10 Best Chrome Extension For Bloggers

10 Best Chrome Extension For Bloggers

Curious to learn about the top 10 best chrome extension for bloggers?

Chrome web extension  provides a lot of extension for free if cost. There are lots of tool useful for you but today i am going to share top best 10 chrome extension which may be helpful for you and for your work. It may help you out for SEO purpose. I love using those chrome extension as i feel more easier using those tool.

10 best chrome extension for bloggers

Top 10 best chrome extension for bloggers are:-

  • Moz Bar
  • SEOquake
  • Mangools seo extension
  • Ahref SEO toolbar
  • SEO minion
  • Similar web
  • AMP validator
  • Link grabber
  • Page analytics
  • Alexa rank checker

Moz Bar -

 Moz Bar is a SEO chrome extension. It allows you to have insights of DA(Domain Authority) and PA(Page Authority) spam score of a website. More over you could know status of link either it is a dofollow or nofollow link. It is usually seen in the top of search engine whenever you open a website Moz Bar appears at the top of the page  showing the status  of all SEO's metrix. So it is one of the most helpful tool  for bloggers. Moreover while making backlinks for your site. For eg if you activate your moz bar chrome extension and are in my site it shows Da 11 and PA 20 and spam score 0.

SEO quake

SEO quake is a chrome extension introduced by semrush a SEO tool. which allows you to see important metrics like alexa rank, google index, bing and more. It also shows whois and traffic info, domain age, alexa rank and number of indexed page .

Mangools SEO extension

Mangools SEO extension is a chrome extension which shows all the factors like  Domain authority, Page authority,  citation flow, trust flow, alexa rank , referring ip's, facebook share. It is very helpful  tool for bloggers which shows out all SEO metrics in a single platform. It also shows backlinks and on page seo status.

Ahref SEO toolbar

Ahref SEO toolbar is a helpful tool bar chrome extension which helps a user know the exact UR, BL, ST ,KW, DR, AR etc. It also provides service to checke broken links. For eg if you  open my site and enable ahref then you could see the domain rating  page rating of the site.

SEO minion

SEO minion is a SEO tool which helps you to analyze on page SEO, check broken link , SERP preview and many more. You can check out google page ranking for your site in multiple locations.

Similar web

Similar web is a tool which helps you to check website traffic  of any traffic, including traffic engagement, traffic source and traffic country etc. It is quite easy for you to see the organic traffic and engagement along with traffic site. 

AMP validator

AMP validator is very useful chrome extension. This extension automatically helps to chech out whether the page of website you have open is AMP(Accelerated Mobile Page) or not. It checks and generates report (either it is passed or failed.)

Link grabber

Link grabber helps you to extract links  from a webpage and displays links to you. By this method you can grab backlinks as you can copy paste these links to excel.

Page analytics ( By google)

Page analytics is a great chrome extension tool by google. Page analytics is a tool which shows data like visitors in your site, pageview, unique pageview, bounce and average time spend in your site. This may be helpful extension for you to have your audience insight.

Alexa rank checker

Alexa rank checker helps you check out various site metrix . It shows the overall rank of your site . It also shows the engagement of visitors to your site in past 90 days  also daily page view per visitor, daily time on site, bounce rate,  total sites linking to your sites and many more.


Hope you guys like the list of top 10 best chrome extension for bloggers.

If you guys have any question you can ask me in the comment section.

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