7 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic Through Social Media

7 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic Through Social Media

7 ways to increase your website traffic through social media

Engagement of people in social medias is in increasing order. Lots of people are connected in social media. Businesses are also being promotèd in social media and building their product as a brand with the help of social media sites. There are lots of social media. Some of them are:-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest 
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Mix
  • Reddit

If you are thinking of driving the traffic to your site then must use statregy of "be everywhere". Today we would be discussing about the ways to double your websites traffic. Many bussiness have reached out to the top level with social medias.  If you want to increase your traffic with the help of social media then follow the step:-

7 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic Through Social Media

Setup you profile

First of all you have to setup your profile in a proper way so that audience can trust you along with the URL of site to drive traffic from the particular media to your site. While setting up you could research sometimes about the audience who are interested in you content. By which you can increasing traffic in your site in the daily basis. You just have to fill up your basic information.

Note: Don't forget to add your website link in the social media.

Promotion of your content. 

Lots of blogger gives a lot of time to create their blog post but the get dipressed when nobody reads it out.

Sometimes i also think that what is the use of the informative content when it is not reached out to the targeted people. So in this case social media plays and important  role on promoting your blog post. You could simply promote your blog post in the social media live a link their and the user would be redirected to your site.

Lots of bussiness are using this startegy to rank higher and grow larger than their competitor. 

In this process they focus on providing quality content so that they could grab potential constumer and have higher rate of conversion.

Note: While promoting content or blog post make sure to live link back to your site.

Use social share button

This is one of the best startegy to build more traffic to your site. If you have written a quality content and if ypur readers loves it. They would obviously  share your content in social media. If you would not have social share buttons then your readers would get disappointed moreover you would loss the potential visitors from that particular share. But If you have and if anybody shares it in social media then your content would get more expoaure and you would be able to grab more visitors to your site. It would help ypi to grow fast.

Share your blog post when your audiences is more active

None of your content or blog post is good or bad when their is no one to read it. Most of the people do research that when their targeted audience use social media actively. Whenever the post their content and notification flows among all the friends which will leads to more engagement of your user. Focus among those who are really interested to listen to you other wise it will just lead to increase bounce rate of your site. Which is obviously  bad for you. For making this strategy success you should build one new startegy that is A/B testing at first yoi should test at what time you are posting and which is reaching to more people and which time doe your share gets more  click through  rates.

Note :- For you convenience i would wpuld love to recommend followerwonk tool so that you could analyze that at what tine does users are more active.

Share as much as visual content

According to the research visual content is more likely to get share son social media. You could use gifs, photos, videos, animations etc.

For example if you are going to share a blog post from your site then ypu could share one of the images used in the article, write attractive heading and live of link of your blog post. Then people  are more likely to click it. It you just paste the link put and share it out in social media then it would not be eyecatchy to you user and their would be less engament of the user.

Note:- You can use canva to create free images. You can use hashtag to reach out to tarheted audience.

Enagage with your audiences 

Enagement with your audience would be more effective way to win trust of your audience.  For getting more audience you must be actively participate in twitter chat, respoding your audience with provinding them important links for them information, you can also contribute in forums like reddit, quora etc. Answering their question and living link back to your relevant blog post according to the question.

Use Call to action

Call to action may be one of the best way to attract more visitor to your site. Some of the call to actions are:-

  • Buy Now
  • Shop Now
  • Visit Our Site
  • Read more

Call to action receive more click through rate. You could drive traffic to your site driving traffic for social media to your site and  increases  user experience reducing bounce rate to 0. Now a days businness are giving focus on conversion. So that they are adding call to action and navugation path to redirect them and encourage them to have their sales. Call to action is of great importance. According to reasearch most popular call to action buttons are:-

  • Shop Now
  • Download
  • Sign up 
  • Book Now
  • Learn More

Among them most of CTR performers are:-

  • Learn more
  • Shop now
  • Download
  • Sign up
  • Book now

So i would suggest you to use call to action button which redirects to you site.

Thank you guys for reading it out hope you guys find it informative.If you guys have any problem then you can ask me in the comment section below. If you guys love this don't forget to share this in social media platform.

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