sources of passive income for us.
From youtube, you can have to earn through ads on it. Many of the wells establish YouTuber also earn money by promoting products of some company. You can charge according to the amount of subscriber we have. You can startup here without investment. But note that it takes time to grow your channel nothing happens overnight.


Blogging is also same as YouTubing it takes time to grow and remember it makes passive income for a long period of time. Blogging has a great opportunity in Nepal as there are not many bloggers in Nepal at the time. But many newbie bloggers are growing them out. So it is the right time for you to start out your blog.
Blogging can be also done with investment as well as with investment. You can have your own domain and hosting on WordPress and startup with investing some amount. Whereas you can start up with blogger for free with a custom domain. Here is a quick guide for you to have a domain and hosting in Nepal along with how to setup up free custom domain .com.np in blogger with the help of Cloudflare DNS management service which is also free.

Social media marketing

Users of social media are increasing day by day as well as digital marketers are also at an increasing pace. Many of the businesses are competing with each other in order to rank in the top and build their brand in which social media marketing plays an important role. According to the payscale.com, a digital marketing manager earns Rs 401k whereas digital marketing specialist earns Rs480k and marketing executive earns Rs 410k. Here is a table for your convenience:-


Digital Marketing Manager:-  रू400,915

Digital Marketing Specialist:- रू480,000

Marketing Executive:- रू410,000

Communications Associate:- रू900,000

Marketing Assistant:- रू1,500,000

Social Media Marketing Manager:- रू240,000

Writer:- रू84,000

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which helps in organic ranking in a google top search result. Visitors mostly goes on to the 1st site of google which is backup by SEO to rank in google top result. SEO is a very important factor which helps us to reach out in more number of people. There are two types of SEO. That is- On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Both the type helps equally in the ranking.

According to payscale salary of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist is around रू180,000.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the profitable jobs in Nepal. As you are your own boss in this job you can earn as much as you can without sharing profit to others. Now let us have basic knowledge of affiliate marketing. Generally in affiliate marketing, you have to promote a product and get a commission for it. The more you promote and make sales the more you earn. There are lots of affiliate program available worldwide which allows you to join as an affiliate and promote their product:-


  • CJ Affiliate 
  • Shareasale
  • Amazon Affiliates
  • eBay
  • Clickbank


  • Daraz
  • Hamrobazar
  • Sasto deal
  • CPA Networks
  • Sabkopasal

Content Writing

Content writing is the way of writing, editing and creating content in a unique way. At the present time, lots of companies and individual are liable to pay 4-5$ per hour for just writing content for them. If you know about freelancing sites like fiverr., truelancer, freelancer etc. You can see some top content writer is earning a lot from writing. You can be part of such an organization and start earning money online. Also, I would love to suggest you to learn a bit about SEO because knowing SEO might help you out to get more job.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Excellent grammar and writing skills.
  • Friendly with SEO and keyword placement.
and many more like this according to the companies requirement.


Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online in Nepal. Selling gigs in Fiverr is getting popular nowadays. If you are qualified an experienced then you can easily find out a job. If you are a beginner then you might think of making your profile strong enough to attract your customers. Here is the list of top 10 best freelancing sites:-

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Crowded
  • Toptal
  • 99Designs
  • Simply Hired
  • Aquent
  • The Creative Group
  • Nexxt

Earn Money from App Development 

Reading the topic you might be thinking of not reading but listen I have presented here a simple way to learn app development and way to a professional app for free without spending a penny. One thing I missed out is without having knowledge of coding. But if you don't knowledge of coding it may be hard for you but nothing is impossible in the world. You can take some online courses and have some basic knowledge of coding. But today I am going to talk about creating an app without coding that is possible with the help of app geyser. App geyser allows you to creating your own app by simple drag and drop.
You can also change fonts and colour. 
Last and important thing app geyser is free to use and you can publish those apps on the play store and display ads to earn money online.

Hope you guys find it helpful. If you have any question then you can comment below and don't forget to share on social media.
Thank you!!

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